IBM Rational Software Conference 2009: Modeling, Architecture & Construction Track Keynote

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Published on July 2, 2009

Author: katmandelstein



Track Keynote for the Modeling, Architecture & Construction Track at the IBM Rational Software Conference 2009

Software development is a business process requiring many different talents to implement effectively. The software architect and the software developer are key roles for successful software delivery. The architect is responsible for turning requirements into analysis and design models built on a sound architecture. Software architecture is crucial for designing reliable, flexible, and maintainable software systems, and helps communicate the high-level design to the various stakeholders at a level of detail that is meaningful to them. It also allows developers to create software systems that enable reuse and integration with legacy and third-party systems. Developers create the reality of the architecture ideas and models through building, modernizing, extending, integrating, and deploying software. Sessions in this track explore the benefits of a well-architected system, present the tips and techniques of organizations that have made software architecture an important part of their software delivery process, and show how both visual and code-centric development can help organizations adopt the right paradigm for their particular development needs. This track is for architects and developers interested in best practices and the latest innovations in methodology and tools for supporting architectural design, discovery, and control, and software construction and assembly.

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote “Leveraging Architecture Management to Drive Smarter Products” Karen Hunt Director, IBM Rational Enterprise Architecture & ADC Software Select View/Master/Slide Master to and Construction Keynote MAC01 Modeling, Architecture add Session Number Here © 2009 IBM Corporation

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Agenda Challenges in effective software delivery Measuring success in software delivery Rational Modeling, Architecture and Construction portfolio, strategy and future direction Results you can expect MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 2

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Rational strategy in a broader context: The world continues to get a whole lot smarter INSTRUMENTED INTERCONNECTED INTELLIGENT We now have the People, systems and We can respond to ability to measure, objects can changes quickly and sense and see the communicate and accurately, and get better exact condition interact with each other results by predicting and of everything. in entirely new ways. optimizing for future events. MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 3

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Business challenges to the effective delivery of software A history of cost overruns, schedule slips and quality issues “62% of projects failed “50% of outsourced projects to meet their schedules ” are expected to under perform” “49% of projects suffered “Only 42% of users are budget overruns” satisfied with project quality” “Only 37% are satisfied with the “41% of projects fail speed of software development” to deliver the expected business value and ROI” “Only 34% of software projects are deemed successful costing over $300B annually” MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 4

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Effective software and systems delivery is realized by continuous improvement Improve business flexibility and lower costs / risk Accelerate progress Improve stakeholder Reduce scrap / rework satisfaction & output Business Reduce cost of change Value Improve team productivity Reduce custom Software training and tooling Reduce human error variants investment Efficiency Reduce manual tasks management Improve release Predictable aligned with quality governance business and and asset operational Global utilization priorities effectiveness Control Productivity and through collaboration automation Individual Team Organization Business MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 5

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 A phased approach to continuous capability improvement The Measured Capability Improvement Framework Empower teams to measure, manage, and incrementally improve their software delivery capability Phase Establish business and 1 operational objectives MCIF is a phased approach that helps teams Adopt an incremental, measured approach Phase Prioritize practices and to transformation 2 define roadmap Focus on the core practices that matter most Phase Accelerate adoption Accelerate adoption through out-of-the-box assets 3 with tools and services Articulate capability improvements in terms of business value Phase Report, analyze and act 4 on results Support any method optimized for Agile practices Start next incremental improvement MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 6

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 IBM Rational Systems and Software Delivery Platform Accelerating software innovation for the entire enterprise Solutions to help customers achieve greater value and performance from their investments in delivering systems and software In-house Outsource Packaged Systems software vendors applications & products Domains IT Deliver Accelerate Enduring Drive Manage Change & Robust Improve Quality Evolving Delivery Architecture Project Complex Requirements Success Systems Deploy Processes, Implementation Services, & Governance Best Practices Enterprise Modernization Lifecycle capabilities apply across all domains Some tools specialized to domain (e.g., Rhapsody for Systems engineering and embedded software modeling) MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 7

