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Published on February 20, 2008

Author: Diana


Slide1:  Susie Siegesmund Director, U2 Business IBM DB2 Information Management EMEA U2 Update May 2004 Agenda:  Agenda Business Update On Demand, Enterprise Integration & U2 Product Updates 2003 Achievements:  2003 Achievements U2 business grew in a down economy Moved to IBM systems Engineering UniVerse 10.1 Moved RedBack & SB engineering to Denver Released SB+/SBClient 5.3.3 Began building QA suite for SB Developed performance testing tool for RedBack wIntegrate 5.1.3 Plan Approval for UniData 6.1/7.1 Customer satisfaction 90% U2 Partner Extranets developed Web site redesign 2004 Changes: Consolidation of Software Group Pillars:  2004 Changes: Consolidation of Software Group Pillars DB2 Information Management WebSphere Tivoli Lotus Rational IBM Software Group Slide5:  Internal Focus: Shared Capabilities of IBM Software Portfolio Lotus WebSphere DB2 Tivoli Rational Re-factor to SWG Product Offerings Lotus Tivoli WebSphere DB2 Innovate Incubate Innovate Incubate Innovate Incubate Innovate incubate Innovate Incubate Shared Components Product Specific Investment Shared Capabilities Base Product Componentization Product Offerings Rational Slide6:  External Focus: Software Solution Sales Through Partners Product Specific Investment Product Specific Investment Base Product Best-of-Breed Capabilities Best-of-Breed Components Partner Solutions Product Specific Investment DB Partner Solution New Program Offerings Express Products Websphere Partner Solution Tivoli Partner Solution Lotus Partner Solution Express versions of products to meet developers’ needs Growth Opportunity:  Growth Opportunity +$1.8B Partners SMB = Small to Medium Business = Companies with < 1000 employees This is the market for U2 applications! Slide8:  SMB is a $300B market opportunity Medium business represents 58%, or $173B (Source: AMI Partners & IBM Market Intelligence, 2003) Medium business is a corporate-wide IBM Market priority IBM delivers enabling technology and products, and goes to market with Business Partners to deliver solutions that help the medium business become on demand IBM's Express portfolio of offerings are designed, developed and priced for medium business Solution purchases drive over half of this market 65% of the products purchased by medium business companies are part of solutions (IDC) Business Partners are central to current and future IBM success in this marketplace IBM Small and Medium Business Advantage initiative provides support for Business Partners Source: $173 Billion per AMI Partners7 50K Enterprises $173 Billion 500K Enterprises Millions of Enterprises Small 1-999 Medium 100-999 Large 1000+ IT Market Opportunity Enabling Technology and Products Infrastructure Solutions Business Solutions The Opportunity: Small to Medium Business IBM U2 for SMB:  IBM U2 for SMB Low total cost of ownership High performance Market Growth Continued development Delivering enabling technology Application modernization Recommended for embedded database in solutions Partnerships for Application Leadership Slide10:  Collateral available on web site Slide11:  “IBM U2 information management products offer an extended-relational database platform ideal for embedding in vertical applications.” Slide13:  Advertising for market pull, not products U2 User Group:  U2 User Group Newly formed, Non-Profit International, U2-Specific User Group Independent of IBM IBM Adjunct Member of Board Sharing of Information Taking over u2-users mailing list function Web-based U2 Forums Newsletter Planning for General User Meeting at DM Tech Con Regional Groups Forming IBM IM Technical User Conference:  IBM IM Technical User Conference September 19-24, Las Vegas, NV 34 U2 Sessions geared toward Technical and Business Users 2 free U2 Tutorials on Sunday, September 19th U2-Users Group General Meeting on Sunday, September 19th Register by August 2nd, for $150 Early Bird Discount Price: $1695 with Discount; $1845 without 4.5 days See: For all U2-related Events Slide19:  Susie Siegesmund On Demand, Enterprise Integration & U2 On Demand Business:  An on demand business is an enterprise whose business processes—integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers—can respond with speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. On Demand Business — Sam Palmisano, IBM Chairman and CEO Enterprises everywhere are embracing e-business but are facing tough integration challenges:  Enterprises everywhere are embracing e-business but are facing tough integration challenges Access Publish Transact Integrate Internally Integrate Externally Adapt Dynamically On Demand Enterprise Integration Access Maintaining Balance:  Maintaining Balance IT Challenge: Deploy and Apply Technology to Address Business Challenges Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Increasing Service Levels More Security & Resiliency Breakthrough Enabled by Technology:  Breakthrough Enabled by Technology New business designs are emerging to enable companies and institutions