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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Noemie


IDS 11 Information On Demand for Your Resilient Business Informix Dynamic Server 11 “Formerly Code Named Cheetah” Overview:  IDS 11 Information On Demand for Your Resilient Business Informix Dynamic Server 11 “Formerly Code Named Cheetah” Overview Oct 2007 Content:  Content IDS 11 in the Marketplace IDS 11 Why Upgrade? Product Direction IIUG Community and Users’ Conference 2008 Commitment from the top – Ambuj Goyal:  Commitment from the top – Ambuj Goyal “As an integral element of IBM’s data server business, the future for IDS is very bright.” “Our current product plans outline significant technological enhancements through the next five years, consistent with IBM software policy with regard to product strategy roadmaps.” “You can have confidence that new and existing Informix database software investments will retain their strong standards and business relevance moving forward.” “This relevance is highlighted by IBM’s support of a growing worldwide ecosystem of Informix application providers, solution providers and resellers.” “I urge you to learn more about IDS 11 and how IBM has improved upon an already innovative data server, offering you the stellar performance, reliability and ease of use your business demands.” IBM’s Positioning of IDS: Capitalize on it’s market strengths!:  Small & Medium Businesses Low DBA requirements and small Footprint are strong selling points. Express and Workgroup Editions available. Key Industries IDS key industries including Telco, Retail, Banking/Financial, Gaming/Entertainment, Travel Transportation/Hospitality, Manufacturing/Electronics, Energy, & Public/Government IBM’s Positioning of IDS: Capitalize on it’s market strengths! On line Transaction Processing V.11 new features increase the performance of IDS for OLTP. Integrated Solutions IDS is IBM’s leading data server for industrial-strength integrated and/or embedded solutions. Location Based Services RFID, Spatial, Geo-Spatial, Time-Series Customized Development with IDS IDS 11 Launch Facts:  IDS 11 Launch Facts Over 80 unique press URLs worldwide. Over 20000 Open Beta Downloads, over 400 of these were business partners and ISVs The International Informix User Group (IIUG) membership has increased by 2.3 times since Informix was acquired by IBM in 2001. Over 40 cities have had IDS 11 Launch Infobahns and Technical Workshops In 2006 and 2007, IDS has experienced double-digit new license revenue growth, well above the 6-7% for the database market Slide6:  IBM Uncages IDS 11, Aka Cheetah, Database By Barbara Darrow June 12, 2007 The database, which IBM calls the second major release in two years, was optimized to run well on distributed commodity blade servers. IDS 11 will enable continuous availability in blade-based multi-node server environments and will provide workload balancing across those servers, said Bernie Spang, IBM's director of marketing for data servers. This release should signal Informix partners that IBM is serious about continuing to build on the Informix database technology it acquired six years ago, Spang said. IBM Unveils Next Generation Informix Dynamic Server 06/12/2007 The new IDS 11 is tuned to deliver a combination of increased performance, reliability and scalability, along with the ability to handle massive volumes of complex data at very high speeds – essential capabilities in today’s demanding, time-sensitive information management environments. IBM Unveils Informix Upgrade By Doug Henschen IBM today announced Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11, an upgrade of Big Blue's database aimed at exceptionally fast OLTP performance and reliability in massive-data-volume environments such as retail, telecommunications, government and banking. The upgrade, which is set for worldwide availability July 6, enhances the data server's availability and disaster recovery capabilities while also driving toward "administration free" operation. …. Press reports on the next generation of Informix June 12, 2007 (Computerworld) - "Sure enough, IBM discovered that Informix's installed base was not for moving," wrote Wayne Kernochan, an analyst at Nashua, N.H.