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Information about Impatica Workshop Version3 WebCT Vista

Published on March 10, 2008

Author: rconnor


Impatica Workshop:  Impatica Workshop PowerPoint Streaming Software Version 3.3.3 Ron Connor Georgia Southern University School of Nursing Impatica Workshop:  Impatica Workshop Narrating a PowerPoint Using Impatica Uploading to WebCT PowerPoint and Impatica:  PowerPoint and Impatica Before getting started Images should never be larger than 640x480. If the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert is long you may want to split the presentation into several parts. Example: Part 1, Part 2, etc. Make sure when naming your PowerPoint that you do not leave spaces in the file name. Avoid using a lot of transitions and animations. Narrate PowerPoint:  Narrate PowerPoint Adding audio to your presentation Record Settings:  Record Settings Recording Audio:  Recording Audio Method 1: You can narrate a slide and press the “Esc” key when finished. This method will allow you to take your time and narrate the slides 1 at a time Method 2: You can narrate your PowerPoint from beginning to end by pressing the “Enter” key after each slide and pressing the “Esc” key at the end of the presentation Record Narration:  Record Narration Resize for WebCT Vista:  Resize for WebCT Vista PowerPoint to Impatica:  PowerPoint to Impatica Create a new folder for each Impatica project Add your PowerPoint:  Add your PowerPoint Folder and Playback Control:  Folder and Playback Control Browse to the new folder you created Include Playback Controls Choose the “New Impatica file format and extra compression” Media and Animation Tab:  Media and Animation Tab Quality setting should be between 50 - 70 Encode for 56k Wait for sound at end of slide Make all animations automatic Select your version of PowerPoint Create Zip Automatically:  Create Zip Automatically Make sure the “Zip package” is checked Click “Impaticize” to begin converting Conversion and Preview:  Conversion and Preview File Size:  File Size Your total finished presentation should never be larger than 1.5mb. Uploading to WebCT:  Uploading to WebCT Adding your new Impatica files to your WebCT course File Manager:  File Manager Click “File Manager” Select Module:  Select Module Upload:  Upload Select page to add link:  Select page to add link Click here to select page Add Link:  Add Link Click on the “Add Link” icon Browse for File:  Browse for File Browse for file Double click module folder Select .html:  Select .html Link Text:  Link Text Save:  Save Student View:  Student View Your Audience:  Your Audience Impatica PowerPoint files are best viewed at a monitor resolution setting of 1024x768 or higher To understand monitor resolution and how to change your resolution go to:

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