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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: G2ResearchLtd



An overview of our core analytical platform - the ICU WORKBENCH.

The Art of Where The World’s leading Location Analysis solution ICUWorkbench is a Location Analysis solution that delivers fast, accurate analysis of raw geo-reference data attributed to a target or group of targets collected through various forms of Location-Based Surveillance activities such as GPS tracking or cellular location monitoring. The ICU analysis engine rapidly produces high quality results that can be easily distributed across organizations. Producing a target’s detailed Pattern of Life in a matter of minutes, rather than days, facilitates more confident and responsive support of mission planning and investigations. Answering the where, when, how often and who else of surveillance. P r o d uct Ov er v iew

CHANGING THE location TRACKING PARADIGM Maximize the Value of Your Tracking Mission Activity Without ICUWorkbench With ICUWorkbench Using Location-based surveillance only for real-time awareness and GPS points for simplistic plotting of stops. Easily process all location data to find out where they go, how often, for how long, who they meet, how they get there, where they go next Analyzing location points only in support of other investigative data that has been uncovered Rapid processing of all location data to drive investigative activity Analyzing location data in small duration segments — resulting in non-continuous reporting Easily append one tracking segment to the prior segment(s) and deliver continuous reporting identifying all patterns — completed in minutes Unable to fully process long duration (multi-month) tracks due to time and complexity involved Rapid, accurate processing of many, multi-month tracking missions with detailed reporting and visual representation delivered in minutes Actionable Intelligence Conceived as a tool to free the mission analyst from hours, or days, of painstaking review of location (latitude, longitude, timestamp) data, ICUWorkbench provides an accurate, cost-effective environment to jumpstart the analysis process. As the world’s most advanced location analysis tool, ICUWorkbench provides a quick, accurate view of your target’s travel behavior, allowing you to produce detailed analysis that provides rapid answers to the key questions: • • • • • impressive analysis results can be produced. The results in terms of time savings, error reduction and intelligence propagation represent key pillars in the value proposition for the ICUWorkbench. Where do they go? How often do they go there? How long do they stay? What routes do the travel to get there? Who else are they meeting with? The net result of instantly knowing these important details allows for more precise investigative activity and mission planning. Importing data is quick and painless allowing you to easily deal with frequent data updates from the field — enabling you to get an expanded view into your target’s behavior and patterns. Superior method for Analyzing GPS track data ICUWorkbench uses proprietary algorithms and methodologies that allow an analyst to quickly understand a target (or network of targets) destination and travel behavior through the automated delivery of the Pattern of Life. Unlike traditional techniques, which rely heavily on an analyst’s time, geo-spatial analysis skills, map-based tools like trip playback, and patience with Excel, ICUWorkbench eliminates the possibility of human error and the time investment to produce accurate analysis results. ICUWorkbench also takes the analysis a step further by allowing for complex multi-target and visitation frequency reporting. These forms of analysis and reporting are extremely challenging for a human analyst to produce in a reasonable time period. By fusing a number of geo-spatial data sets together, truly Copyright @ 2012 G2 Research Inc., All Rights Reserved Map Integration ICUWorkbench is available using a number of different maps. Mapping technologies are core components in an investigator’s toolbox. The ICUWorkbench visualizes your map data in ESRI ArcMaps, Google Earth, and Open Street Maps. The tool has been designed to easily accommodate other mapping solutions.

