ILR Visa UK and Tier 2 General Visa

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Information about ILR Visa UK and Tier 2 General Visa

Published on March 19, 2018

Author: visasimpleuk


ILR Visa UK and Tier 2 General Visa : ILR Visa UK and Tier 2 General Visa Slide 2: ILR Visa UK or the permanent residence is for foreign nationals granted an indefinite leave of remaining in UK. This means that you can work and live in UK minus any kind of restrictions. The visa categories leading to this are the following: Partner visa unmarried/spouse visa Ancestry visa UK Work permit/visa Tier 1 Long residence (legal over 10 years residency in UK) EU nationals along with their dependents Slide 3: Eligibility Completed 5 years continuous UK residence adhering to the income requirements   Detailed absence record from UK in last five years, lengthy absences have impact upon application   Demonstrate good language knowledge and of UK life, this is a compulsory test of 45 minutes for the foreign nationals wishing for naturalization as British citizen Slide 4: ILR Visa UK does not have any time limit for validation but it is not a good idea to spend over 2 years outside UK because this might lead to ILR loss. After this visa, you might become eligible for British citizenship application within one year. One might even lose the ILR in certain circumstances. The Tier 2 General Visa UK is for the skilled workers offered job by UK-based organization but they need to have sponsor licence. Eligibility includes offer of skilled suitable job from UK-based organization with sufficient attributes score. Applicants can get points with Sponsorship Certificate from UK Company where they receive appropriate salary under the practice code for particular role at the job. Show that you have the needed money for living or maintenance costs in UK. You can also score points by demonstrating basic level speaking English skills. Slide 5: Employer should also go through Labour Resident Market Test to conclusively show that member of resident UK workforce did not have the suitability for particular job. This test ensures that the UK residents never miss any job opportunities to foreigners. Exceptions are present to these eligibility requirements for Tier 2 General Visa UK. Slide 6: Contact us Telephone: +44 (0) 203 640 6663 Email: Website : Address: Vintage House, 36 - 37 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TL

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