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Published on October 29, 2018

Author: IEI-Integration-Corp


1. Company Profile IEI Integration Corp. Marketing 2018.09

2. • About IEI • Innovation & Customization • Solution & Products • Validation Test & Manufacturing • Service • Find IEI • Appendix Table of Contents

3. About IEI

4. IEI Group Companies IEI Integration Corp. ArmorLink SH Corp. XINGWEI COMPUTER CO., LTP. MOTORCON INC. BriteMED Technology Inc. QNAP Systems, Inc. Industrial Integrated IoT Solution Provider Founded in 1997, 444ppl Taidex 3022 Unique Electronic Manufacturing Service Founded in 2002, 786ppl Professional Chassis Manufacturer Founded in 2002, 384ppl Leading Edge Computing Storage Provider Founded in 2004, 1122ppl Intelligent Medical System Provider Founded in 2009, 36ppl Leading Automation System Product Provider Founded in 2012, 17ppl 20 offices in 14 countries Employees 3000+ people Sales turnover USD500M+

5. Core Competence

6. IEI Build AIoT Integrated Solution in Smart City Software-driven System Design Artificial Intelligent Concept Design-in Networking with Cloud Computing

7. B2B/ B2C online shops and RMA service are open 24 hours a day IEI Global Service • Sales& Marketing • ODM / OEM • RD Center • Manufacturing • System Assembly • ATO • Logistic & RMA • Technical Support • Repair Center Netherlands (Amsterdam) China (Branch, Shanghai) HQ, Taipei • Sales& Marketing • ODM / OEM • RD Center (Taipei, Kaohsiung) • Cloud Computing Centre (Hsinchu) • Manufacturing • System Assembly • ATO • GMP Manufacturing • Logistic & RMA • Technical Support Japan (Tokyo) • Sales • Technical Support USA (Branch, LA) • Sales& Marketing • ODM / OEM • Logistic & RMA • ATO • Technical Support

8. Innovation

9. Riding the AI wave with QNAP “QuAI” AI Works Build Train Tune Deploy GRAND-C422

10. With NFV Orchestration, it is easy to deploy Edge computing & AI inference computing systems. Edge & AI Inference in Puzzle Fog Computing

11. AI Edge Computing IEI DRPC IEI TANK IEI ulBX QNAP NAS QIoT Rule Engine IEI x QNAP AI Platform Workflow Lambda Function AWS Greengrass on QNAP NAS User Application Train a Model Inference Engine Run Model Optimizer IR .xml .bin OpenVINO™ NVIDIA GPUQuAI QNAP NAS Data collection from QNAP QIoT & AWS Greengrass1 Build and Train ML models at the edge2 Deployment3 Inference locally to reduce the latency4 Execution based on inference processing5 Data ML Model PredictionData with privacy

12. QTS AI Network

13. AI Inference System The IEI TANK AIoT Development Kit is configured for rapid path to market. With the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-6500TE processor, the system allows for scale support of complex and parallel video streams through CPU and GPU hardware acceleration. It has multiple integrated inputs/outputs and PCI* expandability for hardware accelerator cards. The entire system uses a fanless design and is rated for a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, to support deployment in rugged environments.

14. AI Accelerator Card ULT Mustang-200  Two Intel Core ULT  4 DDR4 UDIMM  2 NVMe, 2 eMMC  10GbE based  PCIe x4 interface Mustang-F100-A10  Intel Arria 10 GX1150 FPGA  Low profile, two slot, compact size  PCIe Gen3 x8 FPGA Mustang-V100-MX8  Intel Movidious solution  8 x Myriad X VPU  PCIe Gen3 x4  Low profile, half size VPU

15. AfoBot Smart Video Companion Voice Assistant Multimedia by Voice Control Click-n-Home Auto answer Face tracking 4-peer video call Call recording F2.0 Aperture for dim environment Alarm Take photo Weather Shared cloud album Music Broadcast Video

16. Customization

17. • System & Software Integrated Design Capability • Documented Project Management • Certificated & Traceable Manufacturing & QA system • Global Logistic • Supply Chain Management • Responsiveness to Market & Technology Trend Customization Highlights

18. Turnkey Services Expertise in a wide range of technologies and vertical know-how. Specializes in IoT gateway, embedded system, panel pc, image capture and storage. Digitalized documents throughout product life cycle. Partnerships with world-leading component and software companies 20 years of experience in electronic product design and manufacture. Support from concept to finish goods. Centralized project management within multi- site facilities. 100% own manufacture facilities and experienced R&D.