Ease of Use ICUWorkbench streamlines the process of ingesting and processing data to the point where it takes only minutes to analyze months’ worth of GPS Tracking data. To create an analysis view, the user simply clicks on the “Generate” button. ICUWorkbench will process, interpret and analyze 50,000 lat/long/time data points in about one minute. Unique Insights to Enhance Investigations and Decision Making Harnessing the power of the ICUWorkbench you will quickly have critical insights, including: • • • • • • Target’s overall Pattern of Life Perspectives on repetitive patterns Target’s affiliation with organized networks Highlighting of high-interest activities from within a track Identifying possible “Heat Check” activity Predictive analysis based on visitation frequencies In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world speed is vital. Tying up critical human resources with manual processing of raw location data represents a low-value investment when those same individuals could be performing higher level analysis of a target’s behavior. ICUWorkbench delivers by rapidly analyzing large volumes of tedious data in an error-free fashion and producing advanced and complex results that are easily distributable throughout an organization. Analysts improve their effectiveness and efficiency, decision-makers solve complex problems and make informed decisions quickly, and organizations improve their overall productivity in measurable ways. Customize Analysis Results. ICUWorkbench provides the advanced user with access to all the settings required to tune the analysis process based on the target’s travel profile and geographical area of operation. Level of Interest. The ICU analysis engine automatically assigns a Level of Interest (LOI) to all the elements it finds in a track including Destinations, Visits, Routes, Trips and Driving Events. These assignments are based on a proprietary statistical model. All engine assigned LOI’s can be overridden by the Analyst. The LOI attribute is useful in generating investigative alerts and in filtering out lower interest data from the map display and data panels, thereby providing focus and clarity on the most important target activities. Detailed Examination of Travel. Every destination that the ICUWorkbench finds can be interrogated to see the details surrounding the visits including the time and day, as well as the destination the target was at before and after each visit. Scalability and Performance. The ICUWorkbench can process extensive volumes of data. It has been successfully audited by a Federal organization through the processing of 3 years of 5 second interval data that had previously been manually analyzed over a 4 month period. ICU performed beyond the expectation of the Analyst team. Event Correlation. Using ICU’s Events model, specific locations of interest such as crime scenes, known hangouts, etc. can be input directly into ICU by the user and ICU will run a correlation to identify any relationships that exist between the analyzed targets and the location of interest. Multi-Target Analysis. Networks of targets can be found using the ICUWorkbench’s Multi-Target correlation capabilities. This includes insight into the network’s meeting places, dead drop locations and meeting patterns. Proven Results ICUWorkbench is a proven intelligence and investigative asset that has been used to support counter-terrorism operations, investigate organized crime, and analyze serious criminal activity in 3 countries on 2 continents. Intelligence Analysts rely on ICUWorkbench to provide accurate results in prosecuting criminals, support mission planning and network association analysis. ICUWorkbench is a proven technology, operational throughout Western world governments. Advanced Features you can Count on Gain New Insights. ICUWorkbench streamlines the location data analysis process allowing a user to focus on higher value analysis. The ease and speed of the tool allow an analyst to process data more frequently for more up-to-date insights into a target’s behaviour. Copyright @ 2012 G2 Research Inc., All Rights Reserved Distributable Analysis Results. All of our reports can be saved in multiple formats, including KML, PDF, Word and Excel for distribution to analysis consumers. Target Home and Work Location. The analysis engine will automatically identify a target’s Home and Work locations. This provides immediate insight into the target’s lifestyle. The engine has correctly assigned Home and Work locations from tracks of convicted criminals that have non-typical travel patterns and lifestyles (Narcotics Distribution, Human Trafficking, etc...).

Mapping Technology Supported ICUWorkbench Key Features Mapping Technology Status Automated processing: Offload labor –intensive manipulation of location data to the ICUWorkbench, and have your Investigators and Analysts focus on the analyzed results. The ICUWorkbench is easy to use—operators and analysts can be trained in only a few hours to rapidly produce accurate, reliable intelligence products. Google Earth v5.1 or v5.2 Available Now Google Earth v6.0 Available Now ESRI ArcMap v9.3.1 Available Now ESRI ArcMap v10.0 Available Now Open Street Maps Available Now C2PC TBD Raptor TBD FalconView TBD Easy data import feature: Supports all tracking methods that produce a .csv data format containing lat/long/time information. Fast: 57,000 rows of 5 second location data spanning 58 days of travel are imported and processed in 1 minute (on a PC that matches our system requirements below). SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: • Windows XP, Vista or 7 (Latest patch level recommended for all OS’s) • 4Gb RAM Detailed Reporting: A number of key reports are available on demand and they can be saved in multiple formats for distribution (Word, pdf, Excel) • Dual Core CPU, 2.0+ GHz • 200MB Disk Space Pattern of Life: The target’s “Pattern of Life” is identified and displayed to the analyst immediately after processing is completed. Significant investigative value is provided within minutes of importing the target’s track data. • Hardware Accelerated Graphics card. E.g. NVIDIA, ATI • Multiple Monitors supported Multi-Target Correlation: Meeting places, dead drops and common destinations can be found between multiple tracks using the Multi-Target facilities in the ICUWorkbench. Learn More Contact G2 Research today to find out more about ICUWorkbench and our wide range of supporting products. Advanced Analytics: The ICU not only automatically identifies the target’s Pattern of Life, it also provides frequency reporting by destination along with detailed route analysis. Flexible Deployment Options: Currently in use both on laptop/toughbooks and in an HQ environment supporting both in-field Operators and centralized Analysts and Investigators. • Go to, • email, • call (902) 407-3191 or toll free 1 (888) 744-3191 Expand Your ICU Workbench Capability The ICUWorkbench product feature set and deployment options continue to expand to provide flexibility for our customers to support various forms of investigative and tracking activity. Some of the exciting add-on features available include: Target Predictions Enterprise Multi-Target Repository Integration Auto Powerpoint Creation Web Deployment 1 (888) 744-3191 TOLL FREE E T +001 (902) 407-3191 Copyright @ 2012 G2 Research Inc., All Rights Reserved

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