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Published on January 6, 2009

Author: sramana

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Dominique Trempont's presentation on the looming Water Crisis at IIT Kharagpur's e-summit.

Fresh Water On A Shrinking Planet

World Population Population doubles every 40 years Source: World Bank 2000

World Population Water Withdrawals Fresh water demand doubles every 20 years Source: World Bank 2000

World Population Water Withdrawals Demand > 150% of supply by 2,025 Source: World Bank 2000

“ Water promises to be to the 21 st century what oil was in the 20 th century: Fortune 2000

the precious commodity that determines the wealth [and health] of nations” Fortune 2000

FreshWater In India

Ground water

Ground water 70%

Ground water 80%

Ground water 80%

Depletes 14 times faster than replenishes Ground water

# children dying every day in India of water illnesses 1600

Gangotri melting Pollution Rain run-off Declining supply

Population growth Agriculture Economic development Sky Rocketing Demand

Demand for water > supply in India by 2020 Source: World Bank 2000

Where is water going?

Source: World Water Council 2003 10,000 liters of water

140 liters of water Source: World Water Council 2003

Source: World Water Council 2003 11,000 liters of water

Source: World Water Council 2003 400,000 liters of water

Source: World Water Council 2003 Geopolitics Water rights Vulnerability Dependencies Conflicts

Potential Water Solutions In India

Pr otect existing fr esh water sources

Harvest existing fresh water sources

Maintain Water Infrastructure

Manage Water Footprint

New Technologies IIT Material Science Innovation Opportunities Large Indian then $BB Global Market



Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Low-pressure seawater High pressure pump Membrane High pressure brine:25% Fresh water SWRO Exchanger Low pressure reject brine:2% Cost: Rs1 per liter of fresh water

Financing Public: Cost of water illnesses = 3% of India GDP Economic expansion

Financing Private: Venture capital: technology Entrepreneurship Regional rights auction


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