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Published on March 10, 2014

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OVERCOMING CHALLENGES TREATING CML-BEST PRACTICE GHANA:  OVERCOMING CHALLENGES TREATING CML-BEST PRACTICE GHANA DR. AMMA ANIMA BENNEH Department of Haematology Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Accra, Ghana AIMS OF THE PROJECT:  AIMS OF THE PROJECT To be able to perform molecular testing of CML at our centre. To increase access of tyrosine kinase inhibitors to patients diagnosed with CML. To improve the monitoring of patients on tyrosine kinase inhibitors. To enhance the psychosocial needs of CML patients by forming a Patient Support Group PowerPoint Presentation: Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where our centre is situated is the oldest and biggest of the three teaching hospitals in Ghana. Our centre is the only haematology department in the country. Referrals are thus received from all over the country and also from neighboring countries such as Sierra Leone, Togo and the Ivory Coast. Annual Incidence of CML cases at the centre is 15-20 PowerPoint Presentation: There are currently 60 patients on Glivec at our centre(median age of 40). Diagnosis of CML before February 2013 was by peripheral film and bone marrow aspirate. Patients have access to Imatinib and Nilotinib (second line). Centre has 6 consultant haematologists with 6 residents in training. WHY THE PROJECT?:  WHY THE PROJECT? Prior to undertaking the project there was no facility for molecular testing at our centre. Molecular testing for diagnosis of CML which had to be done in South Africa was very expensive ($600). Access to tyrosine kinase inhibitors was limited due to the cost of molecular diagnosis.  Effective monitoring of patients on tyrosine kinase was not possible due to cost of molecular testing. There was also the need to address the psychosocial needs of CML patients seen at the centre. THE JOURNEY :  THE JOURNEY Proposal sent to ERSAP diagnosis and testing program grant and also application to ERSAP preceptorship program. Fortunately our centre was awarded a grant of $10,000 and I had the opportunity of having my preceptorship at OHSU. Taking advantage of the ERSAP preceptorship program and other fora one was able to advocate and also hold discussions with various key stakeholders(Max, ICMLf, individuals) whose mission it was to improve the lives of CML patients, especially those in emerging economic regions. PowerPoint Presentation:  The iCMLf, the Max Foundation and Cepheid facilitated access to a GeneXpert instrument for onsite PCR analysis ( molecular testing) at our centre. They chose our centre as one of the sites for GeneXpert Research Project. On-site PCR was now a reality at our centre. After online training and a donation of 50 cartridges by Max Foundation, our centre started performing PCR analysis on 15 th February, 2013. IMPACT SO FAR:  IMPACT SO FAR PCR testing has now become more affordable and diagnosis and monitoring of patients on TKI has now become so much easier. 25 new eligible patients have been enrolled in GIPAP within the last 10 months after on-site PCR analysis . Hitherto an average of 8 eligible patients who were able to afford PCR analysis were able to join the GIPAP program annually. 55% of the patients have been able to repeat their PCR after starting therapy. Hitherto only 10 could afford to do so from 2007 to 2012. Also 7 patients were able to do mutational analysis(samples sent to South Africa) and 2 people were also partially and fully supported respectively to do PCR testing( iCMLf grant). The centre has been able to purchase more cartridges through the Max Foundation for the GeneXpert instrument, an indication that molecular testing at our centre is sustainable. PowerPoint Presentation: Psychosocial needs of patients diagnosed with disease especially a malignancy cannot be overemphasized. CML Patient Support Group has thus been formed, the first Patient Support Group at our centre. Friendships have been established, experiences have been shared and words of encouragement have been exchanged among the members. Interaction with other leaders from other countries to discuss and make decisions concerning CML patients in Africa through workshops organized by Max foundation, iCMLf and other stakeholders. This group will not only help local members but also enhance collaborations with other CML patients in other countries. KEY LEARNING POINTS:  KEY LEARNING POINTS The ability to perform onsite molecular testing makes a huge difference to the management of CML. Not only is the testing more affordable but effective monitoring of the patients can also be done. More eligible patients with CML can also have access to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. It is possible to sustain on-site molecular testing with careful planning and prudent financial practices. Having a Patient Support Group enhances the management of CML patients; relationships among patients are formed, problems are shared and solutions are sought with the help of other members in the group. NEXT STEPS:  NEXT STEPS To be able to build up capacity at our centre to perform mutational analysis on patients who become imatinib resistance or have disease progression.   To strengthen the Patient Support Group in order make it a powerful advocacy group in Ghana and also encourage collaborations with other patient groups locally and internationally.  To understand and address the psychosocial needs of CML patients in order to obtain a holistic approach to the management of patients with CML.     Conclusion: Conclusion Onsite PCR testing at our centre has taken the management of CML at our centre to another new level. Many more patients now have access to TKI and can be effectively monitored. Patient support groups go a long way to address the psychosocial needs of patients. Training, Funding and the Organization of workshops by various stakeholders definitely goes a long way to enhance the management of CML all over the world. ACKNOWLEGEMENTS:  ACKNOWLEGEMENTS iCMLf Max Foundation Novartis Cepheid OHSU (Dr. Brian Druker, Dr. Michael Mauro and Dr. Richard Press) All doctors and nurses of the Department of Haematology, KBTH for together as a team we help make the lives of our patient a better one. PowerPoint Presentation:  THANK YOU

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