iDiff 2008 conference #07 IP-Racine Project Overview

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Information about iDiff 2008 conference #07 IP-Racine Project Overview

Published on February 8, 2008

Author: benoitmichel



IP-Racine overview presentation of the project

IP-Racine is sponsored by the E.C. FP6 IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 1

IP-RACINE Digital Cinema from Scene to Screen An overview after 40 months Josep Blat – Eugenia Fuenmayor IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 2

Project Objectives Increase Interoperability along the Digital Cinema chain Reduce Costs Advance the technology IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 3

Working areas Digital Cinema improvement needed ‘from Scene to Screen’ Six working groups IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 4

Partners • 11+ M€ budget, 8+ M€ EU contribution • Capture Thomson (GVN and DTO) • Virtual Studios Brainstorm • Post-production Pandora, FilmLight, DVS • Exhibition XDC, Barco • User – Studios MediaPro • Research institutes UoH, JRS, UG, FSSG, BM-UPF (Coordinators) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 5

Workflow Visual Effects, Compression Group Dynamics (U. of Glasgow) (UPF) Virtual Surround Sound (FBM) Color corrector De-interlacing e-studio (UPF) (Pandora) (Brainstorm) Projector (Barco) Metadata tools (JRS) Viper/Venom (GVN/DTO) Clipster SAN (Spycer) Solo server (DVS) (DVS) (XDC) Quadraphonic Auditorium sound sound system (FSSG-CNR) 3D interpolation Baselight Four (U.of Hasselt) (Filmlight) Graphics Framework (UPF) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 6

Workflow integration examples DVS - Thomson/GVN: • Metadata Transfer via SDI • Recording via IT interfaces from Viper camera to DVS-SAN JRS - DVS: • JRS metadata extraction service integrated into DVS Spycer DVS - XDC: • DCP master as interface from postproduction to playout FilmLight - DVS: • Spycer running on FilmLight parallel filesystem UPF - FilmLight: • Parallelisable graphics framework Brainstorm – GVN: • Sending Camera tracking position through Standard RS232 protocol Brainstorm – DVS: • Reading back the Tracking information from the DPX headers Brainstorm – FBM UPF: • Virtual Image and Audio Integration Other real-world integration IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 7

Achievements • O1. To create an integrated DC Workflow (“From scene to screen”), – Not a unique workflow, Not a linear workflow, Not a uniform, homogeneous environment, and Built on top of existing infrastructure – Left: testbed integration – Right: real world integration IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 8

Achievements • Metadata & Standards Requirements • Workflow Enhancement & Tools • Essence and Metadata Workflow – Deal with metadata diversity; mapping (standards or extensions); tools (workflow, extraction, preservation, search, conversion, exchange) defined – Non unique workflow, service oriented architecture defined – Pictorial summaries, WMO, content analysis tools – New Spycer (file server, backup) – New Clipster (NAS solution & bridge; DCDM generation, RT JPEG2000 decoder) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 9

Achievements • Supporting Scalable Graphics – Multiplatform graphics framework supporting modern graphics programming, parallelisation, high-level XML control • Colour Calibration and Conversion – On-set colour adjustments and monitoring - tools – Colour visualisation, measurement, communication (Truelight) – ICC/Academy standards proposal • Implementation of highly scalable architecture – Demonstrated at IBC 2007 • NFS-integration of parallel file system; Better SAN integration (with bandwidth throttling); Editorial integration through AAF, MXF, XML; Fast access of another cluster's parallel file system; All 10GigE inter- and intra-cluster fabric 10

Interoperability (testbed 3) Background composition Estudio FBM H (Brainstorm) D Laptop Laptop HIL acceleration S (JRS) (DVS) board D (Pandora) I Ethernet HDSDI + Color corrector DPX (Pandora) (U. of Glasgow) Metadata DPX Footage Phase I HDSDI + DPX (U.of Hasselt) SAN External hard disk (DVS) Baselight (UPF) SAN (Filmlight) (DPX + Metadata) Software installation SAN Viper Image Warping Capture flamenco with HIL Clipster band HDSDI + (DVS) (Grass Valley) DPX HDSDI Projector (Barco) (back-up) HDSDI + JPEG 2000 MXF +XML Auditorium Solo server sound system (XDC) 5.1 audio synchronized FBM with video FSSG-CNR 5.1 wave tracks Footage (for audio synchronization) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 11

Achievements • O2 To provide improved digital cameras – To fully integrate electronic acquisition into the digital workflow • Embedding of metadata in VIPER output to improve workflow • On camera VENOM solid state recorder • More robust mechanics for VIPER • Increased pixel rates • Flexible 10Gig Ethernet transmission 12

Achievements • … O2 To provide improved digital cameras – To develop a flexible and robust recording solution for metadata and uncompressed essence that fits within the workflow • VENOM solid state recorder • Hard disk field recorder for back-up Generations of Viper and Venom … Generation of metadata, images, 10GE new transport format IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 13

Achievements • O3 To develop film resolution 3-D virtual studio technologies – High Quality RT ‘preview’ and non RT ‘final’ quality demonstrator (shown NAB - IBC). • Shaders in HD • New Hardware – RT Visual Effects and Group Dynamics IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 14

