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Published on June 27, 2014

Author: carolhopes



Keeping eyes fresh makes the life more beautiful. Children eye care is much important for healthy eyes even at old age.

 Importance of vision care is increasing daily. Studies state that millions of people around the world live with visual impairment and most of the diseases become vulnerable when it remains untreated.

• A visit to an eye care professional can detect common visual problems and eye conditions, including: • Diabetic retinopathy • Glaucoma • Cataract • Age related macular degeneration (AMD)

 Research indicates that several eye diseases are more prevalent in certain racial and ethnic minority. Aging is also an important reason for eye disease. As the age increases, the chance of eye disorders also increases.

 . By the time you turn 70, the size of your pupil will get reduced to one third of its size when you are 20. Also the responsiveness of pupil to bright light also gets diminished. The lens becomes yellowed, less flexible, and slightly cloudy.

 . The eye muscles also will get less able to fully rotate the eye. Another important problem during old age is to focus the eye to something close. This condition is called presbyopia.

 As you get aged, the gel- like substance called vitreous inside your eye starts to shrink. This creates small particles called floaters in your field of vision. In most of the cases, floaters do not reduce your vision.

 One of the important things that we can do to avoid early aging of eyes is that to care eyes from the early stage itself. Children eye care clinics are helpful to detect eye problems at its beginning

 Early intervention especially in childhood will allow a chance for normal visual development and have less impact on your child’s ability. Proper eye examinations will also screen for binocular and color vision irregularities.

 Children are also vulnerable to UV radiation damage since they have large pupils, clear lenses and spend more time outside.

 The World Health Organisation states that “up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation is reached before the age of 18”. This shows the importance of using sunglasses

 While you are planning to buy a sunglass, go with branded sunglasses. Because the ultimate aim of sunglasses more than a fashionable eye wear is to protect eyes from ultra violet rays.

 Regular eye examinations are crucial to maintain healthy vision and also it will help in detecting major medical problems in early stage itself. If the eye problems remain undetected, the eye muscles may get weakened.

 Weakened eye muscles may restrict the movement of eyes in all directions.

 To know more about eye related diseases and its symptoms, visit

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