-based Illuminata Inc., in a recent blog post (username and password required). "Moreover, IBM discovered that Informix had a lot of attractive features, many of which it has been busy incorporating in DB2." …. The latest version of IDS, code-named Cheetah, includes enhancements to Informix's speedy transaction processing, as well as what IBM calls "mainframe-like" high-availability and clustering features. Slide7:  IBM's 'Cheetah' Ready to Pounce June 12, 2007 - IBM released on Tuesday the Informix Dynamic Server 11, a new data server company officials expect to give them a leg up in the global database market. IDS 11, code-named "Cheetah," offers significant cost savings with support for cluster tools and, through a feature code-named "Mach 11," provides failover recovery from any node to ensure continuous business operations. In addition, IDS 11 offers cell-, column- and row-level LBAC (label-based access control) in the name of security. LBAC allows users to define security hierarchies and classification levels and then apply these definitions to the information being managed. The new labeling capability provides new ways to control access to sensitive data stored within the database. June 12, 2007 Database Trends: Q&A with Gartner's Donald Feinberg By Doug Henschen IBM has been making database news of late, introducing an upgrade of the Informix Database Server and announcing a major deal with the City of Los Angeles. IBM says the city is moving from Oracle to IBM's DB2 9 in order to "lower the costs of running the city's geographic information system (GIS)." Oracle declined to comment on the deal or IBM's claim that its DB business is "soaring." To get an independent assessment of the DB market, we called on analyst Donald Feinberg of Gartner for his take on the latest trends and technical advances and the upcoming Oracle 11g release, set for July. You don't hear much about Informix. What's significant about the upgrade IBM announced today? IBM's critics have been saying that the company has been ignoring Informix. That's simply not true. The new release has many enhancements, many coming directly from user-group requests. With IDS 11, they have sent a message to IDS users that they are serious about the DBMS and that it's part of IBM's overall DBMS strategy. IBM Unleashes 'Cheetah' Database June 13, 2007 ( Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) IBM on Tuesday unveiled a database offering that the company says will bring mainframe-like reliability to small and midsize businesses while delivering advanced features to large enterprises that require high-speed transaction processing. The company said its Informix Data Server 11, code-named "Cheetah," offers hands-free administration despite a range of advanced features such as the ability to pull data from geographically dispersed server clusters. IDS 11 also allows users to conduct text searches of unstructured information across multiple data sources. …. IDS 11, formerly code-named ‘Cheetah,’ sprints its way into the news Slide8:  No Data Can Outrun This 'Cheetah' June 12, 2007 By Clint Boulton Informix isn't ready to retire. IBM said today it has refreshed its Informix Dynamic Server (IDS), adding continuous availability and disaster-recovery features to its online transaction-processing (OLTP) database. IDS 11, code-named Cheetah, handles massive amounts of data at very high speeds and with little maintenance. This means that even small businesses with tiny or no IT staffs, but with multiple data-server locations, can process transactions. To boost this iteration, IBM took continuous data-availability and disaster-recovery technology from its mainframe machines to help customers better manage their server clusters regardless of the distance between backup datacenters. IBM: Informix database still alive and kicking IBM promises “mainframe-like” continuous availability in Informix database upgrade. By Jon Brodkin, Network World, 06/12/07 IBM Tuesday released an upgraded version of its Informix database server, promising to give global data centers “mainframe-like continuous availability and disaster recovery capabilities.” Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11, which had been released in a public beta program earlier this year under the code name “Cheetah,” borrows technology from IBM mainframe systems to enhance information management for cluster server environments. IBM says in a press release that this feature allows continuous data availability and disaster recovery “regardless of the geographic location or distance between backup data center sites.” General availability begins July 6. Press reports the uncaging of IDS 11, formerly called ‘Cheetah’ IBM changes spots with Informix ‘Cheetah’ database IDS 11 gives new lease of life to veteran product Martin Veitch, IT Week, 14 Jun 2007 IBM will next month reward loyalists to the veteran Informix database by releasing the first major upgrade of the product for over two years.  Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11, codenamed Cheetah, is touted as bringing high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities through clustering routines adopted from mainframe technology. IDS 11 also leans on DB2 technology with Advanced Access Control, which lets DBAs lock down cells, columns and rows for flexible security hierarchies. Monitoring has also been polished with a SQL-based Admin API for admin tasks, and a query scheduler for automated reporting. XML and web services support is also extended. IDS 11 Launch Web Site :  IDS 11 Launch Web Site “… we are impressed with the new capabilities that IDS will offer…." -- Markus Holzbauer, senior database administrator for ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion "… our major focus was the non-blocking checkpoints in "Cheetah" which will bring our customers additional performance boost.. New features [justify] the new IDS slogan “Administration Free Zone”. -- Wolfgang Kraus, Bytec GmbH, Head of IT-Services TECSYS praises large number of improvements in IDS 11:  TECSYS praises large number of improvements in IDS 11 "This next release is the largest improvement in IDS for quite a while. It has features to satisfy and excite everyone: the DBAs, the Programmers, the System Administrators, the Integrators and even the End-Users.” “From our perspective, several features stand out: read last committed isolation mode, the IDSAdmin console, session configuration routines, row level security using label based access control, the administration API, the scheduling of tasks and the ability to analyze recently executed statements.” “I see a great effort on IBM Informix’s part to enhance the administration capabilities, the performance and the overall usability of the database engine." - Catalin Badea, CTO, TECSYS INC. Jenzabar goes to the head of the class with IDS:  Jenzabar goes to the head of the class with IDS "We are looking forward to the general availability of IDS Cheetah. We are impressed with the new capabilities that IDS Cheetah will offer. Specially, the high reliability and superb transaction throughput really appealed to us and our higher education customers. With the development of 'Cheetah', IBM makes it clear that IDS continues to be a key strategic product in its portfolio." - James Chen, CTO, Jenzabar, Inc. Jenzabar: means “Class of the Best and the Brightest” Are you “Ready for Informix?”:  Are you “Ready for Informix?” Ready for Informix Dynamic Server Technical Validation program: Designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISV's), Solution Integrators (SIs). Validation of software solutions for compatibility with IBM Informix data server Value for IBM Business Partners: Leverage IBM and Informix brand equity. Product differentiation and broader customer reach. Greater customer interest and consideration through assurance. Business Partner Connection Portal. IBM Quote in partner Press Release. Value for Customers: Authenticated compatibility and high standards of testing for integration with Informix data server software. Easy integration of the validated solution with Informix data server software products. Lower development cost to integrate Informix data server software with the validated solution. Greater value and return of the investment. The Validation Process Provides: No-cost self-validation by partner. Worldwide Technical Support to assist in validation. Pointers for obtaining data server software education and training at no charge. Handover to Informix technology, marketing and alliance management teams to assist with IBM-BP Joint initiatives. Sales Enablement materials. Access the Informix Solutions Portal! For Informa, ‘Cheetah’ Has Sprinted Its Way to the Top:  For Informa, ‘Cheetah’ Has Sprinted Its Way to the Top “IDS is well known for its high performance and reliability. Now with IDS V11.10, IBM has enhanced performance and manageability, and lowered total cost of ownership even further to make it the clear winner against Oracle and other database vendors.” “IDS V11.10 provides companies with a powerful, scalable and easy-to-integrate data server for their business applications—one that does not require full-time monitoring. This is critical in helping organizations reduce the time and cost of both launching and managing new services.” “We have seen enormous performance improvements—up to seven times faster in some cases—using IDS