19. Product Development Process Marketing Concept • MRS/RFQ • Conceptual Framework • Feasibility analysis and benefit assessment Engineering Verification • Development of the product/ offering • Engineering prototypes • Ensure functional areas support as design Production Verification • Test flow and test station design and setup • Optimize product / offering performance • Micro production Life Cycle Management • Monitoring performance of the offering in the market place • Service & Maintence Planning • Refine offering or service scope • Establish detailed development plans • Industry design Design Maturity Verification • Refine product / offering • Samples for reliability test and certifications. • Verify product / offering maturity MP • Initiate volume production • Execute the “launch” plan • Ordering & customer support systems primed and readied

20. Research & Design System Integration Engineering Component Engineer System Architect (X86/ARM RISC) Thermal Engineer EE Designer ID/ME Designer Software Programmer (BIOS, FW, OS image, AP) DQV Engineer EMI/Safety Regulator Engineer NPI Engineer R&D global: 800+ employees (IEI: 265) Patent applications: 200+ applications

21. Industrial Design Creativity Automatic Optical Design Strategic Thinking 3D Modeling & Rendering Ruggedize Casing Certificate Compliant Color & Material Knowledge Air & Heat Flow

22. Solution

23. Solutions in Smart City

24. Integrating Smarter Solutions to Provide Better Healthcare Experiences Healthcare Homecare Solution Bedside Infotainment Application Smart Outpatient Solution Mobile Nursing Solution Operating Room Solution Clinic Solution Rehabilitation Equipment

25. Deep Learning on Age-related Macular Degeneration Healthcare Medical image classification Modalities Medical image segmentation 1 2 3 DICOM Server AI training Model (DNN) Inference Service

26. Developing and Perfecting Your Smart Factory Factory Automation Intelligent Energy Management Machine Vision Solution Warehouse Management System Automatic Manufacturing Solution MES/NAS

27. CNC Machine Data Collection & Analysis Automation System Factory Automation

28. Enhancing efficiency and safety for various transportation applications Transportation Railway System Solutions In-Vehicle System Solutions Marine System Solutions • TCMS (RCS) Train Control Management System • Fleet Management • Surveillance & Security • Telematics • Infotainment • Chart & Planning • Navigation • Positioning • Redar • Passenger Information Solution • Ticketing & Digital Signage

29. Creating more comfortable, economical and ecological solutions for building automation Building Automation Community Management Remote Maintenance Home Automation Security & Surveillance

30. Products

31. Company Awards 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

32. Networking & Data Storage • QNAP Certified • Software RAID Support • 10GbE Network Support Ready • Storage Expandable for Enterprise Networking & Data Storage GRAND-C610 GRAND-BDE GRAND-MF GRAND-SE GRAND-AL

33. Networking Computer in Machine Inference & Learning PUZZLE Software/ Application System Integration NIC & Bandwidth AI Inference Accelerator

34. Empowering Next Generation Network Appliance Puzzle PUZZLE-IN001 PUZZLE-IN002 PUZZLE-A002 PUZZLE-M801 PUZZLE-N001PUZZLE-A001

35. All-in-one Medical Grade Panel PC Healthcare POC Series POCm Series BIS Series • Rich Bottom I/O • High performance with smart fan/ fanless system • Ambient light sensor for panel brightness adjustment • Lightweight design: under 6.8kg without battery • High performance with fanless system • Multiple storage option: 1 x 2.5" Accessible SATA HDD bay or 2 x 2 x M-key M.2, 2242/60/80 (PCIe+SATA) with RAID • 3 hot swappable batteries with battery management utility design • Back I/O with 1.5KV isolated RS232/422/485 • High performance with fanless system • Monitor mode

36. Medical Embedded System, Surgical Monitor, Mobile Devices Healthcare Surgical Monitor Embedded System • Isolated COM ports for safety protection • Ground pin to prevent harm to patients and medical staffs • Compliant with medical standards • Flexible expansion compliant with medical standards, Fanless and easy maintenance and mounting • Loop-Through Technology • Customized display layout • Remote control capability • Complaint with DICOM/GAMMA • VESA 75/100 mounting Mobile Devices IEI tablet PC features exceptional ergonomics, industrial sealing and high drop resistance for withstanding the most extreme industry-specific environment, and IEI industrial PDA provides a total wireless solution with Android operating system. Our mobile solution helps hospitals improve the efficiency of medical personnel’s daily work

