ILEAD 2015 R&R Model (Official)

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Information about ILEAD 2015 R&R Model (Official)
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Published on September 30, 2014

Author: Daesol



R&R Model for AIESEC Vietnam National Conference: ILEAD 2015

Detailed criteria/Point system is here:

Push LC Performance & Health by following the OD growth modelPush certain behaviours (continuity, collaboration)

•Note There are no separate awards for back office functions as it does not make sense for a BO function to succeed without X programme success. Suntory Pepsico LC Excellence Award –Cluster 1 Unilever LC Excellence Award –Cluster 2 oGCDP Excellence –Tier 1 iGIP Excellence –Tier 1 iGCDP Excellence –Tier 1 oGIP Excellence –Tier 1 oGCDP Excellence –Tier 2 iGIP Excellence –Tier 2 iGCDP Excellence –Tier 2 oGIP Excellence –Tier 2

oGCDP Hanoi FTU Hanoi HCMCFTU HCMTier 1 Danang RMIT NEU Tier 2 iGCDP Hanoi FTU Hanoi HCMCFTU HCM Tier 1 Danang RMIT NEU Tier 2 iGIP FTU Hanoi HCMCFTU HCM Tier 1 Hanoi Danang RMIT NEU Tier 2 oGIP FTU HanoiHCMCFTU HCMHanoi Tier 1 RMITDanangNEU Tier 2 LC Excellence Hanoi FTU Hanoi HCMCFTU HCM Cluster 1 Danang RMIT NEU Cluster 2 Important note For the purposes of limiting the number of awards, the terms ‘Cluster’ and ‘Tier’ here are different to those used in the OD Growth Model. View slide

Suntory Pepsico and Unilever are AIESEC Vietnam’s two platinum partners. Suntory Pepsico’svalues reflect collaboration, while Unilever’s reflect more on sustainability. Suntory Pepsico LC Excellence Cluster 1 Award reminds the 4 big LCs to collaborate with each other and support the smaller LCs. Unilever LC Excellence Cluster 2 Award is a reminder for small LCs to really ensure their operations are sustainable to enable long-term growth. Please refer to Excel file for detailed point system. View slide

Note: The only difference between T1 and T2 criteria is the Expansions criterion. Please refer to Excel file for detailed point system.

As satisfaction is one of the biggest challenges to iGIP in AIESEC Vietnam, it is a big part of the Award criteria Please refer to Excel file for detailed point system. .

Same criteria as oGCDP Excellence. Please refer to Excel file for detailed point system.

As sustainability is the biggest priority for iGCDP in AIESEC Vietnam, it is a big part of the Award criteria. As MarCom’s role in supporting iGCDP is very different among LCs, for the purposes of simplicity, it has been excluded from the criteria. Please refer to Excel file for detailed point system.

•ILEAD2015 assessment dates: 01.01.2014 -31.12.2014 •For each award, prepare: –an application report (in PowerPoint/PDF format) that demonstrates award criteria fulfilment. –acopy of the Excel file with award criteria fulfilment (raw data) so that MC can calculate the points •Email application package to daesol.lee@aiesec.netby 11.59pm , 5thJanuary 2015. •Late submissions will be disqualified. It is highly recommended to submit 24 hours before deadline.

•LC with the highest points will be awarded for each award. •Point system is designed so that only 1 LC can be presented with each award. •In the case that multiple LCs have the same points for one award, MC reserves right to make decision on the singular award applicant. •MC reserves right to disqualify or strip away any awards if any false information presented.

•When receiving award at ILEAD 2015, the entire EB team (or entire LC) should go up and receive the award –not just the X team. •Also, the LC Excellence Awards will be presented by the LCPs and MCP as recognition should not just be MC recognizing an LC, rather LCs recognizing the success of another. •Further instructions shall be given closer to ILEAD.

•Read on if you want to know more about how this new R&R model was created. •2 objectives of R&R model: –Push LC performance (volume and standards/satisfaction) and health. This includes pushing LCs to implement standards, align to national strategies and achieve higher resources with less resources. –Drive certain behaviours (continuity, and collaboration). •Type of awards available: –No back office awards as synergy is a big challenge across many LCs right now. Also, awards should recognize organizational success (whole LC), rather than individual or team success. –Tier/cluster based design so that all LCs with various different realities can take part in R&R applications –Name of awards are just ‘Excellence’, not ‘best LC’ etc. Because awards are only there to recognize excellence, not to recognize who is the best. •Assessment dates are 12 months before the conference to push for continuity. •Award criteria principles: –Keep it simple (easier for LCs to prepare application, and also easier for MC to assess) –Every criterion must be measurable (eg. % synergy satisfaction with BO is NOT measurable) –Must reflect performance, health or behaviours. •For any further questions please email:

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