to be more productive and responsive to whatever the world throws at them. The On Demand Operating Environment:  The On Demand Operating Environment Integrated Autonomic Virtualized Open On Demand Business Attributes:  On Demand Business Attributes Responsive in real-time Customers require flexibility to rapidly address: New business requirements Changes in their business model and design Changes in their relationship with suppliers, partners, customers, etc. ... while leveraging existing investments Driving return on investment Improving productivity Reducing cost Focused on what’s core and differentiating Differentiating tasks & assets Tightly integrated strategic partners Integrated from demand to delivery Moving towards real-time business models Resilient around the world, around the clock Small & Medium Business Customers Each industry faces its own challenges…:  Small & Medium Business Customers Each industry faces its own challenges… HEALTH CARE Rising Labor Costs Rising Administrative Costs Regulation Patient Care Quality Resource utilization AUTO PARTS SUPPLIERS Powerful customers / OEM Requirements Competition/Consolidation Volatile Demand Inventory Costs Overcapacity …and so on… FABRICATION AND ASSEMBLY Inventory Costs Product Costs Order Fulfillment Time Product Quality Time to Market BANKING Deregulation Competition (Large Bank/Non-Bank) Regulation/Risk & Fraud Revenue Growth Cost Reduction Slide28:  Flexibility and Choice Amassed IT Investment is Huge Operational Infrastructures are Heterogeneous Business Realities require Expansion of IT Capabilities ... while leveraging existing investments "Legacy" Systems Hosted Services Databases and Storage Devices Windows Linux AIX Solaris HP-UX OS/400 OS/390 z/OS Directories Packaged Applications Browsers, .Net Clients, Java Clients Marketplaces ... via Adapters & Connectors ... via Open Standards Industry Partners Slide29:  Requirement: Open Standards Windows Linux AIX Solaris HP-UX OS/400 OS/390 z/OS tm IBM contributed $40M of initial Eclipse IDE technology IBM is #1 commercial investor in Linux IBM contributed to 80% of J2EE IBM led or co-led the creation of Web Services foundation technologies ( SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, ...) IBM helped form Apache SW Foundation IBM provides free XML technology to developers via alphaWorks and developerWorks HTML XML XQuery Open Source J2EE Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI…) To support heterogeneous infrastructures To leverage the industry ecosystem To enable faster integration (i.e. improving time to value & increasing responsiveness to customers) Slide30:  There is tremendous momentum around Linux generating customer interest Are you worried about Microsoft’s upgrade and licensing strategy? IBM and Linux Momentum Continues Unlike Microsoft, IBM software on Linux provides a platform built on open standards which runs across heterogeneous environments Unlike Oracle, IBM software on Linux provides a comprehensive range of software at lower cost Unlike BEA and CA, IBM software on Linux provides a comprehensive range of software combined with Linux credibility and experience Don’t you want an alternative? Are you ready? You should be. Linux: The Game Changer:  Linux: The Game Changer UNIX-like operating system Supported by a global community Unprecedented flexibility © 2003 IBM Corporation Established and Growing:  Established and Growing IDC Server Market Forecaster September 2002 Other Windows Linux Server Shipments by OS % Growth Linux CAGR 35% © 2003 IBM Corporation Linux Value:  Linux Value Source: IBM Market Research 2002 © 2003 IBM Corporation IBM’s Linux Portfolio:  IBM’s Linux Portfolio IBM eServer Personal Systems Clusters Blades Storage Systems Consulting/Services Rational WebSphere Lotus Domino Lotus iNotes IBM Java Virtual Machine Linux Virtual Services DB2, U2, IDS Tivoli © 2003 IBM Corporation IBM’s Software Strategy:  Integrated Middleware Enables On Demand Business Middleware Integration Platform Customer & Partner Applications Multi-Platform Servers Storage Network Systems Integration Layer Application Integration Layer Processes Finance Retail Distri- bution Teleco. Manu- facturing + + + Legacy & Strategic Appl’s. Customer Relationship Management Product Lifecycle Mgmt. Value Chain Mgmt. Enterprise Resource Planning IBM’s Software Strategy Scalable Modular Flexible Standards-based Reliable Information on demand:  Information on demand Integrated Information Infrastructure Customer & Partner Applications Multi-Platform Servers Storage Network Systems Integration Layer Application Integration Layer Processes Finance Retail Distri- bution Teleco. Manu- facturing + + + Legacy & Strategic Appl’s. Customer Relationship Management Product Lifecycle Mgmt. Value Chain Mgmt. Enterprise Resource Planning A Seamless Flow of Information… Scalable Modular Flexible Standards-based Reliable Insights about On Demand Businesses :  Insights about On Demand Businesses 1 2 The need for flexibility and innovation forces increased componentization of the