V11.10.” - Rob Prop, Manager, Professional Services, Informa IDS Web Banners (Proposed Format):  IDS Web Banners (Proposed Format) IDS 11 Why Upgrade?:  IDS 11 Why Upgrade? IBM Data Servers:  IBM Data Servers Reduce cost of deployment and management of data Innovation to reduce the cost of infrastructure Innovation to manage the lifecycle of data - from modeling and design through change management and sunsetting Enable rapid use of data throughout the enterprise Innovation that accelerates SOA and XML initiatives Innovation that leverages Web 2.0 and situational applications Why upgrade to IDS 11 ?:  Why upgrade to IDS 11 ? IDS 11 is a superset of functionality in all prior versions of IDS. It is the logical upgrade path for all previously supported versions of IDS. Upgrade is a direct step from 7.31, 9.21, 9.30, 9.40, 10.0 Exponential gains in performance and scalability, reliability and availability, manageability, application development features, and more. Every version of IDS is faster than the prior version -- IDS 11 is the fastest yet Upgrade is simple: Install IDS 11, bring up the server, and the upgrade is complete in a few minutes during server initialization. Better resource utilization results in lower costs of operation, higher up time due to innovative enhancements in security, reduced administration overhead with the new manageability features, and easier software development with new server features and programming language support. WorldWinner Agility drives business for online game company:  WorldWinner Agility drives business for online game company 1,600 concurrent games 600,000 games per day 100 percent increase No hardware upgrade 20% faster time to market Lower cost than alternatives Agile Slide19:  IDS 11.10: TPC-C 57% Faster than IDS 9.40 on zLinux Bytec GmbH Praises ‘Cheetah’s’ New Features:  Bytec GmbH Praises ‘Cheetah’s’ New Features "During the IDS ‘Cheetah’ beta program, we extensively tested IDS and it has already proved to be extremely stable. We were not able to find any major issues, so we could concentrate on the new features. Our major focus was the none blocking checkpoints in ‘Cheetah’ which will bring our customers additional performance boost. In addition, new features in Cheetah will free up the IDS database administrator and justify the new IDS slogan ‘Administration Free Zone.’ We are anxiously looking forward to test in the near future the already-announced features like the “IDSAdmin” and the new full text search.“ - Wolfgang Kraus, Head of IT-Services, Bytec GmbH Administration Free Zone:  Administration Free Zone Low Total Cost of Ownership and Deployment Easy Scalable Administration Open Admin API for customized administration Autonomic architecture IDS Open Admin tool Industrial strength, highly reliable - Install it, Set it up, and Forget about it. Why:  Why Focus on infrastructure for customizable Self-Optimizing and Self-Healing features Assist customers, partners and support engineers in answering the age old question Solutions Developed:  Solutions Developed SQL based monitoring and administration interface Database Scheduler Health Management System SQL Query Tracing and Profiling What is OpenAdmin Tool for IDS? :  What is OpenAdmin Tool for IDS? OAT is a web-based administration tool for the IBM Informix Database Server V11 and moving forward A single OAT installation can administer one or more data servers No additional software is needed on the data server PHP based Open Source download from IIUG website! Web Server OAT IDS Servers ProSiebenSat.1 Production Impressed with ‘Cheetah’s’ Capabilities:  ProSiebenSat.1 Production Impressed with ‘Cheetah’s’ Capabilities "As a participant of the 'Cheetah' closed beta program, we are impressed with the new capabilities that IDS will offer. Specially, the high reliability and superb transaction throughput really appealed to us. With the development of 'Cheetah', IBM makes it clear that IDS continues to be a key strategic product in its portfolio." “The new features of IDS V11.10 will further improve manageability of our information infrastructure and reduce DBA workload by up to 20 percent. As a result, we can continue to manage our environment with just three DBAs, even as our company grows.” - Markus Holzbauer, senior database administrator, ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion Every Business Needs to Be Resilient Business Continuity for Business Survival:  Every Business Needs to Be Resilient Business Continuity for Business Survival For 32 percent of organizations, just 