ICN DTF Dec 2007 Darren Hill

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Information about ICN DTF Dec 2007 Darren Hill

Published on April 24, 2008

Author: Teresa1

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Slide2:  Who Is ICN Formerly the Industrial Supplies Office (ISO) Part of a national network Office in all States, Territories & NZ Professional staff engineering, manufacturing, mining, defence, logistics & commercial, food Slide3:  What ICN Does “Facilitate links in the supply chain between buyers and sellers to maximise local content.” Slide4:  ICN Mission To contribute to increased economic activity and employment for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) by assisting ANZ industries to gain a greater share of domestic and international business opportunities. 60:1 return on funding Slide5:  ICN Services Information and advice on supply chain Tender evaluation Work with supplier to improve capability (through SA Centre For Innovation) Access to a national database of industry capability Slide6:  ICN Services Prescribed authority recognised by Customs Tariff Concession Orders Enhanced Project By-Laws Scheme (EPBS) Supplier Access to Major Projects (SAMP) Slide7:  Why ICN Exist Flow on effect in jobs - $1m retained in SA = 12 jobs Community benefit - $1m retained in SA = $1.3m value added Corporate Social Responsibility Slide8:  Benefits of Using ICN For the BUYER . . . Improving YOUR project deliverables Lower cost of procurement Improved through life support Improved timeliness & quality The commercial decision is yours Confidentiality is assured Slide9:  Benefits of Using ICN For the SUPPLIER . . . Improving capability & market Capacity to compete internationally For the ECONOMY Adding value to South Australia Slide10:  Enhanced Project By-Laws Scheme (EPBS) Duty concession scheme Administered through AusIndustry Preparation and compliance with Australian Industry Participation Plans (AIPP) Slide11:  Infrastructure and construction projects Public sector greater than $5 million Government Business Enterprise greater than $5 million Private sector and GBE where Government contributes more than $2.5 million South Australian Industry Participation Policy Slide12:  Industry participation is about giving full, fair and reasonable opportunity to bid It is not a preference for local companies. The commercial decision remains with the buyer. Industry Participation Plans Slide13:  Common Project Activities Manage the supplier interface Supplier registration of interest (web portal) Listing of work packages Communication of project status to the supplier community Supplier briefings Newsletter updates etc Slide14:  Current Projects Oxiana – Prominent Hill copper-gold project Air Warfare Destroyer South Anzac Underpass Penola Pulp Mill Iluka Resources – Jacinth/Ambrosia heavy mineral sands project Hillgrove – Kanmantoo copper-gold project Tech Port Bakewell Underpass Mobilong Prison Project Team Australia Automotive Penola Pulp Mill Land 121 Tram Extension to North Tce Flinders Medical Centre Upgrade Project Slide15:  Future Projects BHP Billiton – Olympic Dam Expansion Exco Resources – White Dam gold mine Goldstream Mining – Cain Hill. Magnetite/Copper Gold South Port Tunnel Northern Expressway Slide23:  Additional resources at no charge Better quality sourcing Lower costs of supply Reduced risk Delivery on time Project outcomes delivered Development of local supplier base Summary Slide24:  Thank You www.icnsa.org.au Phone: 1300 553 309 Email: info-sa@state.sa.gov.au

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