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Published on January 30, 2014

Author: jenevanderheide



Keynote about GIS-Utilities-Kadaster at GeoUtilities 2014 Conference in London, 28 January 2014. It's all about getting to wisdom through knowledge, information and data related to the real world. The magic formula is: get connected. You are not on your own.

Improving Efficiency The Magic Formula Jene van der Heide Kadaster Twitter: @jenevanderheide Linkedin: jenevanderheide Mail:

17mln x 100 x 46 43 =1818604651,162 Bron: Thierry Gregorius 2

‘if we don’t do anything, we think that, in 2023, the lights will go out when the sun starts shining’ Peter Molengraaf – CEO Alliander

This is my roof 4

Solar atlas 5

Energy on the map 6

X+Y+Z+S+T 7

Cadastre agencies have lots of data

Kadaster Real estate Non working link on slideshare GIS Utilities 9

Energy transition Bron: Jan Rotmans 10

Damage prevention 11

New routes cables and pipelines 12

Asset management 13

Registry of property transactions Telecom (T); Gas (G); Electricity (E); Oil (O); Water (W); District heating (S); chemistry (C); Divers (D). 14

We know what you don’t see 15

Transition Asset management Asset report Real world Collecting (asset) data Bron: Last checked 20 january 2014 Bron: Last checked 20 january 2014 16

Kadaster in the Netherlands Registry of property transactions Mapping Regional development Information on property and geo information, addresses and buildings  International activities  Information on position of cables and pipelines     17

Cadastre key registers and national facilities Public Services on the Map: PDOK Topographic key register: BRT and BGT Cable and Pipeline Centre: KLIC Addresses and Buildings key register: BAG WOZ value: Used for tax Public Resitrictions: WKPB Spatial Plans: RO-online Cadastral key register: BRK Energy label: Energielabels Nation wide - Reliable – Interoperable – Accessible - ...

Key data and services vehicles income and assets employment benefits cadastre € property values € personal records database trade register € tariff based (at present) topo small € scale topo large scale subsoil € buildings address €

Introduction  ‘Utility Cadastre’... Why (not)?  Cause: - Dutch Supreme Court ruling (HR June 6, 2003): ‘Cable and pipelines are immovable objects’  result: registration ownership networks  - Act electronic exchange cable and pipeline information (WION)  result: KLIC 20

Kadaster and networks: two tasks 1. Registration of geometric networks To ensure the legal security of ownership of cables and pipelines 21

Kadaster and networks: 2 tasks (2) 2. Information-exchange of underground networks On behalf of Ministry of Economis affairs, taking the legislation into effect, by developing online software, to enable information exchange between the ‘excavator’ and the cable- or pipeline company to prevent damage to cable’s and pipelines. 22

Process of network registration  Gas mains, waterworks, electricity grids, telecom infrastructure and gas and oil pipelines have to be registered to claim your rights and finance them with a mortgage.  A challenge! (in Holland 1,75 mio KM of nonregistered Networks) 23


Process of registration  Network drawing  Network identification number ‘Network name, section [type], number #’  Check Kadaster (technical & legal aspects) 25

Process of registration (2)  Notarial deed: notary certifies claimed ownership  Notary sends to Kadaster: deed of registration together with request to add drawing to the deed  Registration deed + drawing legally documented in public registers. 26

2) Cables and Pipeline Information Center (KLIC) • Intermediary between excavator and cable and pipeline network operators • Prevention of excavation damage • Based on Act called WION 27

Motive Act (WION)?  Newspaper articles:  Disaster Belgium (July 2004)  Questions Parliament: 28

WION: Underground Cables and Pipelines Information Exchange Act  Purpose of the act: to reduce accidents with and damages to cable and pipelines  Scope of the act: Excavating in subsoil or water  Obligations for: - Principal - Excavator - Network operator 29

WION: Underground Cables and Pipelines Information Exchange Act  All cable and pipeline companies (1100): – register the locations of their cables/pipelines – on top of a uniformed large scale base map – inform excavators upon request about the location and characteristics of their cable and pipelines in the excavation area 30

WION: Underground Cables and Pipelines Information Exchange Act (2)  Duty of the excavator (contractor/service supply agency/private person) – to investigate before start to dig and – to dig carefully.  Kadaster acts as intermediary  Agentschap Telecom acts as supervisor 31

