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Information about iBooks Author and iTunesU

Published on January 28, 2016

Author: gberthiaume

Source: slideshare.net

1. iBooks Author and iTunes U Gayle Berthiaume

2. My Global Voice Publishing with iBooks Author

3. Cork, Ireland

4. Why Use iBooks Author?

5. My Global Voice Student Examples

6. My Global Voice Creating with iBooks Author

7. My Global Voice

8. My Global Voice

9. My Global Voice Resources

10. Steps to Create an Interactive Book Using iBooks Author on your Mac: 1. Choose one of the included templates and edit them to fit your needs. If you don’t want a picture where the template has it, just click on the template picture and delete it. Anything in the template can be changed, just click on what you don’t want and delete it. Then go to the File menu and Save as a Template to save your new template. 2. Add content including pictures, video, text, links and interactive widgets. 3. Create a glossary from the text and add definitions. Click on the Glossary in the sidebar of iBooks Author. Then Click on the + to add a term. Click on the Lorem ipsum text in the template to change it to your own text. 4. Preview the book on your iPad at any time. To preview your book, connect an iPad to your computer and open iBooks. Select your iPad in the Devices list and click Preview. Books are only viewed on an iPad. 5. Share the book with others. In the Share Menu, select Send as Email or Export. Adding Text: • Type text into the iBooks Author template or copy and paste from other sources • Drag and drop a Pages document to the book navigator to add it as a new section. • Drag and drop Microsoft Word documents to the book navigator to add it as a new section. • Add Links to your text by selecting the text for your link, then going to the Insert Menu > Hyperlink. Or use the Link Inspector and Enable your text as a hyperlink. Page 1 iBooks Author Step GuideMy Global Voice

11. My Global Voice Publishing Your Multi-Touch books On Your Own (Exporting as iBooks, PDF or Text) There are a variety of ways that you can publish or distribute your Multi-Touch book. This handout shows you how you can distribute it on your own. !! Exporting*your*Multi/Touch*book Step!1: Have!your!book!open!as!if!you!were! going!to!edit!it. Step!2: Go!under!File!in!the!menu!bar!and!select! Export. Step!3: Decide!if!you!would!like!to!export!as! iBooks,!PDF!or!Text. ____________________________________ Exporting!as!iBooks Exporting!in!this!Iile!format!allows!you! to!share!your!MultiKTouch!book!with!all! of!the!interactive!capabilities.!!End!users! will!be!able!to!watch!any!videos!you! have!included!or!utilize!any!of!the!other! interactive!features.!!You!might!want!to! publish!in!this!format!if!you!just!want!to! share!the!book!with!a!few!individuals,!or! you!would!like!to!get!some!feedback! prior!to!publishing!in!the!iBookstore.!! Once!exported!in!this!Iile!format,!you!can! share!with!end!users!via!drop!box!or!in!a! variety!of!other!ways.

12. My Global Voice Global Awareness Resources

13. How did you do? ? 1 2 3 I used good pictures or videos. I could have had better pictures or videos. I forgot to add pictures or videos. My story is done and easy to understand My story needs more details. My story is not finished. I remembered my capitals and punctuation. I remembered most of my capitals and punctuation. I forgot to add capitals and punctuation. My story is told in order. A little bit in my story is mixed up. My story is all mixed up. I used my imagination. I used my imagination a little. I had trouble using my imagination. iBooks Author RubricMy Global Voice Name

14. iBooks Author RubricMy Global Voice CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Score Clear, Well- developed Ideas Publishing Organization Media & Interactivities Creativity Sources The story or project is told with exactly the right amount of detail throughout. The writing is good, but needs more details OR less details in one or two sections. The writing needs more editing. It is too long or too short in more than one section. The writing needs a lot more editing to make it interesting. Grammar and usage are correct. There are no spelling or punctuation mistakes. Grammar and usage are mostly correct. There are almost no spelling or punctuation mistakes. Grammar and usage are correct. There are several spelling or punctuation mistakes. Many errors in grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation. Information is very organized with well- written paragraphs and subheadings. Information is organized with well- written paragraphs. Information is organized, but paragraphs are not well-written. Information is disorganized. The media matches the text. The images, videos and interactives enhance or build a better understanding of the subject. The media matches some parts of the text. The images, videos and interactives enhances the story. The media matches the text. The images, videos and interactives do not enhance the story or subject. Little or no attempt to use images, video or interactives to enhance the text or subject. The story or subject matter is told in a creative, imaginative way. The writing is imaginative, but needs more creative details or descriptions. The writing contains a few creative details or descriptions. There is little evidence of creativity or imagination in the writing. All sources are accurately documented and in the appropriate format. All sources are accurately documented, but a few are not in the desired format. All sources are accurately documented, but not in the appropriate format. Some sources are not accurately documented. Name

15. This certifies that Has successfully completed the training program requirement for MY GLOBAL VOICE: PUBLISHING WITH IBOOKS AUTHOR on iTunes U DATE INSTRUCTORS My Global Voice: Publishing with iBooks Author Gayle Berthiaume, Sherri Clemens, Jennifer Fenton, Camilla Gagliolo, Innes Kennard, Rita Mortenson, Harry St. Ours C E R T I F I C A T E of T R A I N I N G Publishing With iBooks AuthorMy Global Voice

16. My Global Voice http://tiny.cc/myglobalvoice

17. My Global Voice ?Questions

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