If "blogging" is the dirty word, then I am scum.

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Information about If "blogging" is the dirty word, then I am scum.

Published on October 23, 2007

Author: brainopera

Source: slideshare.net


I was guest speaker for the New Media Class (DMS155) at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). In this presentation, I tackle questions students have posed for me, which has thus far included issues on blogging, lifecasting, privacy, as well as how-to tips on getting sponsors (always remember, readers come first!).

If “blogging” is a dirty word, then I am scum. - Kevin Lim

Student Questions TagCloud based on word frequency

On Blogging approach, rationale, lifestyle

The Straits Times (Oct 2007)

Wo Bao newspaper (Oct 2007)

On Commercialism readership, authenticity, commitment

Shufflesome (vinyl stickers for iPod shuffle)

Koyono BlackCoat T innovative iPod cargo t-shirt

Go Motorboard 2000XR (prototype) electric powered portable scooter

Go Motorboard 2000XR (prototype) electric powered portable scooter

Waterfield DS Lite case (photo by alec peden)

Samsung Upstage + MotoRokr S9 (Sponsored by Sprint)

On Lifecasting purpose, personality, privacy

Doom First Person Shooter + Cinema-Verite

Strange Days Personal experiences for sale

Gordon Bell of Microsoft (memory prosthetic)

Steve Mann world’s first known cyborg

Jennifer Ringley (JenniCam) 1996 - 2003

Justin Kan (justin.tv) lifecasting goes commercial

Testing wearable video over EVDO... (Samsung EVDO phone, Sony Vaio UX, Logitech cam)

ZaoBao newspaper (July 2007)

On You what do you want to know?

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