Importance of Shravan Month

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Information about Importance of Shravan Month

Published on July 18, 2020

Author: 13mukhirudraksha


slide 1: Importance of Shravan Month As per Hindu beliefs the Shravan Month is auspicious to seek blessings from Shiva. A whole month of fasting and offering prayers is exactly what Shravan is about. Since Mondays of the month are regarded as significant the majority of the fasting is completed with this day also called Somvar Vrath. Devotees who watch Shravan guarantee strict fasting and Prayers in this sacred month. According to mythology Shiva drank toxin thats thought to have originated from Samudra Manthan thats a sea that churns nectar. The sea is thought to have generated a great deal of diamonds that were captured by Castle and allies alike. But this toxin wasnt accepted by anyone and hence Shiva so as to guard the entire world drank this toxin. His consort Parvati watched this horrible sight and held his throat to rescue him that is the way Shiva got the title Neelkanth meaning throat. And that is the reason an whole month is devoted to Lord Shiva. Shravan Month can be a Good Deal more than simply prayers and Somvar Vraths that is observed by girls to receive great husbands. This month can be regarded as extremely auspicious for weddings. The rains are related to fertility rituals and therefore its stated any woman who snore at the period of the year will probably be talented with healthy kids. These are the several reasons why Shravan is indeed important in India. Devotees watch these fasts and give prayers wholeheartedly and religiously. The Sawan month has also got other auspicious days and festivals like Rishi Panchami Varalakshmi Vratam Naag Panchami Krishna Janmashtami and Raksha Bandhan. The quick and worship are Performed by devotees at remembrance of theirSamudra Manthan legend if Lord Shiva had drunk the poison that had emerged in the sea to rescue the world. Devotees ought to at least maintain the Monday fasts if theyre not able to fast the entire month. Significance of Shravan Month • Shravan Month is considered to be one of the holiest months of the year which is devoted to Lord Shiva. • It is also considered to be the best time to conduct all the important religious ceremonies by astrologers and pandits. slide 2: • The month of Shravan holds the utmost respect and devotion among Hindus. • It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva in this month gives devotees a good fortune in their lives. Whats the Value of worshipping LordShiva within this month According to Legends Samudra Manthan -- churning of the sea by the devatas and asura -- for Amrit was launched within this month. But during the procedurehalahala or toxin was also churned out that began destroying all types of life forms in the world. To prevent this the Castle and the demons prayed to Lord Shiva who then drank that toxin and saved the entire world. Rudraksha Ratna celebrates this Whole Month by perform Shravan month Puja. In Goa Maharashtra Gujarat Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Tamil nadu states are celebrate Shravan Month from 21 July to 30 August. Where in Rajasthan Uttar pradesh Madhya Pradesh Punjab Himachal Pradesh and Bihar states are celebrate Shravan Month from 6 th July to 3th August. Rudraksha Ratna provides online Puja Services of all festivals which are coming in Shravan Month. Benefits of This Puja: • For Success in career job business and relationships. • For Good Health wealth and Prosperity. • For remove malefic effects of different planet and Negative energy. Importance of each day of the week during Shravan Month During the Shravan month each day of the week holds a spiritual significance. Thus heres a list of the importance of each day with its respective God: • Monday: Dedicated to Lord Shiva • Tuesday: Dedicated to Goddess Gauri • Wednesday: Dedicated to Lord Vithala an incarnation of Lord Vishnu • Thursday: Dedicated to Lord Budh and Guru • Friday: Dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Tulsi • Saturday: Dedicated to Shani Dev Saturn • Sunday: Dedicated to Suryadev Sun God Benefit Of worshipping Lord Shiva at Shravan But according to some legends it’s considered them get the right spouse. Therefore unmarried girls observe 16 Somvar Vrat on the first Monday of this Shravan month each year to discover a convenient and deserving life spouse. Devotees detect fast and provide nourishment water and bilva leaves into the almighty. slide 3: Contact Us: Address: D-319/320 Neelkanth Business Park Nathani Road Behind Vidyavihar Railway Station Vidyavihar West Mumbai- 400086 INDIA TELEPHONE: +91-8850199897 / +91-9326881243 Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Quora: Linked In: Pinterest:

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