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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Goldie


What is the Iditarod?:  What is the Iditarod? The Iditarod is a race held in Alaska. They started the Iditarod because of the diphtheria epidemic. It is a race when the dogs pull a sled with a musher in the back of the sled. Slide3:  The Iditarod is a race for the diphtheria epidemic. Doug Swingley won the Iditarod. The Iditarod trail is from Anchorage to Nome. Some of the racers in the Iditarod live to race in the Iditarod. Some of the racers get scratched out of the race. That means that you can’t go on with the race any more. Slide4:  If some one is 50feet away from you have to stop for a minute and let them pass you. When you win the Iditarod is not over. If you borrow some supplies you have to return them or else you have to pay $500.00 for each item. You have to have at least 12 dogs. You can not have over 16 dogs. Slide5:  Diphtheria is a disease that is incurable unless you have the exact medicine. Now when you are a baby you get certain shots that help your body fight off those diseases. Diphtheria is a disease that covers your wind pipe and stops you from breathing. Slide6:  Sleds are what the mushers ride in on the trail. The sleds hold all the supplies that the mushers have to have on the trail. The sled that Balto pulled had the medicine that they had to bring back with them. The sleds are very important to the mushers. Slide7:  They use all sorts of equipment on the trail. They use: booties for the dogs, sleds to ride in sleeping bags to sleep in food for the dogs to eat and they use a bib so people know who they are What are booties?:  What are booties? Booties are little boot type shoes for the dogs so they don’t get ice or snow in between the spaces in their paws. Booties are made of cloth. The musher has to have at least 8 booties for every dog pulling the sled. What Is A Musher?:  What Is A Musher? A musher is a person who leads the dog sled. The musher tells the dogs what to do. He yells out certain words so the dogs know which way to turn or when to stop. Alaska:  Alaska Alaska is the state the Iditarod begins. Alaska is the state that the diphtheria epidemic spread. Alaska is a part of the United States. Alaska is not attached to the United States. Alaska is cold. The names of mushers:  The names of mushers Doug Swingley Jeff King Chuck King Linwood Fiedler Jerry Riley Rick Swenson Dee Dee Jonrowe Martin Buser Sonny King Paul Gebhardt Mitch Seavey John Baker Rick Mackey Ramy Brooks Ramy Smyth Hans Gatt The names of mushers 2:  The names of mushers 2 Vern Halter Tim Osmar Daniel Govoni Aaron Burmeister Jon Little Charlie Boulding Jerome Longo Bill Cotter Jim Lanier Ed Iten John Barren Gwen Holdmenn Jaun Alcina Thomas Tetz Nils Haun Sonny Lidner The names of mushers 3:  The names of mushers 3 Dave Tresino Buck Church Devan Currier Russel Lane Robert Bundtzen Cindy Gallea Aliy Zurkle Wayne Curtis Lance Mackey Raymie Redington Ray Redington Jr. Bob Chlupach Wally Robinson John Barren The names of mushers 4:  The names of mushers 4 Palmer Sagoonick Jim Lanier Ron Koczaja Bruce Moroney Roy Monk Morten Fonseca Peryl Kyzer Buck Church Elizabeth Manning Clinton Warnk Karen Ramstead Pedro Curuchet Janson Halsath Stephan Carrick Ryan Redington Art Church Slide17:  Doug Swingley is the winner of the Iditarod. He only had 11 dogs when he crossed the finish line!!! He finished in the time of: 9 days, 55 hours, 50 minutes, and 15 seconds. Slide18:  Andy Moderow is an Iditarod racer. He won the jr. Iditarod 5 times in a row!!! He is in 19th place now. He is a good racer. Slide19:  Rick Swenson had 11 dogs when he crossed the finish line. I want him in 2nd place. But he is in 4th place right now. Caroline and I like Rick Swenson. Slide20:  Dee Dee Jonrowe was born into a military family. Her dad went into the army when she was only 5 months old. She finished the Iditarod in 10th place. Slide21:  Chuck King was scratched at Skwentna. He is from Arizona. He is 41. His hobbies are music, medicine, and the outdoors. He’s been to Hollywood. Slide22:  Peryll Kyzer has been running dogs since 1980. She is a goat farmer when the Iditarod isn’t running. She finished the Iditarod in 50th place. Slide24:  Balto is a famous dog. Balto was one of the dogs who pulled the sled for the diphtheria epidemic. Balto has a statue of him with his musher in Central Park, New York. Balto is always going to be a hero dog. Slide25:  The red lantern is what the last person who crosses the finish line gets because they are glad that they didn’t give up. The red lantern has been hung up every year because of the diphtheria epidemic. The red lantern is to tell the last person where to cross. The red lantern is a guiding light.

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