overall business and its processes Applications evolve on a parallel path— becoming increasingly modular 3 Simplification of the underlying IT infrastructure is required to support the changes in the business The Opportunities for an On Demand Breakthrough :  The Opportunities for an On Demand Breakthrough Increasing flexibility is the key—business models, processes, infrastructure, plus financing and delivery Leverages existing assets Enables integration Infrastructure design matches business design Modular Built for change Standards-based Create strategic advantage through differentiation and productivity Integrate partners to increase effectiveness and flexibility Business Processes: Where Business Meets IT:  Business Processes: Where Business Meets IT The highest impact transformation priorities are typically horizontal processes They’re cross-division—and probably cross-company Yet today, elements of the new process are enmeshed in business unit silos and their corresponding monolithic applications and infrastructure Traditional delivery and financing options have limited flexibility Business Processes We need to help you overcome this challenge Horizontally integrated Built to change Componentized Business Processes are the Key :  Componentized Business Processes are the Key The flexibility to treat business processes and the underlying infrastructure as defined components that can be mixed and matched at will What you need: A modular approach to infrastructure (software and server) design, development and execution Why: To deliver the flexibility that’s necessary to deliver on the promise of “processes built to change” How it works: Every application and resource is represented as a service with a standard interface which simplifies its activation and the exchange of information Slide41:  U2 Product Update U2 & Tools :  U2 & Tools XML schema for XML Out XMLDB XML DOM API SOAP client API SSL for UOJ, Telnet, JDBC Performance WebSphere MQ More Secure ODBC Q403 WWSTATE redesign Improve Installation WebSphere Integration .NET support 1Q04 GA 5/28/04 Additional Multi-language Support Security and Administration Developer tool Enhancements Usability Features ’04-’05 Simplified Chinese Support Translation Java Thin Client Java Device Independent Deployment 2004 XML schema for XML Out XMLDB XML DOM API SOAP client API JDBC Scrollable cursors and SSL support Table Relationship Map for ODBC EDA ‘04/’05 Slide43:  IBM U2 databases will receive feature and quality updates every 18-24 months for as long as customers require UniVerse Roadmap Today, all U2 products continue to receive equal or greater level of development investment as prior to acquisition 2003 2006 2008 10.1 11.1 UniVerse: Performance, Security, Standards SSL for UOJ, Telnet, JDBC XML Schema XMLDB / DBXML XML DOM API SOAP Client API WebSphere MQ JDBC Scrollable Cursors Performance Customer Enhancements Enhanced .NET support Web Services standards External Database Access External Metadata Management Table Relationship Mapping for ODBC Integration Open Standards Autonomic Capabilities Customer and Technology Driven Enhancements .next 2005 2007 2004 UniVerse 10.1 Feature Overview:  UniVerse 10.1 Feature Overview Interoperability XML Enhancements Basic Client SOAP API Integration with WebSphere MQ NLS Enhancements Security Extension of SSL Redesign of ODBC Performance Redesign of ODBC Compiler Options, Posix Compliance UCI improvements Multi-threaded sorting Manageability Extend 64-bit file support platforms RESIZE CONCURRENT Customer Enhancements smat –s on Linux platform for problem determination Support for MD5 on Linux (10.0 patch) Add FILE.HELP to product Implement semundo structure Resize System Files Reduce UV footprint Add tunable to change default date interpretation Full Pick/D3 date input functionality via tunable parameter Toggle for ODBC logging UniVerse 10.1 – Generally available 11/15/03 UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability:  UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability XML Enhancements Benefit: Send and Receive XML documents with much more ability to define and traverse the results. Generate XML Schema with XML documents Write XML documents to file Improvements to shredding of XML data New command for bi-directional data transfer XMLDB/DBXML Convert XML data with unlimited nesting levels to multiple database tables, maintaining table relationships Convert data in multiple UniVerse tables to XML with unlimited nesting using defined table relationships Basic DOM API Example: You are exchanging complex XML documents and either want to store in multiple UniVerse tables or simply traverse through those documents quickly to extract the information you need. UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability:  Basic Client SOAP API Generate SOAP requests and Returns results Benefit: Automates communication with a SOAP server Example: Have your UniVerse application request a web service to return given value of a specific stock. UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability Objects UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability:  UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability WebSphere MQ integration in database Benefit: Ability to use IBM message, oriented middleware platform for enterprise application integration Basic API for Client & Server Queue Management Example: You need to pass data from UniVerse to and from an application running on a PDA.                                                                                                                   