Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

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Information about Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Published on April 5, 2014

Author: S_Nicole



Keep your vehicle car running in top-notch condition by following your car manual scheduled maintenance.So look for trustworthy Car mechanic for complete car care.

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Introduction:  Importance  Windshield wipers  The Battery  Examine the brakes regularly  The belts and hoses  Check the Tires  Check the Fluids  Improve Fuel Economy

Owning a car is a necessity these days, so the maintenance is of utmost importance. Performing regular maintenance on our vehicle can save money down the line. Moreover, help us keeping it running for longer time.

Importance  Regular maintenance schedule is very important to use and follow.  Keep your car in better condition and avoid you numerous hassles.  Parts that show signs of wear or damage should replaced at early stage.  Provide more efficient fuel mileage to vehicle.

Windshield wipers  It should be in good condition to provide the best visibility while driving.  Replaced at least once a year to ensure they would be as efficient as possible.

The Battery  Keep the battery clean and corrosion free.  Clean connections and a fully charged battery benefit vehicle to work properly.  Sign to replace your battery when vehicle is getting harder and slower to start.  Make sure the battery is holding a charge.

Examine the Brakes regularly  Brake pads, brake rotors, and all other parts of the brake system should be inspected, replace if needed.  If you notice any noises or feel any vibrations when the brake pedal is applied, take it to any repair shop to inspect the brakes.  Routine brake service extend the life of braking system.

Quick visual inspection of Belts and Hoses  Inspection on a regular basis.  Vibration and exposure to heat break down car's belts and hoses.  Should be smooth looking , with no cracks or pieces missing.  Checked your belts and hoses every 3 years or 46,000 miles  Belt breaks may lead to damage within the vehicle's engine.

Check the Tires  Wheels and tires balance is an important part of maintaining your car.  Make sure all the tires filled to the recommended air pressure specified in owner's manual.  While inspecting the tires, also check the tread wear.  Poor tread wear, may lead need to invest in a new set of tires.

Check the Fluids  Car’s fluids are a very important part of car maintenance.  Make sure the fluids are at the right level.  Best way to check a car's fluids is by consulting the owner's manual.  Turn off a car's engine before checking fluid levels

Improve fuel mileage  Ways to improve fuel mileage by simply getting regular oil changes, changing the air and fuel filters every 15,000 miles and keeping the proper tire pressure.  Regular vehicle Inspection & Testing should carry off by the trust worthy mechanics, which will significantly minimize the possibility of road accidents due to malfunctions.

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