4 hours of downtime could be fatal. Source: Continuity Central, "Business Continuity Unwrapped," 2006; “Nearly 30% of companies do not have a disaster plan in place.” Source AT&T, "AT&T 2006 Business Continuity Study", January - May 2006 “In some industries, downtime costs can amount up to 16% of revenue.” Source: "The Costs of Enterprise Downtime: NA Vertical Markets 2005" Information Research “Companies can expect staff absences up to 40% during a pandemic.” Source: U.S. Homeland Security Council, "National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza", May 2006 Resilient Slide27:  Availability IDS Availability Options – Solution that fits your needs High Availability (HA) HDR HDR+RSS Scale Out HDR+SDS HA with Scale Out HDR+SDS+RSS (The IDS Cluster) Enterprise Data Replication (ER) IDS ER Not one size fits all Any combination of HDR along with SDS, RSS and ER or just ER alone can be used to meet your requirements IDS Shared Disk Architecture:  IDS Shared Disk Architecture Availability Blade center or standalone servers HDR on top of shared disk subsystem Primary role can shift to any SDS node Minimal startup time – only a checkpoint is required to start the SDS additional read capacity without requiring additional disk Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum:  Sunnyvale, CA, USA London, UK Shanghai, China Denver, Colorado Mexico City, MX Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum New! Maintain Availability during Planned Outages Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum:  Sunnyvale, CA, USA London, UK Shanghai, China Denver, Colorado Mexico City, MX Primary Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum Maintain Availability during Planned Outages Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum:  Shared Disk Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Availability Fabric Flexible Capabilities to Span the Spectrum New! Maintain Availability during Planned Outages Verizon Experiences Success with IDS:  Verizon Experiences Success with IDS “We saved millions of dollars by migrating the database for our national provider directory from Sybase to IDS.” “IDS is a core solution that helps us maintain 99.98 percent availability. We push it quite a bit because it is a very stable environment and it can handle massive loads very efficiently.” “The innovations of the new Continuous Availability feature of IDS Cheetah will assure Verizon's ability to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, day and night." - Geoff Poole, Lead Informix Database Administrator, Verizon Estimated 20,000 CPUs Between 200 and 300 systems 426,000 concurrent sessions (with 142,000 individual users on a single 12 CPU system) Legendary Reliability Our customers say it all :  Legendary Reliability Our customers say it all “This database has never been down except for server OS upgrades” - Bob Ungaretti, CTO, Garett Group Inc. “Informix IDS has been … a very solid DBMS” - James Xu, Safeway “Can’t remember the last outage… over 5 years ago” - Rich Campbell “The last unplanned outage was in 2004 when we had a massive power failure” - Lennie Jarratt “Can't remember ever having an IDS related outage” - Brian Grellinger, Doosan, Infracore America Corp “I have clients who have over 500 days of uptime.” - MM, Financial Software “I have worked here for almost 4 years and we have never had an outage” - MG, Manufacturing “Better with every release.” - DG, Logistics “Been extremely reliable and low maintenance” - BG, Construction * Survey results from 2006 Resilient OpenAdmin Tool for IDS Remote GUI Administration:  OpenAdmin Tool for IDS Remote GUI Administration Web-based administration Single Web server Monitor all instances Graphical, location-based Drill down to details Invisible New! IDS 11 Features :  IDS 11 Features High Availability/ Scalability/ Performance Multiple Remote Secondary Replicas Shared Disk Secondary Backup/Restore to Directory Parallel Whole System Backup Ordering of DBSpaces During Backup/Restore Continuous Log Restore for disaster recovery Non-Blocking Checkpoint Optimistic Concurrency Enterprise Replication Enhancements Admin Free Zone Open Admin Tool ER Support for Truncate Table, Rename and Configuration Changes Improve Statistics Maintenance Windows Installer Updated to Installshield ISW Application Development Trigger Enhancements Named Parameters in a Callable Statement Indexable Binary Data Types Derived Tables in the FROM Clause of Queries Index Self Join Basic Text Search Enhanced Data Types for Distributed Queries