WION: Portal for Electronic Exchange of Information Cable and pipeline company excavator request Cable and pipeline company confirmation Cable and pipeline company Registration of areas of interest 32



Layered information from utility companies / public administrations Aantallen oktober 2012 Aantal Graafmeldingen Aantal Oriëntatieverzoeken Aantal Calamiteitenmeldingen Totaal aantal Klicmeldingen 44.670 4.753 2.967 52.390 Aantallen oktober 2013 Aantal Graafmeldingen Aantal Oriëntatieverzoeken Aantal Calamiteitenmeldingen Totaal aantal Klicmeldingen 45.354 5.663 3.803 54.820 35

APP for KLIC Bron: Last checked 20 january 2014 36

Important features for successful implementation  Legal obligation.  Combined map on top of the large scale base map of the Netherlands.  Business model.  Standards implemented (IMKL).  Regular meetings with stakeholders. 37

All to prevent this …. 2012: 1 out of 10 excavations caused damage 2012: € 27 mln damage (excl indirect damage) 2012: Annual costs: 125 – 130 mln euro’s 38

Geo-data and Asset Management From a re-active process to a pro-active process 39

The bottom line for effective Value Based Asset Management is the ability to understand and manage the right balance between risk, cost, and performance … Engineering Excellence Profile Fail and Fix Profile High operational performance can be achieved with low risk of failure. This will come with low levels of financial performance. High financial performance can be achieved with the acceptance of high levels of risk and potentially poor performance. © Deloitte; High High Risk Financial Performance (e.g. profit) High M. Hartsema Balancing the needs High of the shareholders, regulators, customers etc. will drive these considerations Operational Performance (e.g. safety) High Risk Financial Performance (e.g. profit) High Operational Performance (e.g. safety) The key to effective value based asset management is having a decision making process which is based upon the risks associated with the actual performance of the assets there are three key steps: (i) understanding the profile that is required; (ii) understanding the profile as it is now and (iii) understanding how to bridge any gaps 40 40

We see evolving views on Asset Management in asset intensive companies around the world Some companies © Deloitte; M. Hartsema Most companies Few companies • Building and maintaining physical infrastructure to ensure high performance (e.g. reliability, quality of supply, safety) • Engineering driven mature practice and common in many asset intensive companies • Effective capital rationing through robust financial assessment of options (hurdle rates, NPVs etc) • Financial driven -adolescent practice, being integrated in some asset intensive companies 41 41 • A holistic view of the asset’s lifecycle to plan the optimal investments, operational and maintenance strategies required to maximize strategic value • Supported by integrated processes, data and Information Management Systems • Business driven – increasing practice

There was a need for consistency in ‘what is Asset Management?’ © Deloitte; M. Hartsema PAS55 is a standard with specifies the requirements for an Asset Management System for physical assets and infrastructure’ 42 42

The core Value Based Asset Management processes Asset Owner Asset Manager Determine Asset Strategy Service Provider Performance Measurement Risk Management Execute Portfolio Delivery plan Asset Information Management Portfolio Delivery Management © Deloitte; M. Hartsema Portfolio Management Solution Planning 43 43

Data analytics - CRISP-DM method (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining ) © Deloitte; Data Understanding M. Hartsema Utility sector Data Audit Visualisatie Data Preparatie GIS Modelleren Evaluatie 44 44

RISK tree © Deloitte; M. Hartsema Company values Measurement criteria  Company values Link with the strategic objectives in fields of financial, quality, safety, Imago, law & Regulations, environment. Effect Event Asset / Function  Asset / Function Eg pipes, valves, connectors etc (according to Asset hierarchy) Failure mode Cause 45  Cause What are the (main) causes and influencing factors ?

Data with impact on chance and consequence Risk Tree: Data with impact on chance 46 Gebruik geo-informatie in asset management Company values Measurement criteria Effect Event Asset / Function Failure mode © Deloitte; Cause M. Hartsema Data with impact on consequence

Land registers and national facilities       Cadastre (BRK) Topography (sm) (BRT) Addresses/Bldgs (BAG) Topography (lg) BGT Property Values (WOZ) Subsoil (BRO) Gebruik geo-informatie in asset management 47

Geo data Gebruik geo-informatie in asset management 48

Third party data      Many resources Lack of quality, unkown quality Semantic issues Cost issues Competition issues 49

The Magic Formula is to GET CONNECTED Link to movie: m4 50

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