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Published on January 7, 2016

Author: momeara


1. Year 7 DigitalTechnology:Bellarine SecondaryCollege Impact on the World Learning Goal 1. Student can evaluate impact of information system on the economy ProficiencyScale Score Learning 4.0 Studentcan showhowtechnologyaddressesaneedandcausesa change of a type of businessANDmake aninformedpredictionaboutfuture impacts. 3.0 Studentcan showhowtechnologyaddressesaneedandcausesa change of a type of business. 2.0 Studentcan showhowtechnologyaddressesaneedORcausesa change of a type of business. 1.0 Withsteadyassistance,studentcanshow how technologyaddressesaneedand causesa change of a type of business. 0.0 Studenthasshownno learningonthistopic

2. Year 7 DigitalTechnology:Bellarine SecondaryCollege Case Study: International Watch the videoforone of these impactsandcomplete the chartto show winners,losers,andmake a predictionforfive yearsfromnow. 1. Uber and Taxis a. 2. NapsterandCDs a. 3. Amazonand bookstores a. 4. Digital Phonesandfilmcameras a. Question Your Answer(incomplete sentences) Who isbetteroff? Who isworse off? Predictionforthe state of thingsinfive years. Case Study: Local and Specific Workingwiththe case studyof a local businessperson,youwill make five suggestionsforhow they coulduse informationtoaddresstheirspecificneeds,includingmarketing,communication, production,accounting,andhumanresources. You suggestionswill include the namesof specificproductandinclude prices.

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