Implementation of Virtual Parks & Recreation Systems for Higher Education

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Information about Implementation of Virtual Parks & Recreation Systems for Higher Education

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: DustinBessetteCIG



2014 CIDER Conference at Virgina Tech, VA.

Implementation of Virtual Parks & Recreation Systems for Higher Education Dustin Bessette National Graduate School of Quality Management 186 jones Rd. Falmouth, MA 02540 Hypothesis Abstract As institutions cut vital funding in outdoor recreation programs, limited resources such as technology become essential to students in the recreational field of study. The uses of visual concepts on digital platforms become essential to the main functions of classrooms and studies. Research has the ability to show that the use of online and distance learning can create diverse and prepared professionals for parks and recreation careers. With more students becoming profound users of online and distance learning via technology, the use for the digital platform methodology is becoming more important. A virtual parks and recreation system for higher education is a twopart system that correlates an efficient method of transforming higher education distance learning programs into secure transformations for career development. The system will initially prepare students for career development and employment in park and recreation locations. Professional work is intimately tied to the provision of service to clients (Carr-Saunders & Wilson, 1933). The main components of this application are to highlight and enhance the skills, competencies, and abilities of students seeking careers in parks, recreation, or leisure fields. The National Parks & Recreation Association (NRPA) COAPRTs standards for 2013 are correlated with a process of the existing accreditation standards. This process is responsive to the need of the accredited COAPRT programs. Based that they are on the forefront of the parks, recreation, and leisure services education, it is important that this system and application mainly include these items. Incorporating these concepts is a skillful way of empowering scholars with tools for success. Methodology This study was based on a web-based research survey conducted in January 2014. Survey respondents were researched through a process that consisted of environmental, public, state or government position or affiliate with parks and recreation departments. These participants were then contacted via email and/or LinkedIn to participate in the study by answering questions from the survey. The data results from the survey were then used a body medium to test against the research questions for this study. This process re-tooled the results into the study, to facilitate the educational points and processes for further research. The re-tooling process is a system made to help structure viable knowledge, skills, abilities, and competences that are used and involved in every aspect of andragogy and quality (Burton, Bessette, Brown-Jackson, & Grimm, 2013). Limitations This research study focuses on the following points: 1. This research assumes that all participants will be knowledgeable in work-integrating activities and will voluntarily deliver the most precise answers conceivable while completing the survey. 3. Research study participants responding to the survey will understand all instructions. 4.  All participants volunteered to participate in the study. 5.  Survey questions are based from literature review of current items in field of study. 5. Limited institutions partake in formal work-integrating activities to enhance student’s performance. Discussion and Conclusion Overall, the visualization of virtual parks and recreation systems is becoming vital to the surplus institutional needs. This is because more students are seeking hands on experiences in fields that they are learning and becoming comfortable with. With funds decreasing in programs of parks and recreation, it is important for faculty administrators to see out all the advanced possibilities for student’s success. This will give them the best outlook and overview of a field that they are becoming introduced into. Universities that have limited funds but specialize in outdoor recreation can and will be able to use features of these systems to enhance the prospective, abilities, and management styles of students. With tablets, laptops, and smartphones being able to be used and adapted into the higher education classroom, a virtual parks and recreation system is a must for the future of the industry. 1.  The virtual park and recreation application will become a vital component to programs that are under the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT). 2.  System costs, adaptability, and overall features will be too complex to add to existing COAPRT programs. Research Questions 1.  What are the reasons for adding in a virtual park and recreation system into higher education? 2.  Why would this system assist current standings of parks and recreation? 3.  How does the virtual park system affect COAPRT programs? Which schools would add this to their program? Results •  •  •  Text Here! •  Future Study Require park employees to go through rigorous training in virtual systems. Engage all employees equally in training exercises. Assist in marketing and implementing virtual park and recreation systems in higher education institutions. Students will be able to engage and introduce techniques learned via online gaming and add value to physical attributes. •  Of the 46 participants, 26% References were in the age of 25-34 and 45-54. An equal result. Bessette, D., Burton, S.L., Brown-Jackson, K., Grimm, F. (2013) •  57.7% were male compared Educating the educators: re-tooling instructional chests of knowledge, to 41.3% female. skills, abilities, and competencies to support technological and social •  80.4% of the participants changes plus deliver quality results, Proceedings of EDULEARN13 traveled or visited state, Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 1172-1176. county, or national parks in the busy season (summer). Carr-Saunders, A.P., & Wilson, P.A. (1933) The professions, Oxford, UK: 19.6% did not visit. Oxford University Press •  73.9% believed that higher education played a vital role in parks and recreation administration. •  93.5% believe that games Contact Information are educational. 6.4% believe that games are not Dustin Bessette educational. Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant, & Program Manager National Graduate School of Quality Management (518) 965-0775 or SUCCESS YOU CAN MEASURE Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research 11www.cider.vt.edu1 Hillcrest Hall 540.231.7930

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