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Published on February 29, 2008

Author: Cinderella


Slide1:  Diesel Technologies Workshop and Equipment Expo Friday, November 2, 2007 Advanced Travel Center Electrification® (ATE) IdleAire ATE:  IdleAire ATE Comprehensive Technology Idling alternative Improved driver environment Driver retention / recruiting Remote training tool Truckstop financial incentive Network of 130 Locations in 34 States ~8,500 ATE Parking Spaces ~23 Million Hours of Service More Than 1 Million Visits 23+ Million Gallons of Fuel Conserved 250,000+ Metric Tons Diesel Emissions Prevented No Expensive Truck Retrofits PROVEN! IdleAire Today:  IdleAire Today Company History Incorporated in 2000. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN Two IdleAire Patents for HVAC, Electricity and Other Services to a “parked vehicle” $500+ Million Invested in Proven Solution Awards R&D Magazine: “One of the 100 most technologically significant products for 2002” U.S. EPA & State of Texas: Clean Air Excellence Awards California: Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award 2003 Signpost Survey: 1,143 Random Drivers. IdleAire Rated Among Most Requested Non-Payroll Benefits The ATE Intelligent Truss System :  The ATE Intelligent Truss System Safe Remote Controlled Electricity National Electric Code §626 Compliant Easy Access for Upgrades and Maintenance Safe from Impact and Water Damage Safe Pull-Through or Nose-In Parking No Net Parking Space Loss in Truckstops Overhead Services Delivery ATE ShorePower & More:  Overhead Services Delivery ATE ShorePower & More Standard Services Remote Controlled Power 120/208 VAC ShorePower Filtered, UV Treated Heat and Air In-Cab Touch Screen Computer Services Access and Control Internet Access & Email Satellite TV Telephone Connection Optional Services Video & Movies on Demand In-Cab Training (J.J. Keller) Discount Long Distance Calling Ethernet & WiFi Internet Connections Gold Member Discount Card The ATE System Service Module (front):  The ATE System Service Module (front) Easy Access, Simple Installation:  Easy Access, Simple Installation Products and Services:  Products and Services Basic Services HVAC and Shore Power Electricity Basic Satellite TV (22 Channels) Local Telephone and Internet Access 24 Hour Onsite and Telephone Support Cost $2.18/hr Retail, $1.85/hr Fleet or Gold Card Discount Premium Services Premium Satellite TV (66 Channels) Movies-On-Demand Ethernet or Wireless Internet Access Unlimited Long Distance Telephone Other Products Truck Window Adapter Units Annual Gold Card Membership Computer Accessories J.J. Keller Video Training Lessons Offer Safety Skills and Training Provide Driver Certification Keep Drivers on the Road All ATE Partners Benefit:  All ATE Partners Benefit Driver Value Proposition:  Driver Value Proposition Quiet, restful sleep 30% of truck accidents attributable to sleep deprivation Loss of quality sleep is prime ingredient for heart disease, obesity, etc. Healthier air to breathe Filters out PM – a carcinogen UVC light kills bacteria High capacity, thermostatically controlled air Removes extreme temperature conditions Convenient & comfortable Stress reducing TV, movies & internet 88 satellite TV channels that covers a broad range of subject matters Movie range - new releases to classics Driver income is dependent on miles driven Internet access for private, convenient communication with family and friends Easy to Use Software driven Touch screen technology Always improving Easier, safer parking Loss of income during downtime Demerits for fleet repair cost Benefits to Fleet Owners:  Benefits to Fleet Owners IdleAire basic service costs less than fuel burned while idling $3.04 per gallon Cost of basic service $1.85 / hour Source: U.S. Department of Energy Idling vs. IdleAire Fuel Price Value Proposition Fleet Value – Helps Recruit and Retain Drivers:  Fleet Value – Helps Recruit and Retain Drivers Driver Turnover Averages > 120% per year Drivers’ excuses: (i) not enough miles, (ii) not enough “home time” & (iii) don’t like the 8’ x 8’ box Driver shortage today is estimated at 20,000 and expected to grow to 115,000 by 2014 (Global Insight) Driver Recruitment & Retention Drivers ask IdleAire 24x7 call about IdleAire fleets before changing jobs Many fleets advertise IdleAire benefits to help recruit new drivers and are tie-breakers at equal driver pay Driver Turnover J.J Keller