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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: MrWaugh7


Otzi  Update   November    2010   Nine  hour  autopsy  took  place.   Early  results  issued  June  2011  

•  Importance  –scienAfic  value   •  Age  -­‐  carbon  daAng  proved  that  he  had  lived   some  5,300  years  ago.   •   Also  the    'wet'  nature  of  the  mummificaAon   process   •  Rare  case  in  which  mummificaAon  took  place   by  dehydraAon  before  the  body  became   embedded  in  glacier  ice  

•  2001  radiologist  Paul  Gostner  idenAfied   previous  thought  of  shadowing  as  an  arrow   head    (leP  shoulder).   •  Since  then  a  full  CT  (computed  tomography)   scan  confirmed  that  the  arrowhead  tore   through  a  major  artery.   •   Gostner  also  confirmed  that  Ötzi  received  a   blow  to  the  head.        

Death   •  Forensic  evidence  indicated  that  he  was  shot  in   the  back  by  a  distant  assailant  at  a  lower   elevaAon.   •  He  was  then  struck  on  the  head  and  fell  on  his   back,  where  he  died.     •  Finally,  the  murderer  rolled  Ötzi  onto  his  front,   with  his  arm  folded  under  his  body,  and  tugged   the  arrow  shaP  from  where  it  was  lodged  his   back.   •  Arrow  would  have  caused  internal  bleeding  and  a   rapid,  shock-­‐related  cardiac  arrest.  

Ötzi’s  body  and  the  evidence   •  Hand   •  LeP  hand  has  a  number  of  parAally  healed  deep  cuts,   likely  inflicted  several  days  before  death.   •  self-­‐defence  wounds  and  suggest  he  was  involved  in   conflict.   •  Supports  in  part  Splinder’s  disaster  theory  (1995).  Had     a  fight  the  valley  and  had  fled  into  the  mountains  and   was  in  the  process  of  fashioning  a  longbow  and  quiver   when  he  was  killed.    

•  around  46  years  of  age.     •  Good  condiAon  for  a  man  of  his  era.   •  Eyes  blue   •  Stomach  appeared  empty   •  over  50  taaoos,  created  by  rubbing  charcoal   into  fine  incisions.   •  Possibly  a  form  of  pain  relief    

•  Forensic  botany:     •  Forensic  botany  found  thirty  different  types  of   pollen  in  his  intesAnes.     •  Time  of  death  is  now  thought  to  be  Spring    -­‐   evidence  pollen  from  the  flowers  of  the  hop   hornbean  tree.     •  In  1994  DNA  analysis  links  him  to  the  living   inhabitants  of  central  Europe.  

But  wait,  new   evidence  has   caused  changes   again!  

Late  2009   •  In  2009  Gostner  suggested  that  they  had   confused  the  colon  with  the  stomach.   •  A  full  stomach  conflicted  with  the  view  that   Otzi  was  fleeing.   •  In  the  iniAal  invesAgaAon  of  the  body  a  large   gash  was  made  across  the  lower  torso  (The   Austrian  window).    

In  late  2010  using  these  entry  points   and  new  technologies  a   comprehensive  autopsy  took  place.    

The  latest   reconstrucAon   of  the  Iceman  

IniAal  findings  -­‐  2011   •  Dark  shadow  in  the  skull  an  internal  clot    -­‐  blow   to  the  head  from  being  hit  or  hieng  the  ground   aPer  being  shot.   •  CT  scan  –  arrow  pieced  a  major  artery  death   almost  immediate.   •  Related  to  southern  not  central  Europeans.   •  Chemical  traces  in  his  bones  and  teeth  indicated   he  grew  up  northeast  of  Bolzano,  possibly  in  the   Isarco  River  Valley,  and  spent  his  adulthood  in   the  Venosta  Valley.  

•  Not  fleeing  –  had  a  large  and  leisurely  meal   resAng  in  a  spot  protected  from  the  wind.   •  He  was  unaware  of  any  danger.     •  ExaminaAon  of  genes  now  indicate  he  had  brown   hair  and  eyes.     •  ParAally  healed  hand  injury,  suggesAve  of  a   defensive  wound  from  an  earlier  fight.   •  Earliest  known  human  infected  by  the  bug  that   causes  Lyme  disease.   •  Likely  lactose  intolerant.  

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