Send Msg Initialize Terminate Receive Msg Send Request Receive Msg Receive Request Send Response UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability:  UniVerse 10.1 - Interoperability NLS Enhancements (Delivered in UV 10.0 patch release) Benefits: Strengthen ability to use all U2 Clients in multi-byte situations Extend NLS support to sockets API Example: Your UniObjects for Java application speaks Chinese and communicates with your UniVerse English-speaking server. UV 10.1 - Security:  UV 10.1 - Security SSL - Added for Telnet, UniObjects for Java, JDBC (UV 10.0 has this for CallHTTP and Sockets interfaces) Benefit: Secure communication channel between UV and 3rd Party Application Using OpenSSL standard UniVerse Basic API for encryption Digital certificates for endpoint authentication Example: Use SSL to encrypt confidential information like credit card and bank account numbers through even more interfaces. UV 10.1 – Security & Performance:  UV 10.1 – Security & Performance Redesign of UniVerse ODBC Project undertaken to address security audit issues Benefits: More robust, secure communications Performance improvement of at least 35% Example: Banking application requires mechanism for invoking ODBC that does not introduce a security risk. Everyone benefits by a simpler, faster architecture. UniVerse 10.1 - Performance:  UniVerse 10.1 - Performance Compiler Options / Posix Compliance Project to determine best settings for each OS Benefit: Performance Example: Automatically takes advantage of OS features UniVerse 10.1 - Performance:  UniVerse 10.1 - Performance UCI Improvements Streamlined internals Benefit: Better Performance in SQL-based clients Multi-threaded Sorting Benefit: Faster results. Can turn on/off SORT, SSELECT, SELECT BY, SSELECT BY, LIST SQL constructs UV 10.1 – Manageability:  UV 10.1 – Manageability Extend 64-bit file support to Linux & DG Benefits: Handling of very large files as a single physical file in O/S Already available on Tier 1 platforms RESIZE CONCURRENT Benefits: Ability to resize a file while it is being used Increases performance while maintaining availability Slide54:  IBM U2 databases will receive feature and quality updates every 18-24 months for as long as customers require UniData Roadmap Today, all U2 products continue to receive equal or greater level of development investment as prior to acquisition 2002 2004/2005 2006 6.0 6.1/7.1 UniData: Performance, Security, Standards JDBC XML SSL for CallHTTP, UOJ, Telnet WebSphere MQ Replication Euro Support Server Logging UniObjects.NET XML Schema, XMLDB, DOM API SOAP Client API JDBC Scrollable Cursors & SSL SSL for Win Clients(7.1) External Database Access(7.1) External Metadata Management(7.1) Table Relationship Mapping RFS on Windows(7.1) Non-RFS based TP(7.1) Integration Open Standards Autonomic Capabilities Web services standards Customer and Technology Driven Enhancements .next 2008 UniData 6.1 – Summer ’04:  UniData 6.1 – Summer ’04 Enhanced .NET Support XML enhancements XML GUI Mapping Tool Basic SOAP Client API JDBC Scrollable Cursors UCI performance enhancement SSL for JDBC Table Relationship Mapping for ODBC Enhanced .NET Support:  UniObjects .NET Benefit: Enhanced support for .NET Managed Interface Written in C#; Usable by any .NET language Scalable Native Access to U2 for ASP.NET similar to UO, UOJ – share same server Included with U2 Clients Thread-safe and scalable in a multi-threaded environment Configurable by using .NET configuration file app.config web.config .NET integrated trace/logging for better trouble-shooting IntelliSense support High Performance .NET Solution Example: Easily create a scalable .NET application with Native Access to U2 Enhanced .NET Support Also Available in UniVerse 10.0 Client Update – 2H ‘04 XML/DB GUI Mapping Tool:  XML/DB GUI Mapping Tool Initial Delivery in UniVerse 10.0 Client Update – 2H ‘04 Table Relationship Mapping for ODBC:  Enhancement to Schema API Benefit: More effectively used ODBC-based tools Augment existing schema generation Define table to table relationships Give ODBC tools a more comprehensive view of database schema Relationships not enforced Example: Use MS Access to link UniVerse tables with a more complete view of table relationships Table Relationship Mapping for ODBC UniData 7.1 – ‘05:  UniData 7.1 – ‘05 External Database Access XML and SQL Driver Framework for Direct I/O DB2 Driver Optimized Processing based on Database functionality Data Migration Tool Documented interface Metadata for External Tables Metadata management