In-Cab Driver Training :  J.J Keller In-Cab Driver Training Industry’s Most Popular Driver Training Program Exclusive Nationwide License Interactive In-Cab Training & Testing Safety and Skills Training Driver Certification Keeps Drivers on the Road Idle Reduction Technologies:  Idle Reduction Technologies The Alternatives Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) Produce electricity from a diesel engine that powers an HVAC unit and other electrical devices Significant upfront equipment cost ($6,200 to $12,500) but no positive ROI Battery Systems Utilize stored electrical energy in high density batteries to power HVAC units and other in-cab electrical devices Inadequate electrical power storage to supply driver HVAC & electricity requirements Significant upfront equipment cost ($8,000 to $10,000) but no positive ROI Engine Optimizers Device installed in a truck which turns the diesel engine on and off based on a thermostat setting Starting and stopping engine disrupts sleep Typically not adjustable nor easily disabled by the truck drivers Truck Stop Electrification Installs a 120 VAC or 220 VAC electrical power outlet or shore power in the travel center parking lot and an auditable billing method and/or equipment that would allow operators to charge for the service Requires trucks to either be electrified or carry on-board an inverter, which costs approximately $5,000 Other Alternatives: Motel Rooms & Team Drivers IdleAire ATE® $10 truck window retrofit vs. $5,000 - $12,000 Immediate Cost Savings No Operating Costs No Maintenance & Repair Costs or Inconvenience No Installations that Compromise the Truck’s Warranty No Adjustments for 2007 EPA Exhaust Requirements Operates in Extreme Weather Conditions Comprehensive Driver Work Environment Improvement Benefits not just replacing the truck engine Quiet, vibration free environment Clean, Filtered Air Computer Based Platform to Offset Driver Turnover Improves communications with friends & family Use Gift Cards to Reward your best Drivers Network of Locations:  Network of Locations Site Selection Criteria On a interstate highway or other primary freight lane Must have high quality driver amenities i.e. good hot food, clean hot showers Currently, install a minimum 50 ATE® spaces that is a maximum of 35% - 40% of total parking spaces Must meet the minimum threshold in our 3 – 5 day survey of trucks parked, sleeping, idling, etc. Fleet Importance Must be convenient to “Freight Lanes” and Customer deliveries Avoids “Out of Route” Driving Costs Critical pre-requisite before to changing behavior of hundreds (thousands) of drivers Take full advantage of IdleAire value proposition: cost savings, driver retention / recruitment, remote training Driver Importance Must be convenient to freight lanes and available within HOS constraints If they like it, they want it every night, not just as a “once a month” treat Travel Center Importance Consistent products and services across brand Building strong business relationships Site Deployment Process:  Site Deployment Process Site Selection Criteria Site Analysis Business Case Study Design Site Plan Approval Process On-site Discovery & Analysis Engineered Permit Documents Permit Process Creation of Final Construction Documents Contractor Qualification and Selection Construction IdleAire – 130 ATE Locations Nationwide:  IdleAire – 130 ATE Locations Nationwide ATE Emission Reductions:  ATE Emission Reductions *The emission factors for CO and VOC come from EPA’s Mobile6 Emissions Model to estimate the emissions from idling trucks. NOX and PM factors are calculated based on 2004 EPA Guidance. Diesel CO2 emission values are based on Argonne models. Summary :  Summary Benefits for All Partners 130 Location ATE Network and Growing Onsite and Telephone 24-hour Driver Support Truckstop Receives New Revenue Stream with No Capital Investment Driver, Truckstop and Community Enjoy Cleaner & Quieter Environment Reduces Driver Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue Improves Driver Safety Provides Cab with a Clean Air Source Truck Owner Saves from Costs of Idling: ­ Fuel Use ­ Maintenance Expenses ­ Wear and Repair Costs Helps Retain Drivers Reduces Driver Turnover Recruits New Drivers Slide20:  Truckstop Electrification for the 21st Century Carol Doty 410 N. Cedar Bluff Road, Suite 200 Knoxville, TN 37923 Tele: 865.437.3606 Fax: 865.437.2606

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