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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: chitsbull

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CASE STUDY: IKEA Culture as a competitive advantage Presented By: Blake Gonsalves Chitwant Tahalyani Digvijay Singh Yadav Hazelann Solanki Kedar Risbud Ravi Kunchikurve Rohan Tarkari Sarang Banunakde Saurabh Mhase Swati Gogawat

OVERVIEW Culture as a competitive advantage 1. Introduction of IKEA 2. The IKEA way- doing things differently 2.1. Mission 2.2. Business Principles 2.3. Management style 3. Strategy of global expansion 4 . Clouds on the horizon

SWOT ANALYSIS • Customer knowledge • Constantly using innovations to drive costs down • Supply chain integration • Brand reputation and market presence • Decreasing quality • Standard products S O • Further expansion into developing economies • Growing online sales • Expansion to growing grocery market W T • Intensifying competition • Growth of average consumer income

QUESTION 1 Is the Scandinavian culture of IKEA an advantage or a disadvantage in its attempt to become international? explain

o Sweden is one of the major country in Scandinavia o Scandinavian designs is very popular in early 19th century o Coniferous forest as an asset o Contribution by the Swedish society for industrial design

QUESTION 2 What are the key aspects of IKEA Culture?

WHAT IS CULTURE?  Shared Values  Beliefs and norms  Consistent Behaviours

1. Simplicity is important at IKEA 2. Everything has a price 3. A proud heritage from humble origins 4. Value Driven

Prevention of Corruption Dialogues with the unions Safe and healthy working environment IWAY STANDARD

QUESTION 3 How do national & corporate culture generally affect corporate performance?

• Business relationships with overseas clients, customers, employees, and partners. • Public relations, marketing, and advertising strategies. Internations.org

• Consumers lose faith and confidence in your product and company. • Customer backlash and highly visible, negative public reactions. • Negative public relations and the erosion of the brand you have worked hard to build. • Loss of revenue, sales opportunities, and customers. • Possible punishment in the form of retaliatory legislation or lawsuits. Internations.org

• Differences in Communication • Valuing Time • Customs • Target Audience SmallBusiness.chron.com


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