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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Peppar

Source: authorstream.com

Measurement of ocean surface biogeochemical parameters for global carbon cycle research:  Measurement of ocean surface biogeochemical parameters for global carbon cycle research Ocean surface pCO2 (CO2 partial pressure) estimation of ocean CO2 flux (or sink) from difference of atmosphere-ocean pCO2 global ocean carbon cycle model evaluation from global oceanic pCO2 map with seasonal or monthly resolution CO2 related parameters nutrients (N, P, Si) as controlling factors of biological carbon pump inorganic carbon and alkalinity as carbon standing stock chlorophyll and phytoplankton pigments as indicator of biological standing stock and species information Monthly resolution, how?:  Monthly resolution, how? Commercial cargo ship as VOS (volunteer observation ship) Four to Six week interval service for Pacific and Atlantic Water intake line installation in the ship for biogeochemical parameter measurement NIES monitoring network US/Canada-Japan line Australia-Japan pCO2 continuous measurement and water sampling for biogeochmical parameters surface temperature and salinity measurement as biproducts North Pacific VOS Monitoring from 1995 (atmosphere/ocean monitoring of CO2):  North Pacific VOS Monitoring from 1995 (atmosphere/ocean monitoring of CO2) M/S Pyxis, Toyota-Toyofuji (Japan) 2001 Nov.- (atmosphere) 2002 Jul.- (atmosphere/ocean) M/S Alligator Hope, MOL (Japan) 1999 Nov.-2001 May M/S Skaugran, Sea Board (Canada) 1995 Mar.-1999 Sept. Western Pacific VOS Monitoring from 1992 (atmospheric monitoring of GHGs):  Western Pacific VOS Monitoring from 1992 (atmospheric monitoring of GHGs) M/S MOL Golden Wattle, MOL (Japan) 2001 Jun.-2002 May (atmosphere/ocean) M/S Southern Cross, MOL (Japan) 1996 Mar.-2001 May M/S Hakuba, NYK (Japan) 1992 Jun.-1996 Jan. Data Integration of Pacific Data:  Data Integration of Pacific Data IJCD (Inventory of Japanese Chemical Oceanographic Data) combining all the observed ocean CO2 data set Joint activity by NIES, JMA, JAMSTEC, JHD Fishery Agency, AIST, and Universities PICNIC (PICES CO2 Data Integration for North Pacific) combining pacific ocean CO2 data set of US,Canada and Japan US-Japan collaboration for VOS program:  US-Japan collaboration for VOS program Proposal for starting US-Australia line pCO2 measurement by US side (NOAA/PMEL) Collaboration in sample analysis of US-Japan VOS measurement (SIO: Scripps Oceanographic Institution) PICNIC; Pacific ocean CO2 data integration (PICES: Intergovernmental Organization for North Pacific Ocean Science, working group chaired by Y.Nojiri/NIES and A.Dickson/SIO) Global data integration (UNESCO/IOC CO2 Advisory Panel activity, chaired by D.Wallace, Germany), relating EU VOS and autonomous CO2 buoy programs (USA and EU) JCOMM SOT meeting:  JCOMM SOT meeting JOINT WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) Ship Observations Team, first session, Goa, India, 25 Feb. to 2 Mar. 2002 Session: New types of observations from VOS, The team will be presented with a report by the IOC/SCOR CO2 Panel and reports on current activities relating to biogeochemical observations from VOS. Based on the reports and requirements for these observations, the team will consider the possibilities of operational observations of such new types of elements using VOS.

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