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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: cooper

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Trimming of Sails:  Trimming of Sails Round Table on Experience with IGRs and Political Economy Analysis Manzoor Hasan Transparency International Bangladesh Wednesday, 19 June 2002 Introduction:  Introduction Progress on several fronts…. Infant mortality Child malnutrition Illiteracy Road communication Women’s position Print media…. But….:  But…. In many sectors we face serious problems Shortcoming in financial institutions Overloaded courts Gender disparity Primary school completion rates – too low Poor public service…. GOVERNANCE FAILURE Some Facts….:  Some Facts…. Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP, 1997) opinion survey 2197 individuals selected randomly from sixty districts Findings: 95%, 91% & 90% of respondents felt police, customs & taxation departments, respectively, most corrupt Some Facts….:  Some Facts…. Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Centre 82% considered the police to be the most corrupt government department Businessmen put the police’s service standard as the lowest among all forty-four organisations Some Facts:  Some Facts TIB Household Survey (1997) 68% of the households filing complaints with the police had to make payment 49% of the households had reported to make prior arrangement with the police on payment for disposal of their cases 71% of the households expressed the view that filing of court cases were deliberately delayed by the police Some Facts….:  Some Facts…. 63% of the households involved in court cases reported that they had to bribe the court officials 53% of the households bribed the court officials directly and more than one-fourth (28%) reported making payment of bribe through lawyers Source: TIB Nationwide Household Survey,1997 Some Facts…. :  Some Facts…. Urban Service Delivery (2,400 hh in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi) – World Bank (May 2002) 28% (less than) satisfied with education system 18% (less than) satisfied with health system 12% (less than) satisfied with electricity service 11% (less than) satisfied with quality of drinking water 17% (less than) satisfied with sanitation service 20% (less than) satisfied with transport service 2% (less than) satisfied with police 8% (less than) satisfied with judicial service 10% (less than) satisfied with land registration Good satisfaction with gas supply Some Facts….:  Some Facts…. Bureau of Anti-Corruption Time spent before applying for sanction from PM’s Office: 4 - 9 years Time spent after application to PM’s Office before sanction is given: 1 year to 6 years Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: INQUIRY STAGE:  Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: INQUIRY STAGE Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: INVESTIGATION STAGE:  Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: INVESTIGATION STAGE Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: TRIAL STAGE:  Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE: TRIAL STAGE Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE:  Some Facts…. BAC PERFORMANCE Total convictions 1373 Total released 1822 Total convictions against VIPs 1 Diagnostic studies: IGRs/Political Economy Analysis/Surveys:  Diagnostic studies: IGRs/Political Economy Analysis/Surveys Better understanding of the context – the ‘big picture’ Identify both failures & future reform agenda – ‘windows of opportunity’ Identify linkages – coalition building Prioritize action WB Projects: Judiciary & Traffic Management:  WB Projects: Judiciary & Traffic Management Have they met the governance criteria/agenda? Improved service delivery? Triggered off wider reform? Raised expectations Wastage (public perception) Peripheral Big Issues :  Big Issues Separation of judiciary from executive Establishment of anti-corruption commission Right-sizing of administration Efficient police force Why Reform isn’t being implemented? :  Why Reform isn’t being implemented? Lack of political will Maintenance and reinforcement of ‘negatives’ Inability to ‘trigger’ off a chain reaction Need to create new relationships/equilibrium Suggestions:  Suggestions Gleaned from existing studies: CSOs, NGOs, media, multi/bi-lateral agencies Focus on macro (‘trigger’) issues, e.g. anti-corruption agency Present ‘workable’ models (done) Establish benchmarks/milestones Find champions Close ‘exit’ routes for politicians Reinforce consensus (not conditions) Increase ‘embarrassment’ factor Trim our sails? :  Trim our sails? Yes But establish realistic agenda/expectation More ‘cost-effective’ Focus on the ‘big picture’ Increased sense of ownership Could ultimately set off reform of political landscape ? Reform of political landscape (I):  Reform of political landscape (I) Why? Because there is no marketplace for ideas. Because championing ideas and policy initiatives will not improve a person’s political prospects. Because the route to political success is patron-clientism. Reform of political landscape (II):  Reform of political landscape (II) Democratization of parties Political/Campaign finance Declaration of members’ interests YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS TO :  YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS TO info@ti-bangladesh.org For more information please visit… http://www.ti-bangladesh.org THANK YOU

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