37. Panel Computer DM-F series (6.5”~24”)UPC series PPC-F Maritime FLEX Series Light Industrial Panel PC RISC-based PPC Display MonitorHeavy Industrial Panel PC AFOLUX Series Medical Panel PC IOVU SeriesMODAT

38. Embedded System Rugged System- TANK Series DIN Rail Compact Size Specific Application Industrial Chassis expendable, wide-temp, fanless In-Vehicle Marine Railway Medical Digital Signage

39. Computer Board Full-size Half-size PICMG 1.3 PCI + PCI Express Motherboard Embedded SBC ATX 5.25” PICMG 1.0 PCI + ISA ISA microATX Mini-ITX EPIC 3.5” ETX PICO-ITX COM Express PC/104 iQ7

40. Validation Test

41. Noise Testing X-Ray Chamber Thermal Analysis Lab ESD Testing Acoustic Chamber Natural Convection Chamber Waterproof Testing 3D Printing System Power Consumption Testing Video Measurement Network Analyzer Data Acquisition IR Scan Design Verification

42. Mobile System In-house Reliability Testing Facilities Mobile Reliability Test Keypad Life Test/Touch Panel Tap Test Press the keypad button and taps the touch panel 1,000,000 times using a test fixture. Measures the force and pressure of the keypad button and touch panel to observe potential damage. I/O Connector and Connector Rubber Insert/Remove Test Ensures the I/O function by testing 5000 times. Touch Panel Scratch Test Ensures the touch panel resists deformation, surface defects, color-off, spots and scratches by testing the surface 15000 times. Sunshine Super Long-life Weather Meter Simulates sunlight environments to estimate the lifespan of the materials.

43. Optical Testing Facilities Color Matcher Digital Camera Resolution Capability Projector Light Source Box Transparency Illuminator Barcode Reader Illuminance SpectrophotometerAC Power Source Color Analyzer

44. Validation Test Signal ; Power ; SpectrumImpedance Test Bluetooth Throughput Test WLAN Agilent Signal Gen. Agilent Power Meter IxchariotAnritsu MT8852 Litepoint IQXEL Anritsu MT8860C Agilent Network Analyzer Agilent Spectrum Analyzer XENA 10/40/100-GigE NOVUS 100GE Test Cent 10GE LAN Performance Test

45. Design Qualification and Validation (DQV) Validation Test Temperature Testing Drop TestingVibration Testing MXA/ Digital Signal Analyzer Signal Integrity Testing IP66 Testing Thermal Testing Dust-free LCD Testing

46. Compliance Certification TUV EN60950-1, EN60601-1 CCC GB9254.1、GB9254、GB17625.1 FCC Part 15B, Part 15C, Part 15E Class A and Class B CE EN55011, EN55022, EN60601-1-2, EN300328, EN301489-1/-17, EN60601-1, EN60950-1, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN301893, EN55024 UL UL60950-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, UL508 & UL50 CB IEC60950-1 VCCI V-3、V-4 Class A and Class B C-Tick AS/NZS 3548 BSMI CNS13438, CNS14336-1 KC KN32、KM35 EMI Chamber (30MHz – 1GHz) EMI Chamber (30MHz –30GHz)

47. Manufacturing

48. LEAN Management Improve TPS (Toyota Production System) Customer First Cost Management 5S Consciousness Reform Just In Time Jidoka Automation Elimination of Waste & Cost Management Only provide the requested items and quantities Providing the excellent and cost- effective products • Never receive, produce and deliver the un- qualified items • Employees never be the machine’s keeper

49. Certificates

50. Equipment Capacity IEI / QNAP (Taipei) 4 SMD lines 2 DIP lines 7 Cell assembly lines Armorlink (Shanghai) 6 SMD lines • 3 high speed • 3 middle speed 5 DIP lines • 4 Pb-free • 1 Pb 14 Cell assembly lines • 1 Auto assembly pipeline • 4 Pre-assembly lines XINWEI Computer (Kunshan) 3 laser cutting machines 5 NCT 4 Assembly lines 14 Plastic injection Painting & printing line Improve productivity, liberate production floor space, and reduce distances between first and last stations SPI (Solder Paste Inspector) ICT (In-Circuit Tester) SMT Mounter Solder Paste Printer Reflow Oven Crimping Coating PCBA Production Facility Cell System Assembly Line

