Icelandic Mid-Winter Feast: "þorramatur" and "þorrablót"

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Information about Icelandic Mid-Winter Feast: "þorramatur" and "þorrablót"

Published on January 30, 2014

Author: travel_Iceland



One of Iceland ́s favourite festivals is “Þorrablót”
or the Mid-Winter Feast starting at the end of January and going on until mid February. What is the Icelandic Mid-Winter Feast? Here we'll tell you what the menu consists of and where you can get it

Icelandic Mid-Winter Feast

! One of Iceland´s favourite festivals is “Þorrablót” or the Mid-Winter Feast. ! Photo Credit: fjords via Compfight cc

What is the Icelandic MidWinter Feast? During the month of Þorrinn the Icelandic people celebrate their heritage through singing, dancing and the consumption of the traditional Viking food (in all honesty, we embrace the chance of having a reason to party). ! The food consists of different versions of animal parts, either fermented in lactic acid, rotten, salted or soured. ! Even though most Icelanders, do indulge in the traditional food at least once a year, not many foreigners nor the younger generation of Icelanders like the food. ! ! So what does the menu consists of? Read on… "3

The Menu ! •Sheep’s head jelly, •Blood pudding •Liver pudding •Ram’s testicles cured in lactic acid •Breast of lamb •Seal flippers or loins pressed and cured in lactic acid •Fermented shark •Pork jelly •Sheep’s head •Dried fish •Salted lamb with milk sauce •Horse meat (fresh and smoked) •Traditional herring •Cooked rye bread •Brennivín (Burning Wine) which goes also under the name “black death” ! Yummy, right! ! Photo Credit: redcrowstudio via Compfight cc "4

Where can you have a taste of the Icelandic Feast? 
 OK, even though the menu does not make your taste buds water, the food will make them dance! This is a nice celebration and the food is well worth trying, well if for nothing else, at least just for the experience. ! You can check if you have a local Icelandic heritage club in your area. If you are in Iceland at the end of January until mid February we’d recommend that you visit one of these restaurants:
 1. Fjörukráin - does not only have the traditional Icelandic Winter Feast menu but it also has the full-on viking atmosphere. It is approximately a 10 minute drive from Reykjavík, located in Hafnarfjördur. You could use the opportunity and check out the elves in the area. ! 2. Potturinn og Pannan - a down-to-earth restaurant that has served the Icelanders traditional food for ages, or as they say about themselves: “An authentic Icelandic restaurant with nice family atmosphere”. It is located downtown, close to the city centre. ! Bon Appétit!"5

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