Deployment Wizard Optimizer Directives in ANSI-Compliant Join Queries Sysdbopen / Sysdbclose XML Publishing Auto Re-prepare Onbar Performance monitoring Security Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) Label Based Access Control Encrypted Communication in HDR Web Feature Service SAP certification of IDS 11:  SAP certification of IDS 11 SAP has certified IDS 11 for products based on 6.40 Kernel and 4.6D Kernel, such as SAP Netweaver 04, mySAP ERP 2004, R3 Enterprise 4.7, SAP Business Warehouse 3.1, SAP CRM 4.0, SAP SRM 4.0, SAP R/3 4.6C Announcing the new IDS Developer Edition:  Announcing the new IDS Developer Edition Announcing the new IDS Developers Edition Promote application development and facilitate BP recruitment Drive market share and future revenue growth Free of charge, development use only edition No support, no production use Redistribution requires explicit IBM approval Available to all potential customers, applications developers, and BPs IDS Developers Edition:  IDS Developers Edition 1 CPU VP (i.e. 1 processor core) 1 GB memory 8 GB database size 20 connections limit Full functionality with IDS 11 Enterprise Edition, Continuous Availability Feature, Advanced Access Control, Remote Secondary Server, HDR, etc Includes CSDK, Java (Krakatoa), OpenAdmin Tool for IDS, AGS Server Studio, DBDK, built-in datablades, Onbar & Ontape, DBExport/DBImport For development and testing Developers can use existing IBM or IIUG forums Available on large number of platforms: linux32, linux64, win32/64, hp64, sun64, aix64 IDS Application Development Choose your environment and language:  IDS Application Development Choose your environment and language Create applications and Web services with ease Superior application development capabilities Comprehensive tools Application portability The freedom of Linux The power of IDS Agile Updated! Unleash the new Client for IDS 11:  Unleash the new Client for IDS 11 Flexible client packaging (IDS Data Server client forum now available) IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC, CLI, and .NET IBM Data Server Runtime Client IBM Data Server Client IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC Unleash the new Eclipse-based tools with IDS 11 :  Unleash the new Eclipse-based tools with IDS 11 Design Physical Data Modeling Data Distribution Viewer Develop Integrated Query Editor SQL Builder XML Schema Editor XML Editor pureQuery for Java Data Web Services Deploy Integrated Query Editor Manage Object Management Object Filtering and Browsing Create, Alter and Drop Data Management Extract, Load, Browse, Edit Govern Security Access Controls Grant and Revoke Privileges Manage Security Objects ( Roles, Users) Common set of tools (IDS and DB2) Easily integrated into existing Eclipse environments JDBC drivers embedded to simplify connectivity Free to download – currently in BETA ( forum also available ) Tech Support Initiatives:  Tech Support Initiatives Improving the Customer Experience:  Improving the Customer Experience IDS11 Enablement Migration Portal & Toolkit Trade-Up promotion Tech fairs/roadshows Client Self-Assist Focus New features, navigation, and layout of support pages MustGather documents AutoPD scripts IBM Support Assistant (ISA) FixCentral Optimized maintenance delivery IGS/ISS EMEA L1 Support Initiated April 1, 2007 Support for NE & SW European countries. Improved language capability New PLC Policy Initiated 5 years of Support and 3 years extended service V11, v10 under new changes Service through Education:  Service through Education OEM / Business Partner Informix PDPSI Course Currently available in a class room format delivered onsite (3 day or 5 day format) Conversion to modular structure in the works and will be available via DeveloperWorks Cheetah Features for OEM/ Business Partners New EDU Series available via PartnerWorld Cheetah Certification Tutorials on DeveloperWorks Redbooks Articles Informix Dynamic Server V11.1 - Advanced Functionality for Modern Business Informix Dynamic Server V11.10 - Extending Availability and Replication Customizing Informix Dynamic Server for your environment Documentation Initiatives:  Documentation Initiatives Documentation Status and Future Plans:  Documentation Status and Future Plans IDS Info Center Fully searchable, navigation-based HTML version of full IDS library with links to troubleshooting resources Print topics or sections, bookmark favorite topics V11 documentation updated for every fixpack IDS Information Roadmap Collection of links to a wide variety of IDS technical