Achievements • Camera adaptation – Software from HD to 2K preview; latest SDI, HD & 2K output boards evaluation; new I/O interface through plug-ins • Shader and code development – eStudio with new DoF shader, diffuse shadows and real objects casting, higher res motion blur and DoF, improved distortion … • Advanced camera development – encoder systems for new Camera / Robot arm or Crane rig; Vinten new Robotic Pedestal; Trackmen, MixTV, Multi KuperBox, TabulaTrack, Total Inmersion drivers; Motion analysis (Camera and Position tracking) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF AAAAA 15

Achievements • Visual Effects and Group Dynamics, standalone and integrated – New high-quality RT visual effects: Screen space ambient occlusion, Variance shadow mapping, Skin rendering – New Group dynamics features: Graph, Auto-navigation, Path- finding, Semaphores, Attractors – Integration as eStudio and 3D Studio MAX plug-ins, within the graphics framework IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 16

Achievements • O4 Representing, manipulating, annotating and retrieving moving images and sound – High level automated annotation and indexing techniques: • object-redetection, setting detection; • tracking of regions; • indexing for search and content browsing – Image representation and manipulation • Compression for Colour Correction • Resolution Enhancement; Fractional Resizing 17

Achievements • O4 Representing, manipulating, annotating and retrieving moving images and sound – Time slicing/ View Interpolation (next slide) – Sound rendering based on quadraphony (coll. with WP7): • In situ prehearing of surround sound in virtual scene • Postproduction of surround sound adapted to camera pan / zoom / tilt IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 18

Time Slicing / View interpolation IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 19

Achievements • O5 To develop and demonstrate real-time hardware solutions: – New colour correction hardware; HIL and drivers for flexibility; Pandora software; UG and JRS integration HIL software development integration diagram IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 20

Achievements • O6-O7 To develop digital projector and playout technology and new formats: – New 2k projector 45 % cost reduction; servers supporting DCDM – Enhancements in projectors / servers usability and technologies – Quad-audio workflow – De-interlacing, color enhancement 21 and de-noising IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF

Achievements • Future digital cinema experience – Projector light efficiency improvements • Graceful data reduction – More efficient and cost effective movies duplication • Improved usability – Enhanced projector and (remote) server control (touch screen plus functionalities); integration – Motorised lamp alignment • Improved affordability – Servers (G3 improvements) / projectors (compact platform) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 22

Achievements • Improved quality of audio – Quad-audio workflow; Rendering; New measurement tools; DTS conversion; Experimental validation of 1-D sound fields • Image processing – De-interlacing GPU accelerated, FPGA real-time implementation under exploration – First results in Denoising; Color enhancement IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 23

Achievements • O9 To reinforce the European skills base for digital cinema technologies: – Researchers exchange, theses, … – Experimental training: partners events, Virtual Studio on line (two editions), Media Salles; “making of”; iDiff Seminars IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 24

Achievements • O8 - O10 To promote the understanding and acceptance of EDC and its technologies - market launch – Papers (42); Events (22); Products - Trade shows –Leaflets – Industrial Days; Standards; Patents IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 25

Achievements • User Requirements – Monitoring over the project; Book; Outlook • IPR and Standards – Patents, EDCF, SMPTE, ISCDF, MPEG-7, ICC/Academy • Market awareness • Exploitation – IBC – NAB, Cannes, … Over 400 feature films • Dissemination – Book, website, leaflets, papers, events – industrial days; … IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF AA 26

Achievements • Industrial Days – Digitrain (Media Salles, Barco) – At NAB (Brainstorm, Filmlight, Pandora, Grass Valley, DVS) • Testbeds (Interoperability - Integration) – Testbed 2, Testbed 3 (EP recovered) … IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 27

From Scene to Screen … •THEN (when IP-RACINE started) – DI for postproduction HD -2K – Digital Video; No exhibition •NOW (when IP-RACINE is about to end) – Digital Cinema Theatres Network, Digital Cameras, Postproduction 4K and beyond .. – IP-RACINE partners at the industrial forefront (and research not yet exploited); workflow in the real world IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 28

… a summary •High quality research and development, and reports •Patent filings, conference and journal publications •Developed prototypes, many of which incorporated into products •A workflow where products are demonstrated to be interoperable •Future work still ongoing and will bear industrial fruit •Visibility, international conferences and major trade fairs in Europe and the USA. •Representation in relevant standards bodies •Relevant research and development to existing requirements and the emerging interest 3D digital cinema •A coherent workflow support chain from scene to screen, starting on 10GbE transferred from one stage to the next and across equipment platforms. IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 29

Workflow Visual Effects, Compression Group Dynamics (U. of Glasgow) (UPF) Virtual Surround Sound (FBM) Color corrector De-interlacing e-studio (UPF) (Pandora) (Brainstorm) Projector (Barco) Metadata tools (JRS) Viper/Venom (GVN/DTO) Clipster SAN (Spycer) Solo server (DVS) (DVS) (XDC) Quadraphonic Auditorium sound sound system (FSSG-CNR) 3D interpolation Baselight Four (U.of Hasselt) (Filmlight) Graphics Framework (UPF) IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 30

IP-RACINE Office IP-RACINE Management Office c/o Josep Blat, Eugenia Fuenmayor Passeig de Circumval·lació, 8 08003 Barcelona, Spain josep.blat at eugenia.fuenmayor at IP-RACINE presentation: Paris IDIFF 31

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