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Published on September 17, 2014

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CLASS 1 Worksheet 1 Grammar Identifying nouns, Pronouns 1. Underline the nouns in each sentence. a. Anand is eating a mango. b. Ranjan has a kite. c. The clock is round. d. Maya sings well. e. Six dogs ran across the road. f. Mini is reading a book. 2. There are many nouns given below. Put them in different columns: people, place, animal & things. zebra, window, village, umbrella, tortoise, sisters, rabbit, queen, pots, lamp, kitten, kettle, jug, India, hammer, England, dish, China PEOPLE PLACE ANIMAL THINGS

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable nouns. a. A ………… barks loudly. b. A …………. twinkles in the sky. c. ……………. build nests. d. The ……….. shines brightly. e. Rose is a pretty ………….. f. The mother …………. loves her ducklings. g. The …………… has a long trunk. h. The …………… has a long neck. i. The …………... swims in the pond. j. The …………. is the cow’s baby.

4. Guess the correct word. Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen in a very big-------- -------------. They were very rich and had plenty of ----------------------------. They were very kind and wanted to help -----------, who were poor. One day an old ------- --------- visited them and asked them for help. She was weak and could not work. The king and the queen asked their people to build a small ---------- for the poor------------------. They asked her to live there. The------was very happy and thanked the ------------- and the -------------- for their kindness. 5. Guess who am I. a. I love feeding on grass and plants. People call my baby a kid. b. I roar when I am angry or hungry. My cubs roar softly. c. I stand on the roof top and every morning I crow loudly to wake you up. d. I ran a race with the tortoise but I slept and lost the race. e. My feathers are colourful and I spread them to dance.

6. Search for names of four vehicles, four fruits and four vegetables. Rrotca inepplape rryol Eanbs regano ractro Calfroweui resgap aitrn Bbaegac herrceis gowan 7. Read the following paragraph and do the exercise given below. Jay is going on a trip. He and mom take a taxi to the airport. “It’s my first plane trip,” he tells the taxi driver. “That’s great!” the taxi driver says. Jay rolls his suitcase onto the plane. “It’s my first plane trip,” he tells the pilot. “Welcome aboard,” the pilot says. Jay finds his seat and buckles his seatbelt. The plane’s engines rumble and roar. Jay opens his backpack and pulls out Panda. “It’s my first plane trip,” he whispers. He holds Panda’s paw. The plane moves faster and faster. Then - Whoosh! On the ground, cars and houses look like toys. Jay smiles. “Guess what, Panda?” he says. “Flying is fun!” Six nouns are the answers to the following questions. Find them from the passage above. a. What do Jay and his mother take to travel to the airport? b. Who says, “That’s great!” to Jay? c. What does Jay roll onto the plane? d. What does Jay buckle? e. What does Jay take out of his backpack? f. Cars and houses look like-------------------------. 8. Match the pronoun with the nouns underlined. a. The dog and the cat chased the birds away. It b. Sheela sings good songs. He c. Ram plays cricket everyday They d. The insect is a wasp. She 9. Rewrite using the correct pronoun instead of the nouns. a. The girls brought the books from the library. b. Rajesh spoke well. c. Rita baked a cake. d. The bee buzzed from the hive.

10. Fill in the blanks with I or me. a. ______ cleaned up my bedroom this morning. b. My brother came in to help ______. c. Sam and ______ vacuumed the floor. d. Then, Sam helped ______ dust the shelves. e. ______ picked up my toys from the floor and put them away. f. Sam made the bed for ______. g. Mom said that she was proud of ______ for keeping my room clean. h. ______ told her that Sam was a great help. i. Sam and ______ make a great team. j. Sam said, “Will you help ______ clean my room next?” 11. Read the short story and underline the pronouns in the story. Hippo squishes mud between her toes. She gulps down lily pads. She blows bubbles in the water. Blub blub blub. Hippo loves her home in the pond. A frog watches her. He lives in the pond too. Frog says, “I like you Hippo, but I don't like mud. It is messy.” Hippo says, “I am sorry. I will tiptoe through the mud. I will not be messy.” Frog says, “I like you Hippo, but I do not like it when you eat the lily pads. I like to hop on them.” Hippo says, “I am sorry. I will not eat the lily pads. You can hop on them. I will eat the grass instead.” Frog says, “I like you Hippo, but I do not like bubbles in the water. It is loud when I swim.” Hippo says, “I am sorry. I will not blow bubbles in the water.” Frog says, “You are very kind, Hippo. Thank you for being my friend.” 12. Study each picture and write the correct pronoun. This is an insect. __________ is a lady bug.

This is a fisherman. ____________ is busy catching fish. What is this girl doing? ______________ is reading a book.

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