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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: anastasiiaisakii

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QUALITY PROMISES AND HOW TO DELIVER. @kelmeow#StartFromYou OCP National Project Virtual Summit AIESEC Indonesia

Objectives 1 For delegates to create their personal minimum quality promise for their Interns and members: a) Through reflection of the organisation’s purpose to develop leadership in every experience. 2 Understand the why and how of EP LEAD, Minimum Quality Promise & NPS: a) Understand how EP LEAD and minimum quality promise link to inner and outer journey of leadership b) Output of specific actions and templates to implement EP LEAD 3 Understand the revised role of Intern Buddy: a) What is the Intern Buddy Role? b) Change perspective/behaviour of Intern Buddy.

Will you recommend to your son/ daughter to be an AIESEC Intern through your local committee?

Will you recommend your brother or sister to be an AIESEC intern through your Local Committee?

What would you promise your sister/ brother about the GCDP experience?

Is your Local Committee... Are you delivering this to the best ability you can?

how do you treat your interns? like a friend? like a potential leader?

What we will Give

INTERN LEAD is a learning framework to guide and ensure our Interns are living the inner and outer journey of leadership

outer journey framework INNER journey Step 1


outer journey CHALLENGES - CONTENT INNER journey Step 3 delivery 2. Minimum Quality Promise 3. Promise to Interns/TNs 4. Intern Process 5. Timeline 1. Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score Step 3

Net promoter score • Number of Promoters (score of 9, 10) • Number of Responses • Net Promoter Score (NPS) How can we measure the quality of our customer experience?

Net promoter score

Net promoter score Here are the steps to measuring NPS: 1. #P = Number of promoters = Responses scoring 9, 10 2. #D = Number of detractors = Responses scoring 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 3. #T = Total number of response 4. %P = Percentage of Promoters = #P / #T 5. %D = Percentage of Detractors = #D / #T 6. NPS = Net Promoter Score = %P – %D

Net promoter score -100 to -50 Alarming -50 to 0 Okay 0 to 50 Good 50 to 100 Outstanding General industry standard Every Experience Matters!!!


minimum quality promise Step 4


SELECTION AND FEEDBACK i. After the interview (within 2 x 24 hours), hosting entity (TN Manager) should announce the result by sending approval or rejection mail to Intern. i. Selected or unselected candidate has the right to get constructive feedback from hosting entity. !

a.Preparation Process i. Preparation process will be started right after the Intern got matched in myaiesec.net. ii. Hosting entity will provide webinar for interns before arrival. iii. Hosting entity should tracked travel insurance, round trip ticket and NPS survey from the intern before the webinar is started. iv. Webinar consist of: 1.Culture shock preparation; 2.Expectation setting (accommodation, work condition and location); 3.Intern`s timeline; 4.Personal goal setting; 5.LC contact list (LCP, LCVP Related, Manager related, OCP, OC and TN taker); 6.Logistical preparation; 7.NPS Survey Coaching; 8.Updated XPP; 9.AIESEC Essence; 10. Opportunity in AIESEC from hosting entity; 11. LEAD introduction; 12. CAT education. v. All outputs of the webinar should be tracked by project team or intern buddy. ! PREPARATION

a. Incoming Preparation Seminar i. Each intern should get Incoming Preparation Seminar. ii. If intern has internship in ad hoc or arrives some days after Incoming Preparation Seminar, TN manager or some representative from project is obligated to have additional meeting with intern/s and provide all needed information. iii.Incoming Preparation Seminar should consist of: 1. Culture shock preparation; 2. Basic education of Indonesian language; 3. Detailed explanation of project timeline; 4. Information about all possible expenses during internship (excursions, travelling, meal etc); 5. Practical training of using public transportation; 6. Present the objective and measurable results for every activity in project; 7. National Complaint Management procedure explanation and provide all of contact; 8. NPS education and tracking; 9. Visa extension process information (Visa Timeline should be submitted to Exchange Quality Manager). 10. LEAD session; IPS

COMMUNICATION i. Intern will be supported by intern buddy from hosting entity. ii. Intern Buddy and Organizing Committee should have evaluation meeting once in 2 weeks i. Intern will have buddy to maintain constant communication, engaging intern to LC’s activities, remind the intern to fill three times NPS survey, track intern`s 360 submission and evaluate development goal.

INTERN BUDDY i. Intern will be supported by intern buddy from hosting entity. ii. Intern Buddy and Organizing Committee should have evaluation meeting once in 2 weeks iv. Each intern should know about national Complaint Management procedure. i. Intern will have buddy to maintain constant communication, engaging intern to LC’s activities, remind the intern to fill three times NPS survey, track intern`s 360 submission and evaluate development goal. ii. Intern can join LEAD Program which is standardized by AIESEC in Indonesia. ! !

As the Reward and Recognition, Intern will get certification after submitting the 2 kind of NPS survey (Matched survey and Realized survey) ! Personal Development EP will get post – evaluation with Intern Buddy. EP will get practical training to create 360 evaluation by Intern Buddy. ! Showcasing the Experience EP need to submit their internship report as poster, stories, pictures or video Hosting entity will showcase/publish experience in physical or virtual form AFTER: RNR, PD & SHOWCASE

INTERN PROCESS Step 3 Selection Induction & IPS OPSMatched Mid-GCDP Evaluation Train the Trainers Pre-Arrival Webinars & Buddy Project or TN Taker Meeting LEAD Events or Micro XP Close-GCDP Evaluation Farewell & Recognition }Preparation }Arrival - Midterm Realisation Midterm - Closing Experience }

1 3 42 Step 3 timeline Timeline of events and touch-points KPIs and link to overall exchange goals Person responsible Take Action!

