IHE product selection and acceptance testing

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Information about IHE product selection and acceptance testing

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: CorLoef

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IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, creates solutions for interoperability problems in healthcare by developing standards based interface specifications. Healthcare ICT products that have implemented the IHE specifications make the integration efforts for an eHealth solution much easier. Conformity assessment in the deployment process towards an operational application portfolio is supported by a proven test methodology and Open Source test tools.

IHE Product Selection and Acceptance Testing

Streamlining Product Selection and Acceptance Testing v Effective and efficient performance of Business Use Cases are enabled by a connected set of administrative and clinical applications v Initial challenge: Ø  Selection of suppliers and systems Ø  Integrate systems, educate users, and start-up the operation v On-going challenge: Maintain the operational ICT Application portfolio Ø  New releases Ø  New systems Ø  New connections Ø  New functionality v IHE profiles for exchange, content, terminology, workflow, security and privacy enable this in a multi-vendor setting. v Supported by the IHE Test Tools and Procedures in the Conformance Assessment continuum.

Deployment: the Road to Production IHE Profiles Connectathon: IHE profile level Testing Product Release Testing IHE Profiles Interoperability Specifications Entrance Rules Governance Product Accredited Testing (ISO17025:2005) Projectathon: Interoperability Specification Testing Acceptance Testing Production

Connectathon key figures

Connectathon results matrix On-line registry showing for all Connectathons worldwide which vendors have successfully passed the tests with their products for a selected set of IHE Profiles. v  Health IT suppliers have the opportunity to showcase the IHE competency of their company. v  Health IT buyers can easily search for evidence of supplier’s IHE claims. http://connectathon-results.ihe.net/

eHealth Product Release Connectathon Results Matrix Product Registry IHE Integration Statements IHE Profiles Development In-house prerelease testing ISO 9000 QMS ISO 14971 Risk Management IEC 62304 Software Lifecycle Processes Connectathon participation In-house final release testing

Product Registry On-line Product Registry for commercially available health IT products that conform to the specifications of a selected set of IHE Profiles. v  Health IT suppliers have the opportunity to showcase the IHE capabilities of their products. v  Health IT buyers can easily search for available products fulfilling their IHE integration needs. http://product-registry.ihe.net/PR/ home.seam

Public Health Patients Healthcare Professionalls Example: Services of the eSanté platform Actors Multi services portal System of communication and dissemination of information eHealth platform Professional portal Secure messaging Provider Signature and encryption Directory structure security Patient portal Traceability Repository XDS Empowerment Hospitals GPs Labs Registry XDS-B XDS-I Administration portal Directory structure patient E-RCP EAI SOA Web services Terminology server Pharmacies Care facility Emergency care API CNS Message Broker Patient ID PIX Manager National HPD ID Medical Facility Guide PCN epSOS Medical application SaaS

Interoperability Specification Key health systems objectives Project Interoperability Specification IHE Profile for Content Technical Use case 1 Technical Use case 2 Technical Use case 3 IHE Profile for Content IHE Profile Sharing Doc Services IHE Profile for Security Custom Profile for Terms IHE Profile Patient Id Mgt IHE Profile for Privacy Combination / Glue Business Use case A Profiles Custom Profile for Terms IHE Profile Sharing Doc Services IHE Profile Patient Id Mgt IHE Profile for Security IHE Profile for Privacy

Complexity of eHealth Integration N.(N-1) 2N Challenges: semantics of exchanged content, localization, and workflow v  DICOM (images, reports, treatment plans, etc.) v  CDA documents (Lab, Pharmacy, Patient Summary, etc.) v  HL7 v2, v3 message

Tools for Interoperability and Conformance Assessment Specifications/Standards Validators Conformance checks System A Vendor A Test Management Conformance checks System B Interoperability testing Vendor B Simulators

Interoperability & Conformance Tests ü Checks Evidences ü Verifies test performs as planned ü Grades Monitor Simulator System Under Test Information exchange ü Configure ü Interacts Information exchange Proxy Value Sets Validator Validator Validator Validator Validator Test Plan ü Get Test Plan ü Find Test Partner ü Log Evidences ü Get Test Report TF Model Test Management ü Configure ü Interacts Gazelle Test Platform ü Get Test Plan ü Find Test Partner ü Log Evidences ü Get Test Report

Available IHE Validation Tools v HL7v2 messages v DICOM objects v XML documents/messages Ø  HL7 CDA Structured Document Ø  HL7v3 messages Ø  IHE XD* transactions metadata Ø  DSUB metadata Ø  HPD messages Ø  Sharing Value Set messages content (SVS) Ø  Workflow documents (XDW) Ø  ATNA audit messages Ø  X509 certificates Ø  SAML Assertions

Available IHE Simulators v Patient Manager Ø  ITI profiles relative to patient demographics exchange Ø  PAM, PIXv2, PDQv2, ADT part of SWF v Order Manager Ø  Profiles dealing with management of orders Ø  LAW, LTW, SWF, EYECARE workflow v XD* Client : Initiators from the XD* profiles, DSUB, XDS-I.b v Sharing Value Set v Healthcare Provider Directory v Hospital Medication Workflow (Pharmacy) v Lab Barcode Labelling v Lab Code Set Distribution

Contributors to IHE Test Tools v Open source, freely available, yet need on-going development and maintenance v Parties contributing to pool of tools Ø  Government initiatives funding tool development via eHealth projects •  NIST •  EC •  Japan Ø  IHE USA, IHE Europe •  Vendors participating in Connectathon Ø  Professional Societies as IHE Domain sponsors: •  HIMSS •  RSNA •  ACC •  ASTRO •  AAO v http://ihewiki.wustl.edu/wiki/index.php/ Index_to_Preconnectathon_Test_Software#Index_to_IHE_Test_Tools v http://hitch-project.eu/testing-tools

Example eSanté: Standalone Document Validation 1 - HTTP : Upload of document System under test EVS Front End 3 – XML Report Model Based CDA Validator 2 – WS Call eSanté CDA Guidelines

Your Contribution to a Sustainable eHealth Interoperability Ecosystem IHE Profiles Include IHE Test Tools creation in eHealth programs, and contribute to Open Source pool of IHE Test Tools. Test Tools Foster the creation new IHE Profiles for emerging interoperability challenges Healthcare providers eHealth Suppliers Include IHE profiles in eHealth solution architecture and RFPs. Timely release products to market with IHE Integration Statements

Value from applying IHE v Suppliers of eHealth systems Ø  Reduce cost for development and maintenance of product communication interfaces (reduced diversity, Open Source tool box) Ø  Access to bigger market (reduced market entry threshold) v Users of eHealth systems Ø  Freedom to choose products with best-fit functionality (competition) v ICT Department Ø  Reduce integration cost (reduced diversity, reduced complexity, Open Source tool box) Ø  Reduce on-going maintenance cost for the ICT Application portfolio (reduced diversity, Open Source tool box)

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