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Information about iDiff 2008 conference #11 IP-Racine Barco

Published on February 8, 2008

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IP-Racine presentation of Barco results

Barco Product Presentation IP-Racine (Integrated Project Research Area CINE) International Digital Film Forum Paris Raf Rentmeesters January, 2008 Page 1

Barco product offering – Trigger 1 Availability of TI 0.98 inch DC2K chip triggered development of cheaper and more efficient Barco projector range TI developed a 0.98 inch DC2K chip (traditional TI DC2K chip measured 1.2 inch). Integration of this smaller chip in our projector resulted in a cheaper and more efficient projector Cheaper – Smaller optics means less glass and reduced manufacturing complexity (projector internal optics and prime lenses) More efficient optics – More efficient lamps require less power and cooling – Improved design of optical path – Patent pending efficient and high contrast prism architecture Cost-reduced solutions for all screen sizes and lower cost of ownership Page 2

Barco product offering – Overview 2 The product offering works with 3 market segments DP-3000 30m “Ultimate brightness machine” 20m (2D) DP-2000 “Very High brightness cost breaker” 15m (2D) DP-1500 “High brightness cost breaker” Page 3

Barco product offering – Main Specs 3 Main specs per model are: DP-1500 DP-2000 DP-3000 Model name Based on .98” chip Based on .98” chip Based on 1.2” chip 2D: Up to 15m / 49ft 2D: Up to 20m / 65ft 2D: Up to 30m / 98ft Screen sizes* 3D: Up to 8m / 25ft 3D: Up to 10m / 33ft 3D: Up to 14m / 45ft Short-arc bulbs Short-arc bulbs Trad. & short-arc Lamps From 1,5 to 3kW From 1,5 to 4kW From 1,5 to 7kW New range of lenses are introduced. Throw ratio determined to remove need for expensive Prime Lenses anamorphs 505(H) x 689(W) x 1018(D) mm 640(H) x 730(W) x 1170(D) mm** Size & Weight 19.9(H) x 27.1(W) x 40.0(D) inch 24.2(H) x 28.7(W) x 46.1(D) inch 125kg (275lbs) 90kg (199lbs) Digital Video 2 x SMPTE 292M inputs Inputs both selectable as single and dual link 2 x DVI input Options Universal pedestal, CLO, SNMP agent, Alternative Content Scaler (ACS-2048), anamorphic lens (only for DP-3000s), motorized/memorized lens, Auto lamp alignment *Assumed screen gain: 1,5 for DP1500, 1,8 for DP2000&3000; 3D-system: Assumed that the REAL-D 3D system is used, 5FtL, minimal losses **DP3000 also includes a powerbox, dimensions: 450(H) x 329.5(W) x 473.7(D) mm, 17.7(H) x 13.0(W) x 18.6(D) inch, weight: 30kg (66lbs) Page 4

Barco product offering – Overview Barco USPs 4 Our product leadership focuses on maximum ease-of-use and uptime at minimum cost of ownership Minimum Maximum Maximum Key Barco differentiators: Cost of Ease of Uptime: Ownership: use**: Optimal protection of optics Modular design of projector Motorized single lens solution* SNMP agent + Comm SW Redundant power supplies Low CFM requirement * Due to wide and overlapping lens ranges. No need for anamorph ** Install, Operate & Service Page 5

Barco product offering – Total cost of ownership / Operational cost 5 Reducing the operational cost for the .98” projector range was an important objective for Barco Barco’s new 0.98”DC2K projector line, making use of high- efficiency short-arc lamps, has significantly lower running cost per hour than when using traditional lamps and comes close to the running cost of 35mm projection. Example*: 12k lumen output ($) 6202 6000 2310 4000 3051 3126 1347 1155 2000 3892 1703 1971 0 0.98”DC2K 0.98”DC2K 35mm with high- with trad. projection efficiency bulb bulb Estimated Capital cost per annum Estimated electricity cost per annum *Main assumptions and other scenarios are detailed in chapter 2.1 of presentation Providing direct channels to lamp manufacturers assures attractive lamp pricing Page 6

Barco product offering – Software and User Interface 6 On all the new products an improved software version will be used Communicator software: – New look and feel – Controls projector, ACS-2048 and potentially also the server – Capabilities to integrate GUI of server onto the embedded PC – Capabilities to integrate the Screen management system (SMS) onto the embedded PC OR to integrate the communicator software into the SMS (integration with XDC as part of the IP- Racine project). – Full version of Communicator software comes standard with the projector – New software version is backwards compatible (DP100/DP90) – Access control: Owner of the equipment defines user level and password Page 7

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