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Published on March 10, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Hosted by: Conference partners: Sweet Smell of Success: A Case on successful implementation of Olfactory Branding strategy for Barista Chain of Coffee in Kolkata, India Shuvam Chatterjee PowerPoint Presentation: Title of the Paper “ Sweet Smell of Success: A Case on successful implementation of Olfactory Branding strategy for Barista Chain of Coffee in Kolkata, India “ Shuvam Chatterjee Assistant Professor-Marketing Regent Business School, RERF Group Kolkata, India. Research Scholar – ISM- Dhanbad shuvamiimc@gmail.com PowerPoint Presentation: Coffee Chain In India………… The Indian ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee market has picked up a great business in the last 5 years.  Reports say that the market is expected to grow to a whopping Rs 2,250 crore by 2017. The domestic market, which currently stands at an estimated Rs 1,100 crore , is dominated by outlets like Cafe Coffee Day, Baristas, Costa Coffee, Coffee World, Lavasa, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. More than 1,200 cafes have sprung up across India in the past decade, mostly from six organized chains, clocking an average annual growth of around 40 percent. They have made the cafe industry -- currently capped at Rs1, 000 crore -- one of the fastest growing organized retail segments. PowerPoint Presentation: The major coffee outlets working in Kolkata are: Café Coffee Day Barista Lavazza Costa Coffee Starbucks Aqua Java The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf The French Loaf PowerPoint Presentation: Olfactory Branding “One of the most significant features of the total product is the place where it is bought or consumed. In some cases the place, more specifically the atmosphere of the place, is more influential as the product itself in the purchasing decision. In some cases, the atmosphere is the primary product.” – (Kotler, 1973, p. 48) Scent marketing is becoming an incredible tool as brands discover the role scent plays in connecting with customers on an emotional  level. Research has shown that  people remember 35% of what they smell , compared with only  5% of what they see ,  2% of what they hear  and  1% of what they touch . PowerPoint Presentation: TOP 10 SMELLS WHICH MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY  Freshly baked bread 2.    Clean sheets 3.    Freshly mown grass 4.    Fresh flowers 5.    Freshly ground coffee 6.    Fresh air after rain fall 7.    Vanilla 8.    Chocolate 9.    Fish & Chips 10. Bacon frying PowerPoint Presentation: Barista – The sparkling new baby in the Coffee Chain Sector Barista coffee was establishes in 1999 with the aim of identifying growth opportunities in the coffee business. Barista exists in over 22 cities, and operates over 140 outlets nationally. In the last 2 years, Barista has opened over 100 outlets in the country and with a new outlet opening nationally every 14 dates. Barista ensures the 4 M's are in place: La Machine: The Machine La Miscela : The Blend La Macinatura : The Grinding La Manualità : Your Touch PowerPoint Presentation: Questionnaire for Barista Lavazza Kolkata Coffee Retail Outlets Please mark the correct answer with Bold Font 1> Barista is using marketing techniques (as music, scent) to promote service and in-stay experience. Not at all (1) 2 3 4 5 (very much) 2>Which sense are stimulated most with these branding techniques? Sight ( light,color,décor ) Hearing ( music,sound ) Touch (consumers can touch the product) Taste (consumers can taste the product) Smell (perfumes, odors, fragrance) 3> Barista is aware of sensory branding concepts? Not at all (1) 2 3 4 5 (very much) 4> Barista is using odors or perfumes inside the Coffee Shops? Y N PowerPoint Presentation: 5> If “No”, why? ( You can choose more than one option) i) It is too expensive ii) It is too difficult to use iii) I don’t find it that interesting iv) I am not aware of this practice so I never thought of using it v) Others (please specify) 6> Do you agree with the following statements: a) Barista is using odor to create an atmosphere Totally Disagree(1) 2 3 4 Totally Agree(5) b) Barista is using odor to make people enter the Coffee Shop Totally Disagree(1) 2 3 4 Totally Agree(5) c) Barista is using odor to reinforce the brand image Totally Disagree(1) 2 3 4 Totally Agree(5) d) Barista is using odor to create a unique “in-stay” experience Totally Disagree(1) 2 3 4 Totally Agree(5) e) Barista is using odor so that customers can differentiate between brands Totally Disagree(1) 2 3 4 Totally Agree(5) PowerPoint Presentation: The researcher filled this questionnaire visiting more than 15 Barista outlet in Kolkata. The result is surprisingly encouraging. More than 80% of the total retail outlets managers agreed that aroma of freshly grounded coffee has actually helped to rose sales. In fact the customers are feeling the comfort during their “in-stay” experience and are much relaxed and rejuvenated. More than 75% of the customers are actually making a repeat visit to the respective Barista coffee outlets. More than 90% of the customers could actually relate to Barista when they think about having a cup of coffee. PowerPoint Presentation: Suggestions & Recommendations The Indian market is yet to utilize the hugely potential scent branding. Though there are a few organizations that are currently using scent branding, however a major chunk of the retail coffee industry is yet to understand the power of olfactory branding on a serious note. Barista could utilized the air conditioned ducts to spray a dedicated brand of fragrance in all their retail coffee chain outlets so that every time the customers visit these coffee outlets they could feel that familiar fragrance and ultimately this aura of scent branding would enhance their in-stay experience. What happens in the process is that the viewers could build a loyalty with the brand and whenever they think of sipping a cup of coffee Barista Lavazza comes in their mind. PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion Till date the exploration of olfactory branding for the Indian retail segment is very limited. However the scope for utilizing this powerful branding strategy is unparallel. The Indian brands have also started trying to apply the essence of scent branding. I have tried to provide suggestions for Barista on how to explore this unique strategy in terms of implementing smell in the retail industry and create a brand niche. Through successful implementation of Scent Branding Barista Lavazza could actually prove to be a clear winner in retail coffee chain industry.

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