Selection Is your selection of interns in accordance with Global Competency Model and using the Selection Tool? Why/Why not?

When the intern is matched - do you provide the indemnity form and pre-arrival questionnaire form? Matched

Do you track through international relations that the EP has received OPS? OPS

Do you have Pre-arrival webinars? Do you follow the Minimum Quality Promise checklist for Webinars? Pre-Arrival Webinars & Buddy

Do you track through international relations that the EP has received OPS? Induction & IPS

Project or TN Taker Meeting

Train the Trainers

Mid-GCDP Evaluation

Farewell & Recognition

INTERN Journal


Why is this important?

INTERN BUDDY is the person responsible for enabling intern’s inner journey. Without this individual there is no way for AIESEC to ensure, deliver and measure that interns are living a challenging and purposeful experience.

Personal Value: ! ! ! Organisation Value: ! ! ! ! Market Value: ! ! ! ! To achieve fulfillment of humankind’s potential through higher quality experiences by fulfilling the inner and outer journey of leadership for interns with a role responsible for developing and tracking leadership development of interns a) Intern: Interns are promised a leadership development experience. The Intern Buddy will ensure this development b) TN taker: To develop and enable Interns to fulfill their JD to their best ability c) Indonesia: Provide better interns to make impact for Indonesia Enable TMP to understand the relevance of GCDP and exchange to AIESEC. Allow members to live a leadership experience where they are in charge of the development of others.

Intern Buddy Objectives 1 2 3 A bridge between the intern, leadership development and AIESEC: a) He/she needs to assist the intern and makes sure that the intern feels free to discuss any problems or difficulties he might be facing. b) He/she needs to ensure that interns are fulfilling the inner journey of their leadership experience. Quality Control: a) He/she ensures and tracks that the intern has a quality experience. b) Consistent and efficient interaction between interns and AIESEC members ! A friendly face to introduce Indonesia: a) He/she shows the intern the Indonesia culture, mentality, everyday life and tradition. b) Helps interns to adjust and integrate themselves easier and faster in the new environment c) Facilitates direct relationship for the interns to communicate their needs

Profile/ Application/ Campaign Pickup and Settling Education/ Induction Recruitment/ Selection End-term evaluation Inner Journey Tracking Introduction/ Expectation Setting Start-XP Evaluation Mid-term Evaluation Farewell & Recognition Showcasing Impact Intern Buddy Process Inner Journey Tracking

Profile/ Application/ Campaign Job Description Notes: ! 1. Intern Buddies should not handle more than 2 Interns

Profile/ Application/ Campaign Profile General Rules: 1. If not specified, TMP used as an Intern Buddy should have + 6 months experience. 2. If your LC wants to utilise returned EPs please ensure if have excellent tracking of Intern Buddies and the expectations are made clear. 3. This is a general guide, if you find that you have some issues such as (my iGCDP OCs are working too hard during RE to be intern buddies) then you can adjust the intern buddy profile accordingly. ! Note: 1.If you have MB or potential MBs that are not IXPs, being an Intern Buddy is an extremely beneficial role for them to experience exchange and the ‘leading others’ experience to add value to their current or future role. JAN-JUN iGCDP GOAL

Recruitment/ Selection

Recruitment/ Selection

Recruitment/ Selection

Education/ Induction Intern Buddy Induction/Education Please use the EP LEAD wiki and this PPT for EP Buddy Education to ensure you have delivered everything. ! Since Intern Buddy follow the aforementioned profile, there is only need for a quick review of AIESEC knowledge and introduction and expectation setting of the role/JD/evaluations etc.

Buddy Activities before Arrival Introduction/ Expectation Setting Please use the EP LEAD wiki and this PPT for EP Buddy Education to ensure you have delivered everything.

Buddy Activities after ArrivalPickup and Settling

Mid-term EvaluationMid-term Evaluation 1 2 Update Personal Appraisal a) Update achieved key activities based on completion of tasks and adjustment of Job Description/ Intern Activities b) Create score baed on self or intern buddy evaluation about pool of skills c) Insert Overall Feedback Competency Development: a) Review the self assessment, is there anything the Intern wishes to add?

how is it tracked?

what does this mean? organisation workspace

what does this mean? APP item Now, let’s move on to how to track your Intern Buddies

• Please ensure that your Intern Buddies have applied and gone through an application process. ! • Sample Application form attached ! • Intern Buddies must be recorded for safety and logistic reasons. Step One: All Intern Buddies need to be registered on the system.

• Please ensure the details are 100% correct for safety issues. Step Two: All Interns post-match need to be registered on the system.

Step Three: All Intern Statues need to be updated by Intern Buddy or OC/iGCDP members. What needs to be tracked? • Assignment of Intern Buddy • Expectation Setting • Travel Details for Reception • Reception • Integration of Intern into Indonesia • Experience Tracking - including CAT/PDP • Attendance at Compulsory Events • Intern Journal

Interns should have an intern buddy directly after Matching.

two week trial feedback improvement

Tools for Intern Buddies Intern Buddy Tracking Tool Intern Buddy Complete Guide Intern Personal Development Plan EP LEAD Wiki: http://www.myaiesec.net/ content/viewwiki.do? contentid=10288851

why are we still talking about this?

Capacity = Responsibility


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