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Information about Image formats

Published on February 12, 2014

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Various Image Formats

Various Image Formats • • • • • TIFF JPEG GIF PNG EXIF Designed By : SAKET GUPTA Email :

TIFF (TIF) Tagged Image File Format • • • • • • Ending in .tif , .tiff . TIFF images are uncompressed and contain a lot of detailed image data. High quality image format, all color and data information are stored. TIFF images create very large file sizes. TIFF is the most common file type used in photo software (such as Photoshop), as well as page layout software (such as Quark and InDesign). It is widely used in the graphic design, publishing and photography industry.

JPEG (JPG) Joint Photographic Experts Group • • • • • • • Ending in .jpg , .jpeg , .jpe , .jfif . JPEG files are images that have been compressed to store a lot of information in a small-size file. A JPEG is compressed in a way that loses some of the image detail(which is non-human-visibile) during the compression in order to make the file size small (and thus called “lossy” compression). Most digital cameras store photos in JPEG format. JPEG files are usually used for photographs on the web, because they create a small file that is easily loaded on a web page and also looks good. JPEG is used where color variances are important. JPEG does not support transparency.

GIF Graphics Interchange Format • • • • • • Ending in .gif . The compression is lossless (no detail is lost in the compression, but the file can’t be made as clear as a JPEG). GIF has an extremely limited color range. It reduces the number of colors in an image to 256. Due to limited colors it is never used for photography. GIF has the unique ability to display a sequence of images, similar to videos, called an animated GIF. GIF can be used effectively for limited-color images, such as logos and graphs, or for images where transparency is important.

PNG Portable Network Graphics • • • • • • Ending in .png . It is an alternative to the GIF. It allow for 5 to 25 percent greater compression than GIF, and with a wider range of colors. It is used almost exclusively for web images. For photographs, PNG is not as good as JPEG. But for images with some text, or line art, it’s better, because the images look less “bitmappy.” When you take a screenshot, the resulting image is stored by default as PNG because most screenshots are a mix of images and text.

File Type Comparison

File Type Comparison Cont.

File Type Comparison Cont.

File Type Comparison Cont.

EXIF Exchangeable Image File Format • • •  EXIF is a variation of JPEG, used by almost all digital  cameras to record extra interchange information to image  files as they are taken. The type of information stored in a file varies by camera  model. These information can include :  date and time a photo was taken. Resolution. camera settings used for the shot. color information. whether or not the flash was fired. shutter speed. name of the camera owner etc.

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