iCloud Login Guide

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Information about iCloud Login Guide

Published on June 19, 2016

Author: jrjong

Source: slideshare.net

1. iCloud Login Guide

2. Table of Content  About iCloud  iCloud Sign up  iCloud Login/Sign in  Forgot iCloud password?  Useful links

3.  Free online cloud storage with 15GB data space available.  One of the best Apple product launched in Oct 12 2011. Over 100 million users. Available in all iSO device , mac and desktop. iCloud id is your Apple id.  Sync your iOS device and store/share all your photos, videos, contacts, notes, music, mails, calendar and many.

4. iCloud Sign up  Sign up for iCloud either from desktop or iOS device.  Open iCloud on web browser or go to iCloud from settings of your Apple device.  Click “Don’t have an Apple ID? Create yours now.” on PC and “Create a new Apple ID” on iOS device.  Fill all the empty information boxes. Click “Continue” to complete the sign up process.

5. iCloud Sign up From Phone From PC

6. 1 2 3 iCloud Sign up

7. iCloud Login/Sign in  Go to its web page from your pc browser or open iCloud on your iOS device.  Enter Apple ID/email address and password.  Hit “Sign In” button.  Now you are redirected to your iCloud homepage.

8. iCloud Login/Sign in From PC From Phone

9. iCloud homepage

10. Forgot iCloud password?  You can recover your forgotten iCloud password.  Click “Forgot Apple ID or Password?”  Type your Apple ID/email address.  Enter to continue. If you forgot your Apple Id then just click on “Forgot Apple ID”.

11. From PC From Phone Forgot iCloud password?

12. From Phone From PC

13. Useful links  www.icloudloginguide.com  www.apple.com/support/icloud

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