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Information about ILEC (International Legal English certificate) with The Passionate Shepherd

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: passshep


The nuts and bolts Brought to you by The Passionate Shepherd Legal English for ILEC

Legal English The nuts and bolts Skills for ILEC Corporate Law Business associations Contract Law Sale of goods Real property Debtor-creditor Intellectual property Employment Competition Environmental Law Negotiable instruments Secured transactions International Law 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Penny-Farthing One large front wheel and one small back wheel. The name comes from the British penny. BGN 1200 : Vintage ILEC: max power The course aims to maximize the ILEC aspirant’s power, no matter how small his or her back wheel may be. According to Chomsky learning a language is inherent, just like riding a bike. Nature. The ILEC course lends your back-wheel English a new dimension - to cover longer distances by just one turning of the pedals. Nurture. Really simple for 2 months!

ILEC: how it saved my marriage The joy of riding together even when you cannot steer or don’t have a brake. Unquestionable support. Tandem Designed to be ridden by more than one person. Connects both sets of pedals with one chain. Pump in sync. BGN: 1000

Solo The chainless unicycle is a fun way to exercise, but the adjustable seat height may turn out too high a target (level C1) ILEC textbook for self-study & perfection A demanding book for Advanced users who have both discipline and commitment. You may need some guidance and instruction for improving your legal drafting and rhetorical skills for the ILEC exam. Don’t hesitate to call Annie at 0882426255 for an appointment.

Courier Vocabulary Netherlands-inspired. Ample storage, comfort and utility. BGN 1200 Legal English Lexis The 1000 terms and magic words every lawyer should know & use with ACCURACY & CONCISION

Tricycle Perfect for first-time riders. BGN 25 100 spelling mistakes lawyers shouldn’t make It’s not about legalese. It’s not about Latin. It’s not about legal jargon. it’s about JUDGMENT & PROSPECTA.

Push Scooter The wooden scooter has a sturdy construction that helps prevent tipping. BGN 79 Legal Grammar With all its visions and provisions Hypotheses and tenses Claims and disclaimers Hereby and herewith Commas and mother-tongue punctuation interferences Clarity, Logos, Pathos, Ethos

Title Cumsan vero eros vulputate, nulla autem feugiat ullamcorper nisl nostrud aliquam feugait. Praesent, exerci dolore autem ad sit duis facilisi minim duis iriure nulla facilisi, te nulla tation The Italian Classic, Pre-WWII Italian design. Watch Malena. Write with Style! Fender covers curved bar and front/back lights. BGN: 499

Beach Cruiser Legal English for your summer. Wide handlebars. Perfect for leisure coasting. Large front basket BGN 129

Fixie Urban bohemian ride. Non-mainstream. Fixed gear with no brakes. Urbane idealism. Low weight and maintenance. After work. BGN 249

Mountain Sturdy, durable frames and wheels, treaded tires, and cross-wise handlebars. BGN 499 ILEC exam practice Exam papers ILEC sample tests ILEC practice tests on each topic in the Syllabus Discussions Student-tailored presentations Enjoy the ride!

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