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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: miloung


Slide1: Europa in false and true color What is Europa?:  What is Europa? Europa is one of those moons that has had scientists stumped for years. Europa is a moon of Jupiter. From what we know now, scientists think that below the moon’s icy crust, there is an ocean that may contain life! Hopefully, Icexplorer-The Europa Mission will help us learn more about this fascinating moon. I want to::  I want to: Land on Europa Map Europa Lower an instrumental “box” into a geyser hole Take measurements of the ice with a rover Picking the Landing Site:  Picking the Landing Site The Orbiter will orbit, mapping, until it finds a geyser. It will then aim the lander at the geyser and “let go”. EDL (Entry Descent & Landing):  EDL (Entry Descent & Landing) Lander is ejected from orbiter Brake Rockets fire for 1sec. every 1/2 minute 10m. above the surface Brake Rockets fire until dead Lander unfolds Slide6: Slide7: Ice rafting Thera & Thrace Macula Pwyll Crater Impact structures

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Europa in false and true color What is Europa? I want to: Land on Europa Map Europa ...
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