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Information about Implant Simulations

Published on June 18, 2007

Author: funnyside


Slide1:  1-channel 2-channel 4-channel 8-channel 16-channel Original Implant simulations by Arthur Boothroyd, based on the work of Robert Shannon. Total bandwidth is 0 to 6000 Hz, and channel boundaries are logarithmically spaced. All within-channel frequency resolution is removed. The amplitude envelope in each band is preserved but it is imposed on a band of noise. This band covers the same frequency range as the band of speech from which the envelope was extracted. This is not 'what speech sounds like to an implant user'. The simulation does, however, give an impression of the intelligibility of speech with the kind of dramatic reduction of spectral information produced by a cochlear implant. For best effect, begin with 1-channel and progress toward the original.

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