Importance of Monkey Management for Managers

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Information about Importance of Monkey Management for Managers

Published on May 23, 2020

Author: MdAdibIbneYousufCSCA


1. Welcome to Our Presentation

2. Team Members Fahadur Rahman Hridoy Md. Atiqul Hoque Mahima Kabir Hridoy Md. Adib Ibne Yousuf Asma Sadia

3. Importance of Monkey Management for Managers

4. Monkey Management ?

5. Let’s watch the monkey!

6. Where do Monkey come from?

7. Importance  To maintain office environment  To maintain work balance  To grow confidence among subordinates  To achieve organizational objectives  To develop skills of the subordinates  To manage work time efficiently

8. Causes of Monkey Problem  Fear of making mistakes  Lack of motivation  Lack of proper training  Lack of work experience  Lack of knowledge  Relaxed office environment

9. Consequences  Time Consumption  Pressure on executives  Low work efficiency

10. Solutions

11. Motivate employees to manage own monkeys

12. Monkeys should be fed by “Appointment only”

13. Control the “monkey population”

14. Focus on Organizational Objectives

15. Thank You!

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