tool RFS for Windows Non-RFS TP External Database Access:  EDA Benefit: Flexible deployment options Leverage existing solutions with minimal change Extensible Open Driver Framework External Metadata management: mapping and data transfer New development on platform of choice Example: Deploy some or all data using DB2 as store External Database Access EDA - Challenges:  EDA - Challenges Mapping variable length, nested table structures to 1NF data stores Schema Mapping and Data Migration Tools Define the schema and map U2 files Cleanse undefined, partially defined or multiple defined data elements Provide options for Virtual field / I-DESC mapping External table metadata management tool EDA - Challenges:  EDA - Challenges I/O interface Common modularized I/O interface A consistent, modular I/O layer must be used to access the data store Allows for an open driver framework Published API’s Allows for “developerworks”, third party enhancements Tightly bound XML / SQL interfaces EDA - Challenges:  EDA - Challenges Maintain the current application performance Optimized run time mapping and execution Take advantage of the U2 Virtual Machine Optimize which operations should be performed by U2 and which operations make more sense to be performed by the target data store External Database Access Architecture:  External Database Access Architecture DB2 Datastore Workstations Key Points Allows for incremental migration over time l Preserves human and financial resource investment in business rules & logic Permits leveraging the best attributes available to each database environment U2 Engine U2 Application DB2 Application UniData Datastore DB2 Server External Database Access Pervasive Devices l l EDA – Objective:  EDA – Objective Provide U2 database technology that, at the I/O level, can redirect I/O to external or alternate data stores using either XML or SQL. Enable technology which would provide access to update, view, delete, etc data in a DB2 data store without requiring a major rewrite of the U2 BASIC application. Deliver technology based on an open driver framework allowing for eventual third party development and deployment to other data stores. EDA – Business Benefits:  EDA – Business Benefits Flexibility to deploy some or all of the data to non-U2 data stores No requirement to migrate all or nothing Migrate what you need, when you need it, where you want it Run your existing applications with minimal changes! New application modules can be developed to leverage specific functionality of the non-U2 data store Take advantage of DB2 UDB Federated capabilities Deploy a new Content Management strategy on DB2 UDB IBM Customer Assurance :  IBM Customer Assurance IBM U2 plus EDA plus DB2 U2 functions as Application Server U2 can continue to serve as data store DB2 can function as the data store IBM Values All of Its Partners and Customers IBM Fosters a Long Term Relationship RedBack and SB+ Engineering:  RedBack and SB+ Engineering May – December 2003: Transfer of development to Denver Transfer of knowledge of internals, build and testing procedures Release RB 4.3.3 and SB 5.3.4 to beta using existing processes 2004: Q1: General release of RB 4.3.3 and SB 5.3.4 Starting in Q2: Bring RB and SB into compliance with IBM U2 development, QA and release processes Goal: improved Quality, Stability, Maintainability Build automated QA suites and stress tests Produce maintenance releases (aka patch releases) at predefined intervals, with higher quality and fewer regressions SB+/SBClient Roadmap:  SB+/SBClient Roadmap 2003 2004 2005 5.3.3 SB+: Interoperability, Usability SSL Support Multi-language Improvements Security and Administration Developer tool enhancements Usability Features 1H05 Web-enablement GUI Enhancements Server-side SBClient Licensing Unattended Installation Client Platform support Customer requests .next Security Admin Improvements CUI/GUI Developer Enhancements SAMBA Support GUI Grid Performance 5.3.4 5.3.6 5.4.x Usability Enhancements Developer Tool Improvements GUI Grid Issues Resolved Text Translation GA 04/04 Imperative Fixes 2006 SB+ Server v5.3.3 – New Features:  SB+ Server v5.3.3 – New Features New SBExplorer (SBX) Capabilities Multiple System ID Navigation… Proc Before/After Opt Slots Execute when option selected, not a branch SBPARM(18) continues to provide menu/option selected Updating of Combos via SB+ Expression Similar to V: validation code Allows for dynamic population GUI re-evaluates upon GetFocus SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements:  SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements ListView Look-up List Items Returned In Order Selected “Download All” option Alleviates the need to prompt the user for “more” Grid Performance and Capabilities Data Population Protocol Changed Up to 50% performance improvement Grid and Non-grid toggles aligned “True” must now be 1st value when V: used CIADE Controlling Field Sortable by click on heading May have focus allowing keyboard navigation Called processes determine row via @CNT New GUI and sbmvclass Object