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Published on April 6, 2008

Author: donjuandeflandes



Images that changed the world - BEST PRESS PHOTOS 1968 - 2008










This is the fundamental Option for every man to make : Either we are in favour of life, or we collaborate With the powers of Death. In this, no neutrality Is possible Oscar Romero










Yesterday, we defeated Nazism. Then we turned against Communism. Today, Communism collapsed, So we discovered Muslim Extremism. Tomorrow we may fight Iran. Then Pakistan ? Or China ? Why is it that our leaders always Seem to need new fears ? Why do they always create new ennemies? Is it so difficult to invest In making life better for everybody who’s living in our own country ? Better schools ? A better health care system ? … Or is their mayor fear that we would start thinking for ourselves ?








As long as there are men who are broken and scorned, As long as there are chains, whips and prisons, I shall return. I'll be with millions. Spartacus






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