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Published on December 4, 2008

Author: vikram_pre


:  Physics 2 Elasticity Slide 2: What is elasticity ? the ability of the material to return to its original shape after a deforming force is removed Rubber is elastic Taffy is not elastic Metals ? Slide 3: Springs ? the amount of stretch is directly related to force applied (Hooke’s Law) F = k s F = force (Newtons or lbs.) k = spring constant s = amount of stretch (mm or in.) Slide 4: Stress The “cause” of deformation. The ratio of force to cross-sectional area. tensile compressive shear Stress = Force Area N/mm2 = MPa lbs/in2 = psi Slide 5: Strain The “effect” of applied forces. The relative change in dimensions. Strain =  length original length mm/mm in./in. Slide 6: Hookes Law Within the elastic limit, the ratio of stress to strain is constant. The elastic constant is called the Modulus of Elasticity. Stress Strain = Modulus of Elasticity The elastic limit is the amount of stress that will cause permanent deformation Slide 7: Young’s Modulus For tensile or compressive stresses the elastic constant is called Young’s Modulus. Y = F Lo A L Y = Young’s Modulus (Mpa or psi) F = force (N or lbs) Lo = original length (mm or in.) A = area (mm2 or in2) L = change in length (mm or in.) Slide 8: Shear Modulus For shear stresses the elastic constant is called the Shear Modulus. This is also known as the Modulus of Rigidity. S = F Lo A d S = Shear Modulus (Mpa or psi) F = force (N or lbs) Lo = original length (mm or in.) A = area (mm2 or in2) d = displacement (mm or in.) Slide 9: Bulk Modulus When considering three dimensional force the terms volume stress and volume strain are used. The ratio of volume stress to volume strain is called the Bulk Modulus. The reciprocal of the Bulk Modulus is called the compressibility (k). B = - F / A V / Vo B = Bulk Modulus (MPa or psi) F = force (N or lbs) Vo = original volume (mL or oz.) A = area (mm2 or in2) V = change in volume (mL or oz.) Pressure = F/A (MPa or psi) Slide 10: Other terms to know Cohesion Adhesion hardness ductility malleability conductivity (thermal and electrical)

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