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Published on August 17, 2007

Author: egs



This visual story of how ice build up can sink a ship is useful to think about how we allow "stuff" to build up in our homes!

This is the Full Circles logo circa 2007

These are pictures taken from the Coast Guard ship Sir William Alexander taken during the search for “El Loda Cash”, a fishing boat which sank in the Bay of Fundy a few years back. Heavy ice buildup probably sank El Loda. Looking at the ice build up on Sir William Alexander, you can see why. A tragic event. It could happen to YOU! Scary!? Watch and see how!













Think of your home as a ship… … just like that coastguard icebreaker … a vessel on which you make YOUR journey.

You travel through time on your trip, your journey… … the journey which is your life and your family’s life.

It’s easy to let your “ship” get weighed down with unnecessary “ice” as you make your long journey. This next slide shows a junk room in a typical young couple’s house. It’s 300 sq ft of no longer wanted, unused, abandoned toys and kid stuff. More than 10% of the floor space of this couple’s “ship”…. Completely clogged with unwanted, unused stuff – “ice” – out of sight and out of mind.


Get a lifetime FullCircles habit… Watch for ice-buildup on your ship…continuously! Chip off that surplus “stuff” – toys, clothes, books, and all that other “stuff”. Give it away on FullCircles . Get it out! Don’t let that ice build up and sink your “ship”. Remember, there are always many folks in your circles – friends, families, neighbours, co-workers – at different stages of their lives who actually want , would welcome , and would actually USE and value that unwanted stuff. Travel lightly… use FullCircles … ottawa

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