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Information about iLuminate Products Stadium and Arena Safety

Published on March 2, 2009

Author: lmeiselman



Stadium and Arena Safety with photoluminescent technology from iLuminate

Patron Safety A Visible Difference with iLuminate Photoluminescent Paints and Safety Tapes developed by quot;The PI technology has Performance Indicator relieved the extraordinary burden of trip hazards here at US Cellular Stadium” Don Esposito Sr. Director of Purchasing, Upper Deck Stairs at US Cellular Field Construction & Maintenance Brilliance in safety solutions. illumination, but also enable you to customize the daytime look and match existing color You’ve heard the stories and as a stadium schemes. In low light situations such as night manager it probably keeps you up at night. games, concerts or half time events the PI Whether it is at a baseball game, a football game technology works perfectly to augment existing or a concert, people are injured, maimed and lighting systems and signage, creating an even lose their lives falling in low light effective path-finding solution. In extraordinary environments. In addition natural disasters, acts Enhanced stairway situations, caused by blackout or catastrophic of terrorism and weather-related crises have equipment failure PI photoluminescent paints forced us to re-think our evacuation procedures markings, improve and safety tapes will glow brightly, becoming a and change building codes. Today protecting fail proof guidance system directing patrons to your venue and the people that use it means visibility and reduce a safe place. making sure they can find their way in the dark or reach safety in an emergency. When light A cost effective, durable, go green safety accidents and injuries levels are low Performance Indicator (PI) photo- initiative. luminescent paints and safety tapes give your no matter what the patrons the visual information they need to Forget yesterday’s “glow in the dark” safely navigate stairs, ramps and egress areas. lighting conditions technology. Our researchers, scientists, and engineers – many with years of color science, when using PI imaging science, and chemistry experience at A technology designed to meet the Polaroid -- have created an entirely new way to challenge. photoluminescent generate light and color. Charged by stadium or natural UV light our self-illuminating technology Triggered by light, this patent pending emissive paints and safety tapes. endures millions of cycles. Unlike expensive technology provides a new paradigm in photo- electrical lighting systems PI products are easy luminescence. Our paints and safety tapes are to install and maintain, often costing a fraction passive and non-electrical products engineered of what traditional lighting systems would cost. to provide a vibrant glow (10 times brighter than This means your ROI (return on investment) the competition) for up to 10 hours. Available in starts as soon as installation is complete. a variety of colors, Performance Indicator’s unique self-illumination products not only deliver vibrant, longer-lasting nighttime

PI technology and promotional space: See the opportunity. With Performance Indicator photoluminescent paints each stairwell has the potential to become a profit center. Venues looking to maximize profits can realize additional revenue by selling the unique promotional “When Chicago Transit project manager Chris Mulcrone shut off the lights during space created by the PI products. Imagine the impact a test last week in an emergency exit in the Red Line subway, the green paint you could offer advertisers by branding the high traffic shined so brightly it appeared to be radioactive.” - Chicago Tribune areas of your facility while providing safety and emergency egress solutions. Performance Indicator out-shines the competition PL Brightness measured in millicandelas 10 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes ASTM 15.0 2.8 ------ NY Law 26 30.0 7.0 5.0 DCAM* 150.0 30.0 15.0 3M Door Sign 50.0 >10 >10 Jessup Glow Bright® 520/7520 56.0 7.0 >15 Jessup Glow Bright® 7530 72.0 10.6 >15 Jessup Glo Brite® 7560 181.0 27.7 >15 Performance Indicator 388.0 79.0 59.0 Light emission of competitor's paints normalized for thickness Light Emission for various paints normalized for thickness Led by a visionary, highly experienced technical 4500 team 4000 Millicandellas of light emission Performance Indicator has applied the most advanced 3500 color and imaging science to our technology. Our team 3000 includes imaging scientists with a lifetime of 2500 experience at Polaroid where they not only created molecular triggers to turn color on or off but also 2000 delivered complex imaging systems to the 1500 marketplace. PI has translated these technologies into 1000 customized self-illuminating imaging systems for a 500 multitude of imaging applications. The team is led by 0 Dr. Satish Agrawal, an internationally-recognized Permalight 2k Rust-o-Leum Indicator Untitnted Indicator Green Photluminescent Polyureathane adhesive tape Permalight white indicator White Permalight 2k Sherwin-Williams Rust-o_leum Perfoemance Indicator Yellow Safety Yellow Jessup self- Permalight 2k Performacne Glow Max Performance Performance imaging engineer who previously served as Group Vice Epoxy glow paint 3x Glow President and Chief Technology Officer at Polaroid. Our areas of expertise include imaging chemistry research, image and color science, coating technologies, polymer chemistry, fluid and dispersion chemistry development, and environmental testing. For more information about our technology, please contact: Larry Meiselman at iLuminate Products - Distributor for Performance Indicator. phone 781-378-1386

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