Properties… Resequence Fields option Overrides default screen sequence of fields Supports interleaved GRID rows SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements:  SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements SB Remote Process New status information returned Status Code, Error Message, SB+ return code Background mode process No longer pause on fatal error (eg. INVALID PASSWORD) General GUI-related Changes Preserve GUI Form Pos when Center GUI Screen user setting “NO” HTML Help Display Control… Menu Access To GUI Utilities… Generate GUI Screen Code Option Removed… No longer necessary Matrix Processing and Options <tab> and mouse accepts cells like <enter> Fixed columns/rows by disabling input flag New Process Before/After Insert enables/disables row/column insert SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements:  SB+ Server v5.3.3 – Enhancements Group Security Administration Copy settings across groups, accounts, and systems New root-only RESTRICT.COPY process Allow login/logto un-defined accounts Multi-language Translation Tool Located On Menu User-level Date Formatting Miscellaneous Preserve Selection Criteria Avoids the need to re-enter upon subsequent selects Global and Tool Process Overwrite Protection Template Paragraphs OE Derived Fields Viewable In Field Definition Tool SBClient v5.3.3 – New Features:  SBClient v5.3.3 – New Features Installation and Upgrade Win2K manual work-around no longer required Registry key update automated New SBClient desktop shortcut prompt Session and Setup Details Relocated During Upgrade Moved from Ardent Software to IBM directory Connectivity Passive FTP Support Client side parameters vs. Server side Enhances security SAMBA (SMB) Support UNIX filesystem access UNIX print device sharing Client Session Information TU.GET.CONFIG Utility Returns information about SBClient session SBClient v5.3.3 – Enhancements:  SBClient v5.3.3 – Enhancements Desktop Application Launching Uses file association to determine application FormPainter Wildcard Support To Update Selected Objects Form Edit History Last 5 available from File menu MAPI Blind Carbon Copy Supported in all TU.MAPI routines TU.MAPI.SENDMAIL TU.MAPI.REPLYTOALL TU.MAPI.REPLY TU.MAPI.FORWARD Element Positioning GUI Help In Status Line Tabfolder Display When Using Large Fonts SystemBuilder 5.3.4 Patch – GA 04/04:  SystemBuilder 5.3.4 Patch – GA 04/04 Usability Enhancements Microsoft Word document merge can now print immediately Support for “Totals-only” report generation Developer Improvements Additional information included on Screen Definition report # of items now returned from Select processes for developer use. Meaningful status returned from TU.SELECT.PRINTER GUI Grid Issues Addressed Multi-language Text Translation In CUI SystemBuilder 5.3.x Patches:  SystemBuilder 5.3.x Patches 5.3.5 (Internal Release) Finalize move to ClearCase IBM Standard Release Build Process 5.3.6 (Imperative Fixes) ListView display and sorting issues in F3 look-ups Multi-language: Specific Japanese Issues Additional Grid Issues SB+/SBClient v5.4 Planning* (1H05):  SB+/SBClient v5.4 Planning* (1H05) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Support Security and Administration Configurable Password Change at next login User Security carried through to toolbars. Security change logging Better User identification and license usage in command displays Multi-Language SB+ message library provided in standard language sets Developer Tools Control of environment variables Improved Menu interfaces and definitions Support dynamic Sort and Break fields in reports Screen Definition testing w/o writing Enhanced error and exceptions handling General Usability Support “SAMPLE” keyword Improved GUI Reporting Customizable SBX menu definitions per-user. Mail to Address Book entries Customizable right-click menus from SBX tree Import/Export path control Additional GUI Features *Content Subject To Change SB+/SBClient Research & Development:  SB+/SBClient Research & Development Web Enablement Improved Client Server-side SBClient licensing Unattended Installation Re-engineered architecture Platform portability May tie-in with Web Enablement Developer Tools Leverage other technologies IBM: WebSphere; Rational Microsoft Continue to support: SBCom, ActiveX, etc. SB+Web Overview:  SB+Web Overview Web-enabling defined Web-style user interface Existing SB+ applications Similar to SBClient GUI method Extended web-style development Complementing alternative to CUI and SBClient GUI Possible Approaches RedBack Objects (RBO’s) sbObject class Open user-interface development Automated transformation Use existing SB+ RAD tools Exclusively run-time Integrated Development Environment Web specific Integrated with existing RAD tools Strategies under consideration IBM developed solution Impact to development Secure product knowledge Acquisition Integration requisites Market timeliness Partnership Engineering and Support Resource delegation SB+ Bundles – All New – Coming Soon!:  SB+ Bundles – All New – Coming Soon! SB+U2 Value Pack SB+ Developer/Run-time, SBClient, and U2 Database U2 Database edition dependant Database and SB+ user counts must be the same SB+Client Value Pack SB+ Developer/Run-time and SBClient Only Developer is database edition dependant Database user count may be different than SB+ Phased Implementation Initial Availability New site installations only Edition-to-edition upgrade support Consolidation Upgrades (6/04) Existing site license upgrades into bundled model Upgrade fee; Requires re-license/authorization No mix-n-match SB+ Bundles – All New!:  SB+ Bundles – All New! Value, Value, And More Value Competitive Reduced license acquisition cost (>10%) Lower end-user TCO year on year Comprehensive Single line-item approach Customer perception Easier license administration Profitable Increase margin on your solution Re-invest in product improvements Slide83:  RedBack Roadmap 2002 2004 2006 4.1 4.2 RedBack: Performance, Security, Standards Stateless RBOs JNI Timeout Handling JAVA Thread pooling RedBeans package restructure VisualAge/JAVA support Performance Enhancements WebSphere J2EE/WSAD .NET Support WWSTATE redesign Installation Improvements GA 5/28/04 Improved Globalization Sockets Ease of Use Interoperability Customer requests .next RedBack 4.2 Features – GA 05/28/04:  RedBack 4.2 Features – GA 05/28/04 Interoperability .NET supported by RedPages WSAD v5.0 Plug-in Support Administration Centralized RB.ADMIN menu Installation Minimal gateway install Auto JNI detection Performance Phase 2 of WWSTATE re-design Improved Garbage Collection Miscellaneous Improved RecordSet and RedSet handling in RedBeans.jar RedBeansSvr assured threadsafe with recordsets and multithreading. rewritten for AIX, Solaris, and Linux. Tomcat v4.1 Support Improved SOAP v1.1 namespace support. Windows 2003 Certification RedBack R&D:  RedBack R&D Improved Globalization Multi-byte support Responder Sockets vs. Pipes Socket advantages Implementation options Security Ease of Use Installation and configuration Problem determination RedBack Object Designer (JAVA) Interoperability .NET direction Standards compliance Java Connector Architecture (JCA) U2 Integration / Bundling Slide86:  wIntegrate quickly modernizes applications by updating the look and feel and enabling thin client deployment on a wide range of devices. wIntegrate Roadmap Leverage application investment, modernize and integrate with desktop. 2003 2004 2005 5.2 6.0 wIntegrate: Deployment Flexibility Multibyte Simplified Chinese Product Translation Simplified Chinese Manual GB18030 exempt Java Thin Client JVM device independent deployment GB18030 compliant (patch release) Customer or market driven enhancements .next wIntegrate 5.2:  wIntegrate 5.2 GA – June 15, 2004 Unicode support for Multibyte languages Product and basic Using wIntegrate manual translated into Simplified Chinese Exempt from GB18030 requirement wIntegrate Toolbar will run in a browser The session screen and separate toolbar work different ActiveX controls in a web page. The DockBar control sends messages to JavaScript which can resize the DockBar control to allow all the toolbars to be shown. Available for Windows 2000, 2003 & XP (not 95 or 98) wIntegrate 5.2:  wIntegrate 5.2 Objectives of wIntegrate 6:  Objectives of wIntegrate 6 Target GA – November 15, 2004 wIntegrate 6 will: Reduce cost of in-house deployment via server-based thin-client deployment in a browser Extend browser operation to work over the web, including applications GUItized with the wIntegrate API Improve look-and-feel of classic character-based applications with HTML-surround presentation Work on Macs, Linux, and any JVM Will employ a NEW U2 common SSL architecture wIntegrate 6 deployment options:  wIntegrate 6 deployment options Classic installation to local PC Classic installation to server Thin Client Thin Client screen-and-keyboard interface is a Windows application Driven by wIntegrate Server with classic look and feel Web/intranet deployment of Java client (V6) Driven by wIntegrate Server with Java look and feel Applet works in browser wIntegrate 6 deployment options:  wIntegrate 6 deployment options Windows interface wIntegrate Server (Windows) Thin Windows interface (V5) Client computer Windows interface Thin Java interface (V6) Host: Windows, UNIX Host Files for wInt. app. Thin client driver Thin client driver Files for wIntegrate application Web server Java client features:  Java client features Runs on any Java Virtual Machine enabled platform: Linux, Mac, etc. Requires one-time installation of Java v1.4 on client Automatic download of wIntegrate Java applet to handle screen-and-keyboard interface Coexists with other wIntegrate installations for licensing of concurrent users Can be deployed as ASP or managed server wIntegrate Server can run on any 32-bit Windows PC. Requires Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP to run as a service Java client backward-compatibility:  Java client backward-compatibility Not all Windows functionality can be reproduced in Java No dynamic screen resizing Copy menu doesn’t have smart interaction