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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: fortunalu

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If 條件子句: 用在對未來可能會發生或是可能發生的事情的假設 RULES: In these sentences, the situation may happen or not in the future, but the conditions are realistic, so we think it might occur. Ex: If it rains, they will get wet. Or note: the “if clause” can be first or second. Ex: They will get wet if it rains. A - Now try to practice what you have just learnt: 1. If he ____________ (study) hard, he ______________ (pass) the exam. 2. If you __________ (practice) everyday, you _________ (play) violin very well. 3. If she ___________ (eat) too much fast food, she __________ (put on) weight. 4. He _____________ (buy) a farm in Australia if he ___________ (earn) lots of money. 5. They ____________ (get) drunk if he ____________(drink) too much alcohol. 6. If one ___________ (eat) an apple a day, one ___________ (keep) the doctor away. 7. If John ___________ (not/follow) my advice, he ___________ (get) in trouble. 8. If the court _________ (find) them guilty, they ____________(go) to jail. 9. If he ___________ (save) enough money, he __________ (buy) a beach house. 10. I _____________ (go) to university if I ______________ (pass) this last exam. IF CLAUSE: IF + SIMPLE PRESENT MAIN CLAUSE: Future Make sentences: 1. 如果我明天有時間, 我將會~~~~ _______________________________________________________________________ 2. 如果 Stanley 來我的舞會下周日, 我將會~~~~ ________________________________________________________________________ Class:_____ No:_____ Name:___________20140311

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