51. Manufacturing - Taiwan No. Year Site Factory Capacity 1 1997 IEI Xizhi System Assembly 3K / per month 2 2019 IEI Chi-du System Assembly 3K ~ 5K / per month 3 2008 QNAP Chi-du 1 SMT / DIP System Assembly PCBA : 30K / per month System : 25K / per month 4 2019 QNAP Chi-du 2 SMT / DIP System Assembly PCBA : 15 ~ 20K / per month System : 15K ~ 20K / per month

52. Company Location Main Products Armorlink SH Corp. Shanghai, China (42,000 m2 facility) System Board level Xinwei Computer Co. Kunshan, China (45,000 m2 facility) Chassis Sheet metal Plastic injection System assembly An Excellent Outsourcing Partner Supports You “TIME TO MARKET”! Manufacturing - China

53. Building Building Space (m2 ) Function Building A 11,923 • R&D Center (6F, 7F) • Offices Building B 12,718 • Board Level Assembly (2F~7F) Building C 7,923 • Staff Dormitory (3F~8F) • Staff Restaurant (1F, 2F) Building D 9,795 • System Level Assembly (2F~4F) • Warehouse (1F) Shanghai China- Armorlink Building B Building C Building A Building D

54. Kunshan China- XINGWEI 1. Established: Oct. 2000 2. Total 45,000 m² 3. Services: • Sheet metal shell manufacturing • Sheet metal component processing • Metal sheet punch, laser cutting, folding and welding • Liquid painting • Plastic Injection

55. Employees 1. Training Courses focus on knowledge of the machinery being operated, proper work procedures, quality, and safety 2. Practice Operators are required to practice their skills and quality judgment periodically (some operators practice on a daily basis). 4. Specific Exercise Only certified operators can work on the production line Re-qualification every season 3. Qualification All employees are required to pass the test before they are permitted to operate specific equipments

56. IEI has a skilled supply chain management team to utilize the advanced ERP tools with their proactive execution to help our customers to gain a competitive edge. With IEI’s sleek supply chain management operation, we ensure our customers to reach the target of reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with • Reduced Inventory • Stable Quality • Reliable Sources • Time to Market • Competitive Costs Supply Chain Management Competitive Costs Reduced Inventory Reliable Sources Time to Market Stable Quality

57. Supplier Ranking System SQC & IQC  Incoming inspection  Supplier quality control  New supplier qualification  Supplier audit  SCAR management  Supplier rating system * SCAR= Supplier Corrective Action Report New Product Release Quality Abnormal Notice Supplier Quality Management Supplier Quality Goal Regular Quality Review Meeting Supplier QSA Audit Rating System Supplier Sourcing Audit System

58. Manufacturing Process IQC, IPQC,OQC: Engineering Mgt. (Component & Process) • Operator Skill Mgt. • Equipment Mgt. • Environment Mgt. • Mold & Fixture Receive Defect RMA Sales Return Analysis & Traceability Finished Goods RMA Portal Customer Report Portal RMA & DOA Tests / Analysis Pack & Ship IQC IPQC Vendors Material / Inventory PCBA System Assemble OQC Customers

59. Production Traceability Data Collection Traceability * Inspection * Record data: • Date code • Incoming lot • Reel ID • Vendor info. * Storage * FIFO control • Working order • Reel ID * Production * Use the product IQC Part Release CustomerWarehouse MFG Reel ID trace Part information DC, Lot, Vendor... Reel ID trace Storage data Working Order trace Reel ID SN Trace Working Order Request feedback SN, symptom

60. Outgoing Quality Control • Visual Inspection (AOI) • ECN change review • ORT Test • FCT Test Line Quality Control • First Article Inspection • On line audit according to checklist • LQC-SMT 100% Inspection • LQC-DIP 100% Inspection • LQC-ASSY 100% Inspection Manufacturing • Visual Inspection (Cosmetic) • Functional Test (Simulate Test) Quality Engineering • Analyze defects symptom and take action. • Feedback to related department for future improvement. • Track improvement efficiency Project Quality Management • Lead Team members to push quality improvement for quality yield rate • 4M management • Follow up customer’s requirements. Production History Management Customer MFG QE PQM OQC LQC Good Quality