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Rhapsody Portfolio overview Rational Software Architect Telelogic Telelogic Tau Rational Rose/RoseRT BUSINESS DOMAIN DEVELOPMENT DOMAIN Telelogic SDL Suite Telelogic Statemate Enterprise Architecture Analysis Rational Data Architect & Frameworks & Design Requirements Definition Construction Product, Project & Management Rational Application Developer & Portfolio Telelogic Rhapsody Management Configuration Rational Developer for System i & Change Management Rational Developer for System z Measurement & Reporting Release Quality Management Management Production/ Operation System and Software Lifecycle Processes MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 8

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 MDD enablers for developing systems software Rational(R) Harmony for Systems Engineering - Best Practices for Rational Rhapsody Model-Driven Testing from Unified Model-Driven Systems Engineering Future Forward Modeling Language Design to Code Tuesday 3:30 Monday 11:30 Tuesday 2:15 UML/SysML based Handle complexity and improve communication modeling through abstraction with Visualize Round-trip UML/SysML/UPDM/AUTOSAR requirements software engineering Reduce development time via automation by working at the code level or the model level Rational ensuring the two always are in synch Rhapsody® Eliminate errors early through simulation Ensure the design meets the requirements via Team Continual testing and requirements coverage analysis collaboration testing Build the correct system Agile Model-Driven A Model-Driven Development Development for Approach to Creating Instantiable and Embedded Systems Reusable Software Frameworks Monday 4:14 Monday 3:00 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 9

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 A smarter planet will require a significant investment in software and systems to create smarter products Introducing Rational Rhapsody 7.5 Improved software development workflow Harmonize Traditional Software Development and Model Driven Development Wednesday 1:45 Support for constrained targets and microcontrollers How to Build Efficient Microcontroller Applications Using UML/SysML Tuesday 3:30 Improved strategic re-use Product Line Engineering with SysML, UML, and BigLever Gears Wednesday 4:15 Enhanced systems engineering capabilities Developing DoDAF architectures using UML, SysML, or UPDM Wednesday 11:15 Improved product lifecycle management Extending Your Existing IBM Rational Solutions with Rational® Rhapsody® Thursday 9:45 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 10

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Software factories platform for developing IT solutions Traceability in Designing and Building Spring Rational Software What's New in Rational Software Developing Domain Applications Using Architect Specific Languages on Rational and the Skyway Architect Wednesday 10:00 the Rational Modeling Software DSL Monday 11:15 Platform Thursday 9:45 Wednesday 11:15 Standards- based modeling Standards-Based Modeling, Customizable to Manage Your Domain Automate Risk development Requirements Linkages, Traceability and Impact Analyses Rational Software Automation with pre-built and custom patterns, Architect transformations Business-driven SOA Development Plan & SOA that Powerful new operational and deployment manage Scales deployments modeling platform Applying Techniques of … faster Operational Modeling with Rational Software Architect … more predictable Tuesday 10:00 … more faithful to requirements MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 11

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 RAD for agility in producing high-quality enterprise application server software What's New in Rational Testing and Profiling Graphical Code Editing Application Developer Your Application with Rational Application Monday 1:45 Developer v7.5 Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) 5 support Tuesday 4:30 EJB 3.0 and JPA for faster development and simpler implementation of persistent applications Distributed Services Automated code generation with annotations - less time spent writing code, faster time-to-market Web Tools Web Client Integrated Development Server Test Web Diagram Editor, Page Designer (JSF, Struts, html) Web 2.0 tools Rational Develop better performing Rich Internet Applications Application Utilize Ajax, Dojo, JSON with minimal skills Developer Quality improvement tools Static code coverage & code analysis Team Problem Dynamic debug capability & profiling collaboration Determination Agile Development Rich features for rapid develop-and-test cycles Develop Rich Internet Applications in Rational Superior refactoring support Application Developer with the WebSphere Integrated WebSphere Application Server test Web 2.0 Feature Pack environments Wednesday 11:15 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 12

