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Published on June 27, 2013

Author: juanpablopatino



My mid term presentation for my studio class. I go over my thought processes and reflections on the idea of interactivity and then go into the various projects ranging from conceptual to technical explorations to see how we can go more into a "natural" way of interacting with our technology.

ideas + Exploration march 8 2012 Juan pablo Patiño Parsons MFA DT

projects: Theory, Suspect, theory (Revised), Transmitter, EmptySpace, OSC

Theory of interactivity: I see interactivity as a level of focus between two or more things. In order to accept this, we have to think of interactive action as an active and not passive force. A rock will fall down the mountain side. It interacts with the mountain through it’s own mass and the consequent gravity that is making it fall. The rock has no choice, it is too heavy, so it must fall. As humans with the power of choice, we cannot fall down the side of the mountain. Sure we can slip, and then gravity takes over, but we did not choose it. If we jump then we will definitely interact with the mountain side.


wall of eyes, poking the eyes, a violent act, the heavy imagery that is associated with the eye, interactivity as performative

Revised Idea of Interactivity Interactivity as the body and it’s physiology, how it expresses itself, and how to find the connections between the physical and the virtual body.

What is the virtual body and how is it expressed?


radioactive particles. creating a visual representation of the intersection between the virtual and the physical body. take it beyond simple mouse interaction.


how does the virtual world see the physical world, a new relationship between the two worlds, one way communication, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, electron cloud, visualizing an idea in a simple way


exploring a way to get past the mouse and keyboard because everything we do is on a screen, or by waving our limbs in front of a projector

questions + issues: Interactivity as performative. What is the virtual body and how is it expressed? How else does an interaction exist, The medium. putting together the pieces

interactivity depends on the creation of a relationship between two objects, where in one usually asserts change in the other

The pieces that I’m putting together investigate the way we interact with technology

Finding the way we can move beyond the emerging trend of always touching glass and moving in front of a sensor

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