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Information about Idents

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: milliepotter16


An ident is a short video that is created by a production or distribution company to promote there brand in a way that easily identifies them as a company. Within the film industry these are placed at the beginning of a movie to generate initial interest with a company. Often the focus in an ident is a clear brand name, with a motion or short clip that relates to the company itself. Some of the key areas we need to focus on when creating our own idents are: • Timing • Will it give information or entertainment • What reaction do you want from your audience • Image (moving? Still image?) • Sound effects and music I also felt that we needed to concentrate on forming a relation between are film and the idents. We wanted to create two of our own idents to go at the beginning of our film opening and we need to focus on there appropriateness to our film genre, we needed to consider a brand, title, and a moving image that we would develop for our final ident n

1. The first company we considered as part of our film Idents was named four productions and we chose this to relate to our own group because throughout the production there was four of us working on planning and construction. We felt that this was a way that we could relate ourselves to the overall production. For a moving image within this ident we wanted to include a picture of a projector displaying a four on a white background. We wanted to film someone drawing this picture out and we felt that we could time lapse effect so that the whole image didn’t last too long. Over the top we wanted to put some light and happy music that could relate to the positive nature of the production. The logo would be displayed through the full ident. 2. We considered the idea of a company called unity picture to relate with this chosen title we felt we needed a moving image that related our distribution company, to those around them. What we considered was creating the image of two people coming together, possibly through a hand shake We believe this will represent the way distribution companies work for the public and the focus is on them coming together with people to create a positive environment. The aim is to suggest that the aim of the distribution companies is to work with the public too give them what they want. I feel this ident will last around 3 seconds and although short it will clearly display the company logo and brand.

Today (04/03/14) we constructed the two ident that we want to use at the beginning of our production. The first ident we chose to work on as a group was the one for 4 Productions. With this one we chose to use a completely white table where we could sellotape a piece of paper to. We had the original drawn out faintly before the filming took place to be used as a guide when drawing out to help remove the chance of going wrong whilst the camera was running. At the edge of the shot we chose to put a pencil and sharpener in place as we felt this could connote the creativity of the production company and therefore the overall production itself. The paper was put into place on a table with a camera behind on a high up tripod, angled downwards so that the full image could be seen. In post production we decided to speed the majority of the ident up to speed X20 however we cut a part of the clip off at the end when the drawing had been completed fully. This was to allow the audience to see the production logo itself without any other distractions. We also created the logo for Unity Pictures today and we focused on the idea of a handshake between two people. We chose a male and a female actor to shake hands as we felt it could be representative of a diversity within the company and portraying the inclusive nature of the film industry. We chose a pink background when filming as we felt that it could be suggestive of a bright and happy atmosphere and therefore related to the Rom-Com genre. We also felt that the pink background also defined the two characters shaking hands as the dark background contrasted with there pale arms well. In post production we included a title that will appear halfway through the filming in the bottom middle of the screen as well as a ‘whoosh’ sound effect that appears at a similar time to the company title.

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