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Information about Idioms

Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Samuel


Slide1:  By: Michelle Gaines What is an idiom?:  What is an idiom? words, phrases, or expressions that are not interpreted logically or literally unusual expressions that are either grammatically incorrect or have a meaning that cannot be comprehended through contextual clues Slide3:  It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!!!! It’s raining cats and dogs means: Cats and dogs are falling from the sky. It’s raining very hard. It’s not raining much at all. The weather is horrible. a. c. d. b. HINT: I can’t go outside because it’s raining cats and dogs and I would get soaked! Slide4:  SORRY, Try Again! Slide5:  CORRECT! Slide6:  SORRY, Try Again! Slide7:  SORRY, Try Again Slide8:  Skeletons in Your Closet Skeletons in your closet means: Your closet is full of skeletons. You are hiding something in your closet. You have secrets or something that you don’t want anyone to know. You are not afraid of anything. a. b. c. d. Hint: Why shouldn’t you be able to answer all of my questions? Don’t tell me you have skeletons in your closet! Slide9:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide10:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide11:  CORRECT! Slide12:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide13:  Shake a leg means: A dance move used in the Shag. Shake your leg to get a bug off of it. Hurry up! You are doing the Hokey Pokey. Hint: We’re going to be late for the plane if you don’t shake a leg! a. b. d. c. Slide14:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide15:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide16:  CORRECT! Slide17:  Sorry, Try Again! Slide18:  Common Idioms and their meanings: Slide19: has fun idiom games. has an a to z list of idioms with categories and quizzes. is a site about a software program you can buy about idioms. is another idioms review site . has practice quizzes. tells where specific idioms originated.

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