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Principles for our Strategic Roadmap Product Family comprised of IT focused and Systems & Embedded focused modeling specializations Accelerate innovation and time to market, and improve quality of solutions by utilizing common technologies and components Leverage Jazz technology to enhance integration and team collaboration and improve core product reliability, scalability and security MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 13

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Evolution of Primary Modeling Products (2009 – 2012) Simple, point-to- Integrated family of tools using point information common Eclipse components and transfer via XMI Jazz for collaboration and storage, each tuned for the target audience IT Focused Tau RSA Rose Rational/Eclipse/Jazz Common Components Rose Rhapsody RSD/RSM RSA-RTE Rose-RT Systems & Embedded Focused Contributes to Uses common Note: Rose migration to Rhapsody or RSA available today common components components Confessions of a Lifelong Rational® Rose® User on Making the Switch to Rational® Rhapsody® Monday 1:45 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 14

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Integrating Enterprise Architecture with Solution Delivery Enterprise Architecture: Putting the “A” into BPM System Architect Future Forward Tuesday 10:00 Monday 11:15 Requirements Solution or Project Architecture Management Enterprise Architecture Business Process Management WebSphere Business Modeler Business Process Management Enterprise assets Rational System Architect Application Design & Construction Rational Software Architect • Business Motivation and Strategy Operational Topology Modeling • Business Architecture Rational Software Architect Asset • Business Requirements Management • Business Organization Database and Information Mgmt • Information Systems Architecture Rational Data Architect • Technology Architecture • Change Management & Governance Enterprise Modernization Rational Asset Analyzer Enterprise planning Embedded Systems & Software EA process Rational Rhapsody content and Portfolio templates (RMC) Management • Focus is narrow, deep and independent solution • Align Business and IT with strategy designs for solution delivery • Drive consistency across projects • Increase agility, ROI & effectiveness and • Reuses and contributes to EA assets demonstrate through metrics MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 15

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Vision for Jazz Modeling Browsers IDEs Integration Across the Lifecycle Business Motivation JIA-conformant APIs JIA-conformant APIs Requirements Enterprise Architecture Solution Architecture Design Quality Open Services for Construction Lifecycle Collaboration Team Collaboration Change & Configuration Portfolio Management Reporting Third-party solutions Non-IDE rich clients (RCP) Benefits: Seamless integration across the lifecycle Bi-directional traceability and impact analysis, navigability, co-visualization Integrated reporting and statistics Simpler team collaboration approaches (e.g. locking vs. parallel dev with compare-merge) MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 16

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Vision for Developer Cloud – Short Term Hosted Public Cloud or Private Enterprise Cloud Rational Asset Find/manage Manager configuration specs (Rational Application Servers Deployment Modeling Platform topologies) Provision, start, use, test server Cloud client extension for… environments in Rational Application Developer the Cloud Rational Software Architect MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 17

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Vision for Developer Cloud – Longer Term Requirements Models Assets Hosted Solutions for: etc… RSA, RAD, Rhapsody Clients for: Modeling Requirements etc. Application Servers Benefits: Optimize software development and delivery investments Make decisions with greater flexibility and improved collaboration Cloud administration client Quickly explore new technology-based business initiatives MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 18

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Model Execution Simulation Directions Model execution and action language built into the common modeling platform Application simulation & testing thru executable models Web Services, Interaction, Activity simulations Model-level debugging, data injection Confirm project requirements Animate and simulate functionality and behavior Analyze applications Check for accuracy and completeness Examine correctness of logical behavior Validating Systems Architecture With Simulation in Rational(R) Rhapsody(R) Wednesday 12:15 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 19

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Deployment Modeling Directions Applying Techniques of Operational Modeling with Rational Software Architect Tuesday 10:00 Enhanced Operational and Deployment Modeling Auto-discovery and harvest of infrastructure specs (e.g. via TADDM) Enriched topology semantics to support generation of provisioning scripts (e.g. via BuildForge Enriched set of pre-built technology domains Virtual image design and build tools Broadened Cloud clients MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 20

