Iceman evidence of the body itself

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Information about Iceman evidence of the body itself

Published on March 21, 2014

Author: MrWaugh7


Review  Ac)vity:   1.  list  as  many  artefacts  of   Iceman  as  you  can  (items  of   clothing  and  equipment)     Be  as  detailed  as  you  can.   2.  What  was  the  name  of  the   Alps  where  Otzi  was  found?    

Reconstruc)ng  Iceman’s   Iden)ty     Based  on  the  evidence  we  have  on   his  body  

How  the  body  was  preserved  and  not   destroyed  by  the  glacial  flow   The  body   Step  1.  Iceman  and  belongings  fell  in  between   rocks.  These  rocks  created  a  crevice  or  trench   which  would  later  keep  the  Iceman  and  his   artefacts  from  being  pulled  down  into  the  glacier.   Step  2.  Body  dried  out  in  sun  and  wind   Step  3.  Later  buried  by  15  feet  of  snow  and  ice      

The Body •  Well preserved natural mummified body of a man. •  Height 1’6 metres (5 ft 5 in), Age: 40 -53 (most believe 46) - determine by bone analysis. •  Thin -50kgs, when found it was 38kgs

•  Left arm strange position, head - pressure mark on back.This and scattered arrow parts - ice melted body & gear floated then re-iced •  Ribs distorted - first theory damaged before death - fight? Later view - damaged done by ice pressure after death. Also, if this is correct body must moved after death.

•  Hair - traces of arsenic & copper –  First theory worked as a copper smelting.  –  How changed: copper traces from copper mosses on the rocks he laid on. •  Stomach - remains of two meals, last 6 to 8 hours before death. •  Meals - grains (bread), meat and fruits •  Discovery of pollen of the hop- hornbeam proved that time of death – SPRING not Autumn.

Initial reconstruction: •  Isotope analyses of hair indicated either a life long vegetarian or gained most of his protein from seafood - both unlikely. This understanding changed when meat was found in stomach

Tattoos Evidence •  57 •  Some near or on acupuncture points. Initial interpretation:  •  Initially thought they had some religious significance How our understanding has changed:  •  May have been treated for lymes disease or suffered from arthritis.

Wounds 2001, a second CAT scan revealed a arrowhead lodged in shoulder which had not been detected in the 1994 examination.

Defensive cuts Autopsy in 2002 found cuts on right hand, one deep.

Reconstruc)ng  Iceman’s  society   1.  Watch  the  youtube  clip.   2.  Write  down  three  sentences  about  what  life  was   like  for  the  Natufians  during  the  Stone  Age     3.  Think  about  Iceman’s  clothing  and  equipment,   what  clues  does  it  give  us  about  the  kind  of   society  he  came  may  have  come  from?     From  examining  Iceman’s  body  and  artefacts  what  can  we   learn  about  the  society  or  village  he  may  have  come  from?  

Ini)al  thoughts   •  He  was  a  hiker,  caught  out  by  a  storm     •  Found  near  a  mountain  pass  between  the   North  (modern  day  Austria)  and  the  South   (modern  day  Italy)   •  Could  have  come  from  a  stone  age  seSlement   close  by   •  BUT:  which  direcVon  was  he  headed?  How  did   scienVsts  work  this  out?    

Where  he  came  from   New  Evidence:   Hop  Hornbeam  pollen  found  in  gut,   from  a  type  of  tree.       InformaVon  it   revealed:   He  died  in  Spring.  It   only  grows  the  Schnal   &  Vinschgau  Vallies,   south  of  the  Alps.     New  Evidence:   Two  types  of  moss  found  on   Icemans  clothing;  Neckera   complanta  and  Anomodon   vi2culosus     InformaVon  it  revealed:   Grew  on  rocks  in  shady   woodlands,  South  of  where   he  was  found   Based  on  the  work  of  Klaus  Ogle,  archo-­‐botanVst,  University   of  Innsbruck     Iceman  probably  came  from  a  stone  age  village  in   Southern  Italy    

Ac)vi)es   +  Use  the  South  Tyrol  Museum  Website  to:   1.  Find  out  the  name  of  the  cultural  group  that   archaeologists  think  Iceman  came  from   (evidence  used  to  support  this  idea).   2.  Find  out  the  name  of  the  village  he  may  have   come  from  (evidence  used)   3.  List  three  features  of  the  society,  economy   and  religion  of  Icemans  village  (evidence   used)    

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