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Information about Impact of sujok in acute pancreatitis
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: paawanwadhawan



my presentation in SIC

Impact of Sujok in Pancreatitis Dr. Paawan Wadhawan M.D Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital,New Delhi 2-Case Reports

Introduction  The pancreas is a glandular organ in the digestive system and endocrine system of our body.  It secretes several important hormones, including insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, pancreatic polypeptide, and as a digestive organ,it secretes pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes.

 Acute pancreatitis is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas.  3% of all cases of abdominal pain admitted to hospital.  Despite recent advances in management, mortality has remained unchanged at 10%.

 For SJTs- any acute pain abdomen in umbilical area raditing to back ,raised serum Amylase and Lipase is Acute pancreatitis.

Scenario in modern medicine     At present there is no definitive treatment of acute pancreatitis in modern medicine. Disease takes its own course and usually takes up to 1 weak in mild cases to 3 months in severe cases. Mainstay of treatment is to give high dose Opiod analgesics to control severe pain which occurs in all cases of pancreatitis with good hydration with intravenous fluids. Once the acute phase is over then 85% of cases develop complications of acute pancreatitis.

  At present there is no way in modern medicine to prevent these complications and once developed it requires a lot of radiosurgical skills/high dose antibiotics to resolve these complications. Considering all the above factors it can be considered that acute pancreatitis is a life threatening disease which is associated with a high mortalility and morbidity so it will be prudent to discuss the Impact of Sujok in patients of acute pancreatitis.

Case 1   Mr Ashok Kumar 64 year old who was a known case of Hypertension complained of severe pain in abdomen since morning 4 Am on 28-7-13. Pain was of severe intensity .On examination – pt was dehydrated, tongue was dry, pulse 80/m,Bp -110/80 mm of hg,CVS-s1,s2 heard, no s3,,no murmur, respiratory system-Bilateral air entry equal, no crepts, no wheez,abdomen was soft on palpation ,no guarding,no rigidity,no bowel sounds.

 Immediatelly vertical needling was done in mini correspondence system of all the 4 fingers of both hands. A total of around 50 needles were used.

Pain gone   By half an hour pts pain was reduced by 90%.Patient was taken to hospital for consultation where lab reports showed high values of serum Amylase (617)and Lipase (2125)consistent with the diagnosis of Acute Pancreatitis. Patient was admitted in intensive care unit and iv fluids were started as pt was quite dehydrated. But no further analgesia was given which was quite surprising for doctors in a patient with so high values of serum amylase and lipase.

He sedation in pancreas internal organ HO-HO-Ne(No)-Ho-Ne- He--He body - layer - int.organ - group –dimen-pancreas

He sedation in pancreas meridian Ho-He-No-He-Ne-Ne-Ho-He body-system-energy-meridian-group-dimensionPancreatic Meridian

No Improvement  Breathlessness  No urine output, derranged KFT But  No pain

Homo sedation in pancreas internal organ HO-HO-Ne(No)-Ho-Ne- He--Ho body-layer - int.organ - group–dimen-pancreas

Ho sedation in pancreas meridian Ho-He-No-He-Ne-Ne-Ho-Ho body-system-energy-meridian-group-dimension-Pancreatic Meridian  NO improvement

Acute renal failure t/tSedation of cold. In nephrons of kidney

Flushing technique used on v3v5 zones

AKI-improved,good urine output  KFT –improved  Blood urea -30 from 70  Creatinine-1.5 from 2.1  High blood sugars so insulin started-20u TDS CECT of pancreas done showed severe pancreatitis with a Ct severity index of 6 to 7.

Pt is still restless  Considering the complex interplay of triorigin forces in this case and with intention to restore the pancreas to its original state now No tonification was done in pancreas organ and meridian.

No tonification in internal organ of pancreas HO-HO-Ne(No)-Ho-Ne- He--No body - layer - int.organ - group –dimen-pancreas

No tonified in pancreas meridian Ho-He-No-He-Ne-Ne-Ho-No body-system-energy-meridian-group-dimension-Pancreatic Meridian

 Within half an hour of application of black colour pt told he is feeling better.  General condition improved in 6 hrs  For next 3 days pt was kept in observation and he showed improvement except high sugar levels which required 60 units of Insulin in one day.  Doctors told recovery started.