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Domain Specialization for Vertical Industries Enabling Enterprise Model IT… Driven and Governed Parallel Development Financial Services – stronger support of Monday 4:15 Industry Models Communications – support for NGN, SIP, NGOSS, Parlay X Rapid Software Development with Systems … Google's Android Tuesday 10:00 Automotive – support for behavioral implementations Consumer Electronics – support existing code bases and short development cycles Medical Equipment– refinements for the needs of Medical Equipment Engineering Composite A&D – enhanced support for systems engineering and architectural frameworks MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 21

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Directions for Construction Innovation Introduction to Service Component Architecture Service-Oriented and the Rational Architecture Strategy: Application Developer Making It Real Key focus areas for RAD: Wednesday 4:15 Service Component Architecture Tools Monday 3:00 Do more with less! – Improve developer productivity: Currency with Eclipse, Standards and Middleware (JEE programming model, WAS and WP) Can Web 2.0 Deliver a Better Breed of Internet Take advantage of Cloud environments Application Tools? Thursday 8:30 Enhancements to SOA and Web 2.0 capabilities Improving capability to enact an agile development process Find problems sooner! – Improve problem determination tools Improve the quality of applications by enhancing static and dynamic problem determination tools Go Team! – Use team collaboration to speed up development Improve collaboration of artifacts and processes MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 22

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Client Results – Improved results with MDD for IT "Flex-able" Model- Driven Architecture at Mincom Pty Ltd Major Media Company Wednesday 3:00 30%-50% saving for architects translating to millions in development savings Large Governmental Agency: From 3 days of highly skilled resource, to 10 min of much lower skill Potential Savings: 50 person years Vendor of SOA-based ERP Applications 50% reduction in development time and cost for new services New service clients delivered in under 4 hours with minimal training, (2 days to become productive). GDD: precise definition of work, improved estimating, and improved progress monitoring Large Telco Applying Model-Driven Development to Service-Oriented Architecture Invested 68 hours to realize reduction of 1016 hours Patterns and Transformations at Banco do Brasil Major Financial Services firm Thursday 8:30 What were formerly 30 day tasks done in 1 day 65% of code generated – uniform and well structured “RSA allows developers to model a solution utilizing UML, which is usually easily understood by developers as well as business” “MDA saves development time and time spent on documentation, and enhances understanding of the system being built.” Transformation Design Patterns Tuesday 6:45 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 23

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Improve results by applying MDD practices Lessons Learned Applying SysML for DoDAF: Review of Lean and Six Sigma Project Tuesday 10:00 Source: A Model Driven Approach to Software Development for Systems, Embedded Market Forecasters, Nov. 2008 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 24

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 7.5Hints Java EE Tools What you need to deliver better software faster! and Tips for Rational Application Developer 7.5 Tuesday 11:15 Deliver enterprise solutions 40% faster leveraging JEE5 (EJB 3.0 and JPA), automated code generation & code coverage tools to cut time spent writing and testing code Build responsive applications Web 2.0, faster Collaborate within your agile projects Collaborative debugging and integrated testing to resolve defects, faster Reduce deployment and testing time by 80% by leveraging the integrated lifecycle application management Overview of Product Integrations with Rational Application Developer Monday 4:15 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 25

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Collaboration Opportunities Design Partner Program Lab Advocacy Program Board of Advisors VoiCE Events Rational Software Conference developerWorks Beta Programs RFE Community Global Rational User Groups Rational Cafe Learn more about Rational Customer Programs MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 26

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Rational Software Conference Track Resource Guides We have created a special Rational Software Conference Track Resource Guide on the web. It’s full of materials you can use and share with your team. Includes: Product demos from track sessions Related Webcasts, tutorials, and white papers “Tell your boss” resources Communities for post-event networking Link to Rational Software Conference session presentations MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 27

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 28

IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall have the effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBM software. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilities referenced in these materials may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or feature availability in any way. IBM, the IBM logo, Rational, the Rational logo, Telelogic, the Telelogic logo, and other IBM products and services are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. MAC01 Modeling, Architecture and Construction Keynote 29

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