ICEMULE Coolers Offers Hands-Free, Collapsible Cooler Backpacks

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Information about ICEMULE Coolers Offers Hands-Free, Collapsible Cooler Backpacks

Published on October 16, 2018

Author: icemulecoolers


slide 1: ICEMULE Coolers Ofers Hands-Free Collapsible Cooler Backpacks ICEMULE Coolers has created cooler bags that eliminate the most cumbersome issues one runs into when using a hard container cooler. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying a big empty container around once you’ve enjoyed its contents and having to dedicate one if not two hands to carry your cooler load. ICEMULE Coolers creates high-quality cooler bags that are perfect for everything from hiking trips to beach days multi-day camping excursions to tailgating. There are several features that set the brand’s products apart from most traditional coolers such as their durable supportive straps for easy hands-free carrying and the ability to collapse the cooler—be it a mini ICEMULE Classic™ or an XXL ICEMULE Pro™. Products from ICEMULE Coolers will keep your ice and beverages cold for over 24 hours up to several days depending on the model. slide 2: Here are more details about these features and other benefts of ICEMULE Coolers’ products which makes it so they have the best backpack cooler for families outdoor enthusiasts and more: IM AirValve™ This bit of proprietary technology is what allows ICEMULE Coolers’ customers to release air from their cooler bag so they can roll it up when not in use and also what’s responsible for being able to add more air to the insulation layer when needed. You don’t want to have to carry around a bulky container cooler—you shouldn’t have to store one either. The IM AirValve™ will help keep your beverages insulated and cold on the way up and allow you to lessen your load on the way down—plus minimize the space required for storage. PolarLayer™ Insulation ICEMULE Coolers’ proprietary technology also includes their PolarLayer™ Insulation a unique foam that aids in keeping the contents of your cooler bag cold for over 24 hours. Between this foam and being able to add air for extra insulation you can trust that your cooler bag from ICEMULE will keep what’s within cold and safe no matter how long your journey. Durable Shoulder Straps By adding straps to their cooler bags ICEMULE Coolers created a very convenient dependable hands-free insulated backpack cooler. By eliminating the need to use one or two hands to carry a cooler around their products have helped out everyone from hikers who need their hands to navigate to mothers who already have their hands quite full. The straps on ICEMULE Coolers’ bags vary depending on the model from one across-body strap to two straps like a backpack but all ofer padding and support to help you carry the load. ICEMULE Coolers sells durable dependable cooler bags that go the distance. Comfortable to carry and with incredible ice retention their products keep your beverages and food cold so you stay nourished and refreshed whether you’re on a brief hike or a multi-day excursion. Browse their best-selling soft coolers at

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