with Windows applications, eg Copy Table to Excel/Word Use of Windows API not supported in first release, so auto-run of Excel after QB import not supported Printing may not be consistent with Windows version Font is Courier as fonts can’t easily be downloaded Java client backward-compatibility:  Java client backward-compatibility Some facilities absent when running in sandbox Interaction with local machine, e.g. writing local files Some developer features different Changes to scripts and host programs required - SendMessage, RunProgram, WindowsDir, imaging… OLE/DDE for Windows (and Mac equivalent) require machine-specific code. Not present in first release Email and FTP not supported in first release Character screen – same as before:  Character screen – same as before Char-based applications on the web look and feel exactly as before. Rollover menus:  Rollover menus Menus appear automatically when the mouse rolls over Cool look for dialogs – Query Builder:  Cool look for dialogs – Query Builder All scripted dialogs such as Query Builder are shown with a flat style. Will support different display styles and background images. MITS:  MITS Current release v5.1.1 Enhancements to MitsView, MitsWeb & MitsMaker Multiple copies of MitsWeb gateway can now be run on the same computer, with different configurations. This allows a single server to host multiple MitsWeb interfaces to different MitsServers. MitsWeb can now run as a Windows service. MitsWeb provides new PDF export capabilities. A custom program may now be executed after the MITS.ATTACH process, which is performed after a MITS.BOOT allowing resellers to automate customization of their MITS environments. Applications can now be flagged as “read only” so resellers can distribute hypercube definitions to their users and be sure that they are not changed. MITS Futures:  MITS Futures Release dates TBD MitsWeb Gateway Being rewritten in Java “Dashboard” interface One-Glance interface Updated, highly summarized information Links to underlying OLAP query MitsBridge MITS Futures:  MITS Futures MitsBridge Get data into MITS from anywhere Leveraging Other IBM Software:  Leveraging Other IBM Software Objectives Identify technologies Determine opportunities Build initial roadmap Infrastructure Assessment Microsoft .NET Perceived benefits Successes JAVA Features implemented WebSphere considerations U2 Middleware UniObjects RedBack Object Server XML/SOAP Tivoli Prototype integration with Tivoli Performance Monitor Not for small sites, but partner remote monitoring DB2 Information Integrator Lotus Collaboration Software Slide102:  Competing vs. Oracle & Microsoft Areas to Compare:  Areas to Compare Performance Nested model still fastest based on lack of table joins/ RW speed Scalability SQL Server doesn’t scale well with increasing workloads Security SQL Server - only secure as the operating system underneath Windows OS opens up many security holes for SQL Server 16 Security Bulletins affecting SQL Server in 2002/3 11 Specific SQL Server fixes in 2002/3 Results in lots of downtime Oracle – 13 Security Alerts published on the db in 2003 Manageability/Autonomic U2 requires very little administration Others require DBA Update without taking down or rebuilding database Comparisons, continued:  Comparisons, continued Application Development Oracle very Java focused SQL Server requires .NET Sharing data across platforms depends on XML U2 interfaces with both Open standards interfaces Develop to either standard & deploy on best platform Availability SQL Server – Windows platform stability questionable Applying frequent security patches means downtime U2 availability high Total Cost of Ownership DBA’s Licensing & support costs rising with both MS and Oracle Slide105:  TCO isn’t just about initial license purchase Key Factors in SMB Buying Decisions:  Key Factors in SMB Buying Decisions Price Ease of Use Installation and Support Customer Pain Points with Microsoft:  Customer Pain Points with Microsoft Discontent with MS price increases Forced upgrades Lock-in—technology and licensing Security—continual vulnerability and patching Discontinuity—dead-end products, incompatible operating systems, applications, and development environments Complexity—migrations, product dependencies Openness—Windows-only, Microsoft proprietary Integration—weak integration with non-Microsoft systems Systems Management—Windows-only, weak products IBM U2 Provides Choice, Reliability:  IBM U2 Provides Choice, Reliability IBM U2 easy to deploy on multiple platforms Customer can start small (Windows/Intel) and grow fast (Linux/Unix). Customer has choice of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) & hardware Choice of hardware platform ( Intel, Sun, HP, IBM eServers) IBM U2 is Secure, Scalable, and Reliable Security risks of MS MS Downtime for patches IBM U2 for SMB:  IBM U2 for SMB Total cost of ownership Performance Market Growth Technology & Innovation Leadership Partnerships for Application Leadership Slide110:  THANK YOU!

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