61. Equipment Maintenance & Calibration NGOK Instrument list External Calibration Internal Calibration Exempt Calibration Plan Notice Calibration Mark Repair Discard Approve Record Return NG OK

62. Technical Repair Service Process out of warranty in warranty Quotation Signed Quote Customer Return to Customers File Repair Report Function Test and Final Check Start Repair Check In or out of Warranty Duplicate & Analysis Inspect Received Units (Model, Q’ty etc.) Customer Return Units Review Shipping Doc. RMA No. Release Customers Report Defects

63. Service

64. Global System Service Global System EnterprisePortal/B2B/B2C/RMA Notes (Workflow & KM) BI / EIP VIP Portal MES / WMSLogistics Delivery Quality RMA ASN QC reports ERP / ASCPMaterials Planning eComerce/EDIe-P PLM / CISDesign Engineering CollaborateCollaborate CustomersIEI GroupVendors CRM/SRM WMS: Warehouse Management System; ASCP: Advanced Supply Chain Planning

65. Omni Channel Marketing Social Media IEI Smart City Solutions Online Seminar DownloadPartner Zone Video ChannelOnline eBook Official Site Offline Expo • New platform to interact with current/new customers • Branding activities, event news, product • IEI solutions in smart city applications, like smart transport, smart factory, smart retail, smart health, smart home, smart fitness… • Interactive eBook • Catalogues, marketing materials for PC and Android version • Cloud download site • Drivers, user manuals, BIOS, marketing materials …etc. • CIIF, Embedded world. Hannover messe… • Complete information platform • Product information, material/support/download/PZ • Real time online seminar • Offline training course • IEI owned videos promotion • Promotion video and product introduction video on multi channels, like YouTube, Wechat… • Distributor/after-sales service • Promotion item, EOL/PCN/PF notice, eRMA, inventory Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, Wechat…

66. Omni Channel Marketing E-commerce Digital Marketing Tools Social Media

67. Find IEI

68. Where to Buy IEI E-shop PChome Shoppe AutoBuy 阿里巴巴 Alibaba(1688) 天貓 TMall amazon Newegg

69. Contact Us ID: ieismartcity

70. Appendix

71. Innovative software development and IoT integration applications Complete portfolio from development and hardware design to manufacturing Global market allocation – 20 offices in 14 Countries 1000+ Employees Worldwide Leading Edge Computing Storage Provider QNAP Systems, Inc.

72. Celebrate humanity with technology. BriteMED is dedicated to developing and applying innovative electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. At BriteMED, all the solutions are designed, tested and refined with the clinical environment in mind. BriteMED

73. Motorcon INC. is comprised of members from the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) professional research team that comes with years of experience in CNC technology research and development, including high accuracy motion control technology, high power control technology, NC controller technology, high accuracy machine design technology, mechatronics technology and machine vision technology. Motorcon INC.

74. Established 1997 Capital USD 98.5 Million HQ Taipei, Taiwan Worldwide Employees 1,401ppl Revenue in 2017 USD 230 Million IEI group employees: 1401ppl - Taiwan: 444ppl, USA: 27ppl, China: 926ppl (R&D: 265 ; QC: 61 ; Production: 478 ; Sales & Marketing: 178 ; Japan: 2 ; Nederland: 1 ; Admin & Other: 416) Fact Sheet

75. IEI Group Global Employee Employees (up to 2018 June) IEI Group: 2500+ 人 R&D 800+ Sales & Marketing 350+ Logistics 420+ Manufacture 800+ Admin & Others 200+

76. Company Structure President Meiji Chang CEO Jordan Jiang Group Operation Management IEI China KS Yeh IEI USA Irene Shih R&D Kenny Jan Manufacture Jerry Chang Product Division Don Yu Sales & Marketing Irene Shih/ TeresaTseng Quality Assurance Robin Wang Global Logistics Elaine Kuo Global IT Sofia Chang Admin. Carlos Hung

77. Contact us +886 2 2690 2098 THANK YOU

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