Hospital acquired infection  On 7th day pt developed high grade fever with chills with TLC raised to 18000.  Hospital acquired infection was considered and cultures were positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Infection treatment-possible sources  A E- I,II,VII ↓ VIII↑  G D–  BUT antibiotics also given-ethical issues in hospital

 This has brought down the TLC counts slightly low to 14000 but high fever continued .  Serum procalcitonin level was done which was very low meaning there is no active infection but high values of CRP suggested that there is active inflammation.

 Careful general examination showed thrombophlebitis of veins due to Iv cannula and iv antibiotics.  Also veins in which iv antibiotics were given were very tender on palpation.

He sedation in veins Ho-He-Ho-Ho-Ho-He  Body-function-chest-circ.-veins- Ho-Ho-No-Ho-He  Body-layer-commun-vein

    2 hours after applying this treatment pts general condition improved dramatically, there was no fever after that ,TLC came down to 9000. Pt was discharged two days after that . At home Pt sugar values were on higher side so he continued to receive 50 units of Insulin per day. All other physical problems of fever, edema,pain have gone.

Bed sore treatment by sujok  Next day he complained of burning in lower back on both sides of back.  Examination showed bedsores of grade 1 along area of G meridian .Bilateral tonification of G relieved the burning and bed sores healed in 2 days.  Bed sore is a big issue in Modern Medicine.

Treatment for diabetes at pancreas and cell membrane level  For sugar control β cells of Islets of Langerhans were toned along with improving the quality of cell membranes of cells with stimulation of liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach correspondence points which brought the requirement of Insulin from 50 U a day to 10 U a day within 1 weak.

 Ho-Ho-Ne(No)-Ne-Ne-Ho-Ho-He  body-layer - int.organ -group–dimen-pancreas-Bcells  E-X-A(H)-II , V

Pseudocyst a complication of pancreatitis  On 15 September pt complained of a large lump in his abdomen which was confirmed to be a large Psuedocyst by USG and CECT abdomen.  This cyst was so large that it was compressing the stomach and other parts of abdominal viscera.

What is Psuedocyst  A pseudocyst that does not resolve spontaneously can occasionally lead to serious complications, such as (1) pain caused by expansion of the lesion and pressure on other viscera, (2) rupture, (3) hemorrhage, and (4) abscess.  Rupture and hemorrhage are the prime causes of death from pancreatic pseudocyst.]

Large Psuedocyst

Yin humidity(pt has hemorrhoids, prostate enlarged and paraumbilical hernia so yin humidity) sedation was started at Indiviual constitution level with humidity sedation dryness tone at branch level in pancreas meridian (2010 seminar of Prof. Park).  Within 1 month pseudocyst has decreased to a size of 40 cc from 450 cc and later disappeared. 

Resolving Psuedocyst

Almost resolved Psuedocyst

Psuedocyst treatment

Development of neuropathy    Diabetes treatment was continued and patient sugar levels were well controlled and insulin was totally stopped On 30 september pt complained of loss of sensation in his left small finger and half ring finger. A diagnosis of ulnar nerve palsy was kept and coldness was sedated in left F,E one by one but no result.Then colness sedated in both F and E –no result .

 Zone sujok ki applied in arm and leg system directly on left arm on lower V2 .100% recovery in 2 minutes but again relapse occurred next day.  Every time zone application done there was a complete recovery but next day again relapse occurred.

Medical knowledge is Imp. With sujok     Triorigin acu used and nerves toned in hetero part of left arm –no result. Detailed medical examination started which revealed repeated injury to patients elbow because of the postures in which he used to sit and sleep which were corrected. Also nerve conduction studies confirmed involvement of multiple nerves at subtle levelMononeuritis Multiplexa. Also vitamin B12 levels were done which were below normal level for which inj Neurobion was given.

Treatment of ulnar nerve palsy via zones

Balancing of PNS via rightJ , left J↓-good recovery

Smiles At present pt is completely well attending the court as he is an advocate.

Case report 2    Patient name Atul Kapoor age 41 year old a Software Engineer in USA suffered from acut right abdominal pain in 2008. Investigations showed he has a stricture of common bile duct . Underwent surgery called Roux en y choledocojejunostomy in 2008 in which the upper common bileduct proximal to the stricture was cut and anastomosed to the jejunum

3 months after that he was again admitted in the hospital with pain abdomen.  This time the pain started in the area of umbilicus and radiating to the back.  Investigations revealed it to be a attack of acute pancreatitis. Admitted in hospital for about 2 weaks and was put on opiod analgesics and iv fluids.  After 3 months patient again had same attack of pancreatitis. 

