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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Freedom


Immigration 101 for CS grads :  Immigration 101 for CS grads What this is and what this isn’t:  What this is and what this isn’t This is not a “How To” I am not an expert I am not an authority These are not hard rules These are hints and tips learned through experience Immigration: Why?:  Immigration: Why? Obvious reasons: Canada is a good country to live in and prosper I’m sick and tired of permits and visas Hundreds of $ a year UHIP is not OHIP Hundreds of $ a year Not so obvious… Extra funding:  Extra funding Without additional work Not a 6th TA, no out-of-campus work, no undergrad lecturing. NSERC: 31K to 40K/year Time constraints -> Hurry up! OGS: 25K/year Out of funding? Don’t have to pay the additional 6K (and rising) of tuition Getting a job after graduation:  Getting a job after graduation Employer: “Great resume. You’re in!” You: “Wow! Just a detail. I need a work permit…” Employer: … Employer: “We’ll call you back” Sit there and wait. One year open work permit after graduation gives you some extra time. Immigration: How?:  Immigration: How? Classes of immigrants In 99% of cases we’re skilled workers Some immigration classes:  Some immigration classes Business Class Do you have 250K to invest in Canada? Then what the heck are you doing in Grad School? International Adoption I think you’re past that age Provincial Nominations:  Provincial Nominations Quebec has its separate rules for selecting immigrants In general, less restrictive and more agile Out of scope for this presentation Quebec is extremely wary of people using their system to get in Canada, and then moving to Ontario, Alberta,… Family Class Immigration:  Family Class Immigration Direct descendant of Canadian? Married to a Canadian? Careful: Not because you have a family. Only because part of your nuclear family is Canadian Refugee:  Refugee You do not need a lawyer You’re a smart cookie: no need of help with forms Most lawyers will tell you to apply for refugee status (and make up a story) Takes forever (you go to “trial”) and most of us aren’t escaping from anything If denied refugee status, you’re out of Canada for good Ok, skilled worker then:  Ok, skilled worker then Point system Fair Work experience mandatory Age group Languages Education Arranged employment Adaptability points: spouse education, Canadian ties, has studied in Canada Work experience:  Work experience If you have worked before grad school, then don’t wait! Many of us have no previous work experience per se Grad school can/may be used as work experience Take following slide with a bucket of salt Grad school=work experience?:  Grad school=work experience? A letter has to explain you’re doing top notch research lab-equivalent work CS Grad office has a template Consider also your advisor Language is crucial: “Research” is the keyword, not “student” Use TA’s to fill in the gaps 37.5 hours a week for 50 weeks Cannot claim arranged employment The Typical Single Applicant:  The Typical Single Applicant Knows English Right age group Undergrad education 63 points out of 67  Learn French… If You Wait For Your M.Sc.:  If You Wait For Your M.Sc. More education points Some adaptability points You’re in!  Applying With Your Spouse:  Applying With Your Spouse One principal applicant Who gets more points on his/her own? That will be the principal The other may help with adaptability points We have the points, what now:  We have the points, what now Fill in the forms carefully Don’t leave any answer blank! Proof of work experience Contracts Pay stubs Letter from employer/advisor Proof of education: Diploma and Transcript Languages:  Languages A letter stating why your English is good. Spell check it Point to previous evidence I take classes in English I TA in English I write papers and theses in English May still be asked to take standardized test French: take standardized test Alliance Française: Spadina and Lowther Other Stuff:  Other Stuff Translate everything Authenticate copies Community legal services (free!) Kensington Bellwoods University RCMP fingerprints Commissionaires Putting It All Together:  Putting It All Together Carefully fill in forms Never leave anything blank! Assemble a nice folder Put the payment first Pay $550 up front, the rest later Triple check nothing is missing If something is missing, let them know Typically RCMP fingerprints: that’s fine Wrap Up With A Letter:  Wrap Up With A Letter Why Canada benefits Why do you benefit We’re in the IT field: Canada needs us Good ideas: Talk of building families Talk of great opportunities for progress Talk of cultural enrichment Not cheesy. Be Canadian. To the point. Where To Apply:  Where To Apply Buffalo Or your country of origin Sometimes they don’t ask for translations Whatever is the fastest Consider interview travel Some Latin American and European consulates are pretty fast Be careful and phone insistently Follow Up:  Follow Up Fax in 6 months Be kindly insistent Send RCMP and other stuff ASAP If your application is good they’ll ask for medical exams That means you’re 90% in and half the way there in terms of time Resources:  Resources Self test, forms, the word… ISC: invaluable Ben Yang: knows the appropriate “language” to use when filling out forms Community legal services Friends who have succeeded You do not need lawyers Thanks and Good Luck:  Thanks and Good Luck

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