information, organized by task. Future Enhancements DeveloperWorks IDS Examples Exchange. View and share code examples with IBMers and other IDS users Locally Installable infocenter Ability to rate and add comments to topics in the Info Center IDS 7-11 Worldwide Trade-up Promotion :  IDS 7-11 Worldwide Trade-up Promotion Start on 2 October, End on 31 December 2007 IDS V7 EOM September 2008, EOS September 2009 IDS V9 EOM April 2008, EOS April 2009 Offer trade-up at same price of IDS 11 renewal Include IDS V7, Standard Engine and Online (Classics) Offer extending migration support from 6 to 12 months Support dual IDS versions – old and new upgrade releases Offer separately, not part of the promotion announcement Dual-support period starts at time of trade-up purchase Additional incentives to upgrade to IDS 11 Offer 25% discount on Continuous Availability Feature (CAF) for EE Advanced Access Control Feature for EE HDR for Workgroup, Parallel Performance for Workgroup No reinstatement penalty on trade-up licenses Joint System P & IDS Promotion:  Joint System P & IDS Promotion Start on 7 August 2007, no ending date Rebates to both System P & IDS when purchase jointly Minimum eligible System P configuration (see offer details for list) Minimum quantity of 200/400 Value Units for Available on IDS Workgroup or Enterprise Editions Unlimited Users Promotion Offer details Sales reps BPs Announcing Informix Dynamic Server 11 Cup competition:  Announcing Informix Dynamic Server 11 Cup competition Register by logging in with your PartnerWorld id at Registration begins on Tuesday, October 9, 2007. Build your Informix Dynamic Server 11 skills via free online courseware from October 9th until November 9th. Prizes awarded* in two areas to the Top 3 registrants: Highest scores on the test + taken in the least amount of time Most amount of time spent within the identified courses Prizes for both are in USD: $300, $200, $100 Test opens on Monday, November 5th and closes on Friday, November 9th! Attention Information Management Business Partners! Build skills and test your knowledge while competing for prizes! IDS Product Direction:  IDS Product Direction IDS: Then, now, and what’s to come:  IDS: Then, now, and what’s to come IDS 10 Business Continuity with Security & Performance IDS 11 “Cheetah” 2007 Dynamic Enterprise OLTP Data Server Vnext* Fastest, most-available Informix OLTP engine ever Continuous advances to solidify market position IDS Express PHP driver Baan benchmarks High Availability enhancements Significant security and encryption enhancements, LBAC and Common Criteria certification Enhanced spatial & geodetic web-services for location-based services Further reduction in TCO with improved administration functions, Advance application development, XML & SOA Enhanced solutions integration, Admin API, customizable footprint Enhanced enterprise data management Dynamic provisioning Performance enhancements Additional security management Enhanced administration functions Data Compression * Subject to change Continuous Availability & Scalability “Cheetah 2” 2008 High power scalability and availability solutions Application Development Performance enhancements Server Admin Enhancements SOA enabled 4GL The Informix Community:  The Informix Community IDS 11 There’s so much more:  IDS 11 There’s so much more Get this *FREE* 100+ page IBM publication Explains all the major features from a technical and business perspective Contact your IBM sales or technical sales representative for your copy 2008 International Informix Users Group Conference April 27 – 30, 2008 – Overland Park, KS (suburb of Kansas City and Lenexa home of the IBM Informix Development and Support Team):  2008 International Informix Users Group Conference April 27 – 30, 2008 – Overland Park, KS (suburb of Kansas City and Lenexa home of the IBM Informix Development and Support Team) Six half day Educational Seminars – Sun April 27 Four Tracks of Informix Sessions Mon – Wed April 28 - 30 IBM Executives as Keynote speakers Over 120 sessions submitted and at least 50 will be presented from users and IBMers from around the world. At the Marriot Overland Park ‘Cheetah’ Goes Beyond DBA’s Dreams:  ‘Cheetah’ Goes Beyond DBA’s Dreams “…to sum it all, IDS 10 was a DBA’s dream, IDS 11 goes beyond my wildest dreams.” - Gary Ben-Israil, CIO, National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, Jerusalem The best data server for providing flexible, highly available, high transaction OLTP data services

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