MRCP procedure -Now stricture of pancreatic duct - later he was taken for ERCP and a stent was inserted in pancreatic duct to maintain its patency. ( six ki-even you do surgery but still coldness prevails around duodenum)  The life of this stent was 6 months after which it has to be replaced by a new stent. 

 Despite this patient kept on having attacks of acute pancreatitis every 3-4 months ,also he has to undergo ERCP every 6 months for stent replacement which was a very painful procedure plus during the procedure also flare of acute pancreatitis used to occur.

   Now doctors advice to undergo WHIPPLE’s procedure (pancreaticoduodenectomyremoval of duodenum with pancreatic head with common bileduct and gallbladder) which he refused. All this continued for a period of 3 years. Patient lost his job and was labeled as “chronic ill” in Central US data base . Also attacks of acute gout started occurring after every discharge from hospital due to heavy dose of opiod analgesics.

 In 2011 Sujok treatment was initiated with stimulation of correspondence points in Insect and mini system.  General condition of patient improved a lot.  Patient did not have an attack for 8 months which was a very significant recovery.

 one gout attack occured in right foot great toe ice application in standard correspondence gave wonderful results in arresting the attack.

Arresting acute attack of gout

 After 8 months during period of attack triorigin correspondence point stimulation on hetero(no 14 exocrine pancreas joint) and neuto joint of Index finger(no 20 for pancreatic meridian as per transfer principle) was used using fixed type of triorigin acupuncture which arrested the attack within half an hour and the pt did not go to hospital this time.

Triorigin fixed joint acu in arresting the acute attack of pancreas

    For Gout Dryness and coldness sedation was done in H. After 12 months of that pt again had attack which doctors diagnosed is due to displacement of the stent as the pancreatic duct stricture has improved. Stent was removed in jan 2013 and patient is all right after that. He is still stimulating the pancreatic correspondence points. Gout attacks have gone now.

Curing Gout-liver,kidney involved

    After getting rid of his physical problems pt found it difficult to get a job in USA as the central data base has labeled him as chronic ill. He even tried for a job on petrol pump,restaurant and shops but no body gave him a job. In smile spirit and as a universal solution again sujok was used. Using triorigin life acupuncture neutro was toned in his personal life.

Triorigin life acu-tonification of neutro in personal life  Ne-He-Ne↑  Life-personal life Opened possibilities to treat personal, family,social,spiritual life problems-like family relations, getting job, social outcast

Triorigin time acu  Using hetero type of triorigin time acupuncture his birth and present constitutions were compared which showed too much excessiveness of hetero energies so neutro was toned for the consecutive 2 months but no result later on homo and neutro were toned and he got a job of softaware engineer in US government itself and that unit deals directly with the documents of white house itself.

Tables made in triorigin time acu

Tables made in triorigin time acu

Application of time acu

CONCLUSION AND RESULTS  1.Sujok not only treats a disease in patient but it upgrades the patient at both physical and mental level.  2.With sujok changes can be made in any area of life like getting job in above case.  3.Triorigin is the theory on which He works so any thing can be changed using it.

Recommendation for pancreatitis Looking at causes and pathophysiology of pancreatitis

Recommendation for pancreatitis  It can be concluded that pancreatitis can be caused by both hetero and homo factors ,as we don’t know the cause in most acute causes so better to tone No in vision of restoring the pancreas back to its original state. Once the cause of pancreatitis is clear then He or Ho sedation in combination with No tonification,Ne renting can be done.  If we can flush the activated proenzymes out of pancreas by stimulation of pancreatic duct it can also arrest the process very fast i.e hotness and wind tonify in coldness(pancreatic duct) of pancreas.

Recommendation for pancreatitis    Stimulation of all 4 triorigin points on He finger He and No joint i.e nail can be very very effective in arresting attacks of pancreas. Correspondence stimulation of mini and insect system is definitely a very good method of dealing cases of acute pancreatitis. Toning of G meridian can be very effective in healing bed sore cases.

Recommendation for pancreatitis  Sujok therapist must increase there general knowledge and wherever required doctor should be consulted to know the aetiology of disease like happened in above case of Ulnar nerve palsy.  Personally I failed to control the infection of Psuedomonas aeruginosa which is a very dreaded bacteria as per medical lieterature so I am working hard on the the topic of treating infections with sujok. Smile Thanks

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